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Diabetes Linked to Soda Consumption

Diabetes Linked to Soda Consumption

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Published by Lis4cg

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Published by: Lis4cg on Apr 01, 2010
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Rick Weinstein <rick.weinstein@gmail.com>
Diabetes linked to soda consumption
2 messages
Ed Bauman <edb@baumancollege.org>Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 9:12 AM
To: Rick Weinstein <rick.weinstein@gmail.com>Cc: bauman college ed <edb@baumancollege.org>Over 130,000 cases of diabetes now linked to soda consumption, HFCS(NaturalNews) For years, advocates of natural health have beenhammering away at the message that soda causes diabetes and obesity.The soda industry, meanwhile, has remained in denial mode, mirroringthe ridiculous position of the tobacco industry that "nicotine is notaddictive." Soda doesn't cause diabetes, the industry claims, and it'sperfectly safe to consume in essentially unlimited quantities.The Corn Refiners Association has joined the denial with its own spincampaign that seeks to convince people High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)is totally natural and completely harmless. HFCS is, of course, theprimary sweetener used in sodas and soft drinks.Now comes new research presented at the American Heart Association'sCardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention annual conferencein San Francisco. This new research reveals that over the last decade,soda consumption has conservatively caused:• 130,000 new cases of diabetes• 14,000 new cases of heart disease• 50,000 more "life years" with heart disease over the last decade"The finding suggests that any kind of policy that reduces consumptionmight have a dramatic health benefit," said senior study author Dr.Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo (associate professor of medicine at theUniversity of California, San Francisco).The American Beverage Association, meanwhile, says this study hasn'tbeen published in a peer-reviewed medical journal yet and therefore itdoesn't count. Soda consumption doesn't cause diabetes or heartdisease, they claim, because "...both heart disease and diabetes arecomplex conditions with no single cause and no single solution."It's silly logic, of course: Diabetes obviously has a cause. It's notsome spontaneous disease that appears out of nowhere. And when you golooking for the cause, you obviously have to look at dietary factorssince diabetes is a disease related to the consumption and metabolismof dietary sugars. Once you do that, sodas immediately raise a redflag because they're liquid sugar in a highly-concentrated form thatdoes not exist naturally in nature.HFCS doesn't grow on trees, in other words. Nature provides sugarslocked into insoluble fibers that slow digestion and lower the
3/10/2010Gmail - Diabetes linked to soda consuhttps://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik1/3
effective glycemic index of sugars that are consumed. In nature,sugars are always combined with minerals, too, and many of thoseminerals help prevent diabetes and heart disease. But High-FructoseCorn Syrup is stripped of virtually all those minerals. It contains nofiber and no healing phytonutrients that you might encounter inplants. As a result, HFCS -- sometimes dubbed "liquid Satan" -- mightbe called a dietary poison that causes disease while contributing tonutritional deficiencies that accelerate disease.Bone lossInterestingly, this new study did not look at loss of bone density,which is another side effect of drinking soda. Due to the extremelyhigh acidity of the HFCS sweetener combined with the phosphoric acidused in sodas, people who drink sodas often lose bone minerals and endup being diagnosed with osteoporosis (even at a relatively young age).Other people end up with kidney stones due to all these mineralspassing through the kidneys and contributing to the built up ofmineral deposits there. Long-term soda consumers may even suffer frompancreatic cancer due to the extreme stress placed on the pancreasfollowing the consumption of liquid sugars.In all, soda consumption is linked to at least six serious diseases:#1) Diabetes#2) Obesity#3) Heart disease#4) Cancer#5) Osteoporosis#6) Kidney stonesThat's why taxing sodas is more than merely a way to raise moneythrough soda sales; it's also a way to dramatically reduce the cost oftreating these diseases. It's no surprise that several U.S. states arenow starting to seriously consider slapping new taxes on sodas andother "junk" beverages.That's not the way I would prefer to see the situation handled,actually. The better option, in my view, would be to ban all sodaadvertising by effectively stripping Free Speech rights fromcorporations. Such rights belong only to individuals, notmulti-billion-dollar corporations. Corporations whose productsphysically harm the health of the population at large should not beallowed to openly advertise and promote those products to the public.They can still sell them, they just can't advertise them.This is the real solution to the problem: Take away the advertising ofsodas and consumer consumption immediately plummets. It's all theadvertising that keeps the soft drink sales machine churning outdisease and suffering in the name of corporate profits. Sodacompanies, of course, will argue that they have a Free Speech right toadvertise their products even if they do promote disease. That's anargument to be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court, of course. But letthere be no mistake about it: The continued tolerance of sodaadvertising is creating a nation of diabetes, obesity and heartdisease.
3/10/2010Gmail - Diabetes linked to soda consuhttps://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik2/3

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