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Eldar Psionics

Eldar Psionics

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Published by Vladsimpaler
For my fan-made Eldar codex. See how you like it, and please offer feedback! Thank you! : )
For my fan-made Eldar codex. See how you like it, and please offer feedback! Thank you! : )

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Published by: Vladsimpaler on Apr 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eldar Psionics
Eldar Farseers/Bonesingers have 10 psi-pointsEldar Warlocks have 5 psi-pointsHow Psi-points work:These are used to augment abilities. For example, some psychic powers may allow a payment of psi-points in addition to a psychic test to further power it. However if an Eldar psyker ever has12 or more psi-points, it may automatically pass any psychic test that is required on a d6 roll of 3+. Otherwise it must take a psychic test. An Eldar psyker may choose to forgo its turn to gain 2Psi-points.For each Eldar psyker with psi-points, once per turn you may choose to pay 3 psi-points to re-rollone armor save, to-hit or to-wound roll for that Psyker.
Psychic Wargear:
Eldar Force Weapon:
Power Weapon, Force Weapon. May pay 2 psi-points to increase the
model’s strength by 1.
This is cumulative, i.e. 6 Psi-points equals +3 strength. Instead of instantly killing a model when a psychic test is passed, you may do d6 wounds to that modelinstead. For every model killed by this Force Weapon, its bearer gains a Psi-point.
Should the psyker take a Perils of the Warp wound, it ignores it on a 3+.
Rune Armor:
The model has a 4+ invulnerable save.
Runes of Warding:
Enemy psykers take all psychic tests on 3d6 and suffer from Perils of theWarp on a 12 or higher.
Runes of Witnessing:
Roll 3d6 for all psychic tests and discard one d6 of your choice forpsychic tests.
Psychic Runes:
The model may use an additional psychic power.
Spirit Stones:
The model gains 1 Psi-point a turn.
The model always wounds on a 2+. Against Vehicles, the model counts as Str9.
Runic Powers of the Seer 
Aura of Resistance:
Grants +1 to the model's invulnerable save or a 6+ invulnerable if it does not haveone. You may pay 5 psi points to increase the model's invulnerable save by 2 (or a 5+ if it does not haveone instead.)
Cure Injury:
One model within 6" (or this model) regains one wound. When you use this power, youmay pay 4 psi-points to have the model affected by this power regain 2 wounds instead.
Until the beginning of your next turn, you may re-roll any to-wound rolls against one enemy(non-vehicle) squad within 18".
Eldritch Storm:
Use during the shooting phase in place of using any other ranged weapons. Place a largeblast template that is Str3 Ap6 Pinning, Assault 1 within 18", it does not scatter. Vehicles hit take 2d6+3armor penetration on their side armor, and are spun around using the scatter die. If a hit is rolled, you maychoose the facing of the vehicle.
One squad within 6" (or this model's squad) may re-roll any failed saves until the beginning of your next turn.
Until the beginning of your next turn, you may re-roll any to-hit rolls against one enemy (non-vehicle) squad within 18".
 Mind War:
After passing a psychic test, choose one model within 18”. Then both sides roll 1d6, addingtheir respective model’s UNMODIFIED, base
LD. This means that if an Ork in a mob of 30 Orks istargeted, its original LD of 7 is used. If the Eldar psyker wins, the difference is done in wounds to theopposing model. If there is a tie or a loss, nothing happens. You may choose to augment your score by 1for every 2 psi-points paid.
After passing a psychic test, choose one squad or vehicle within 18”. You may move it 2d6”,
and you may add 1" to this for every 2 psi-points paid. If the squad comes into contact with other models,the squads take d6 Str X Ap Y hits, X being the Toughness and Y being the armor save of the models.Vehicles are considered T8 SV3+ for this power. If a vehicle hits another vehicle, consider it a raminstead. If a vehicle hits a squad, the squad takes the wounds and then acts as if it has been tank shocked.The model(s) moved may not be moved off of the board.
The model (and any squad that it is in) may immediately move to anywhere on the table,provided that it is not within 1" of an enemy or within impassable terrain and is in line of sight, andscatters as with Deep Strike.
Temporal Distort:
You must pay 8 psi-points in addition to passing a psychic test in order to use thisability. You may alter the game sequence in one of the 2 following ways: You may repeat one of yourphases, that is, move, shoot, and assault. Alternatively, during the player's next turn you may have themskip one of their 3 phases. If that phase is assault, and it has units in assault, they may not attack but yourtroops may still fight if engaged in assault.

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