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April 1st 2010

April 1st 2010

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Published by The Ontarion

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Published by: The Ontarion on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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161.11www.theontarion.comApr. 1 - 7, 2010
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the issues this week 
Gryphon name stuart lang a next headfootba coach
Fm cvcch t ,gg thtcd pfpc
A      x  ,  GG b     .G v   CFL bk S L      b   T       GL  . L kv   G  K W,     Fb  k jb       W B Bb  C Fb L.“S L    ,     G,”   T K,  
    . “W v   v             .”L b     Gb , v  xv   v  ,   k  v J S, J G, DvH,  b kD Df.L,   b  U C C,     ,   Y C v   Q’ G  v G C   E Ek  CFL. H   b b    b ,       xv  CCLI,  ’ v k . W  G, L  v      , fv v ‘x’  ‘’    -    b . G  b  q   v - ,     OUA b .“Abv  , S L bz  x   ,” K. “M x    b  v, b    ’.“Fb  k         ,    f,”K . “I  ’v  z  k,   b  .I’  x b     .”F    , L v  N A,b   k       b. H - v     b     v  ,   v   .“I   -    :   ,  ,  b ,”  . “A  f, ’ k 
R Bj
 Athletic director Tom Kendall(left) introduces new head coachStu Lang on Tuesday.
 15 18
Join the graduating class of 2010 as they gatherone last time to reect and be inspired bya graduating student, a faculty member anda distinguished alumnus.
Thursday, April 8, 2010
5:45 to 7:00 pm
with reception to follow
War Memorial Hall
Register at
For more information contact Leadership and Community Engagement,Student Life, Ext. 52214, involve@uoguelph.ca, www.studentlife.uoguelph.ca .
Find out more at CUPE 3913:Ofce: UC 213APhone: (519) 824-4120 Ext. 56268email: cupe3913@uoguelph.caweb: www.cupe3913.on.ca
What are your rights as a “MARKER“?Do you have any?
But are you
a “MARKER“?Are you getting paid the proper wage?
Some students are doing the work of a TA but are not beingpaid as a TA.If you are employed by the University to perform any teachingrelated functions such as:
using knowledge o the subject matter to mark exams and/or assignments
exercising judgement to evaluate exams and/or assignments
meeting with students
responding to student emails
monitoring and/or moderating on-line discussions
deploying proessional skills
Then you are a TA and are legally entitled to be paid as one:
TAs are part o CUPE 3913
TAs have their rights protected by the Collective Agreement
Markers only get paid just above minimum wage with no benefts
Earth Hour takesplace across thecountry and aroundthe world
On Saturday March 27 rom8:30 to 9:30 pm local time, a lot o lights went o. Tis was becauseapproximately one billion peoplein 121 countries took part in theourth-annual Earth Hour. Tepoint o Earth Hour is not to reducepower consumption but to raiseawareness about climate change. Asinvolvement is strictly voluntary, anelectrical systems deemed essentialsuch as streetlights and traclights are kept on. In honour o theevent, outdoor musical events lit by LED lanterns and ashlights wereplanned in Fredericton, NB, and thelocal Sears and Wal-Mart promisedto shut down any non-essentialelectrical appliances. Across Canada,other non-essential lights wereturned o, such as Haliax harbourbridges, the majority o externallights on the CN tower, and theexterior lights at the Air CanadaCentre
. (CBC)
24’s clock set towind down
Fox television network hasdecided to make the current seasono the hit drama
its last. Teshow stars Canadian actor KieerSutherland and is well known orits “real-time” storytelling approach.Sutherland, who plays agent Jack Bauer on the show, also serves asan executive producer. Reerringto Bauer as “the role o a lietime,”Sutherland also said that the cast andcrew “always wanted
to fnish ona high note, so the decision to makethe eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon.” Te show beganairing in 2001 and will air the seriesfnale on May 24. It currently airs inCanada on Global elevision. Whilethe end o the series is defnite,plans are currently in the works ora eature flm adaptation.
Wizard World comesto Toronto
Crowds o ans ocked to theDirect Energy Centre at ExhibitionPlace in oronto on the weekend o March 26-28 or the frst Wizard World oronto Comic Con. Run by New York based book and magazinepublisher, Wizard Entertainment, theevent is “the culmination o movies, video games, V, toys, comic books,sci-f, horror and antasy – all rolledinto one,” said CEO Gareb Shamus.Around 400 exhibitors showed andsold their wares, including literature,flms, video games, toys and othercollectibles. Actors appeared rom anumber o movies and shows, suchas Ernie Hudson o 
 ame and various actors rom thesci-f cult hit
Battlestar Galactica
. oronto, being the North Americantour’s only Canadian stop, hadorganizers expecting up to 20,000 visitors.
(CBC)-Compiled by Vanessa Szpurko
The confict continues over Hanlon CreekAnother step on the quest or a green campus
An update onthe controversysurrounding thedevelopment o theHCBPTask Force onSustainability seekseedback to increaseits efectiveness
Back in September, the
 sat down with two protesters whoplayed an active role in opposing thedevelopment o the Hanlon Creek Business Park (HCBP). o reresh your memory, the controversialdevelopment o the HCBP wasslated to begin in the spring o 2009.However, the construction site wasmet by a group o protestors whooccupied the site over the summero last year. Protesters acrossGuelph gathered on the projecteddevelopment site, with the hope o reversing the HCBP constructionplans due to our distinct concerns.As outlined on the Hanlon Creek Business Park Occupation website,HCBP development may threatenthe intrinsic worth o an old growthorest, the signifcance o the Paris-Galt Moraine to the integrity o Guelph’s drinking water, theabundance o “brownfelds” andindustrial land that is not in use, andprovincial and ederal regulationsconcerning the preservation o the Jeerson Salamander.Ater a longwinded battle tohalt the construction o the HCBP,the City o Guelph decided thatdevelopment would have to bedelayed until the spring o 2010.Spring has arrived in Guelph, which raises the question: whatis going on with the HCBPdevelopment plans? Te City o Guelph still aims togo orward with plans to developthe HCBP, despite the challengesOn April 6, those in theUniversity o Guelph community  with ideas about how to make theuniversity more sustainable willhave a chance to express themdirectly to the Presidential ask Force on Sustainability (PFS).PFS was ormed by U o GPresident Alastair Summerlee, with the hopes o increasingsustainability on campus andhearing viewpoints and suggestionsrom individuals at all levels atthe university, including aculty,students and sta. Kevin Hall, a Uo G proessor and vice-presidento research, chairs the committeeand its fndings go directly to thepresident.In a recent video promoting thetask orce, Summerlee explainedthe need or the continuedpursuit o a sustainable university community.“Te University o Guelph is
and opposition they aced over thecourse o the summer o 2009. TeCity o Guelph’s website reiteratesthat the development o theHCBP will allow or an abundanceo economic opportunities andcontinues to be an essential parto its growth management plan.Additionally, on a ‘myth and act’page on the website, the city debunksseveral o the opposition’s mainconcerns. According to the city, theproject will not contribute to sprawl,it will not harm old growth orests(as they have zoned in protectionareas or old growth tree species),the Jeerson Salamander speciesdo not exist within the region, andGuelph’s groundwater resources willbe protected.In regards to the outcry againstthousands o tree species being lost,the city contends that the 1,688trees proposed to be removed aremostly non-native and invasivespecies, and about 2,500 trees will beplanted to replace those trees set tobe deorested. Te city has worked hard totarget and demystiy the concernslaid out by the opposition, but itmay be doing little to curb ongoingmobilization against HCBPdevelopment. Te Hanlon Business Creek Park Opposition supporters arecontinuing their public outreacheorts to stop HCBP developmentand manage to constantly inormthe public with up to date news orthose ollowing this issue. Morerecently, the HCBP has ocused itsenergy on educating the public onthe ‘Hanlon Creek 5’. Te ‘HanlonCreek 5’ are fve individuals whohave a lawsuit fled against themby the City o Guelph in order to“recover costs associated with stolenequipment and damage to theproperty” o HCBP. Te decision tohold fve protesters responsible orlegal damages was handed over atera legal injunction to keep people o o the land ailed to stop protestersrom occupying the site or 18 daysin the summer o 2009. Te city isclaiming $5 million in damagesagainst these fve individuals.A website has been developedto support the Hanlon Creek 5, andoppose the lawsuit. According tothe website, the legal actions takenby the city rame what are knownas Strategic Litigation AgainstPublic Participation (SLAPP)suits. Many organizations view SLAPP suits as a legal orm o bullying and intimidation, whichthreatens the possibility o citizensto participate in the public policy and decision-making process. Oneo the protesters that received thelawsuit, Matt Soltys, said recently tothe
Guelph Mercury
that the accusedintend to deend themselves on thisissue.“I we ail to serve a statement o deence, we would oreit the rightto ever deend ourselves in the uture[on this issue],” said Soltys.Given these ongoing legal battlesand continued resistance to HCBPdevelopment, it looks as though thecontroversy is not likely to subsideany time soon. Many protesters hopethat this upcoming summer willallow or a resolution that protectsGuelph’s environment withoutintimidating or threatening the liveso those who remain in disagreementtowards the city’s stance in regardso HCBP development.a leader in terms o sustainability,”said Summerlee. “It doesn’t matteri we’re talking about issues that aresocial, economic or environmental. Tere are a number o circumstances where we can quite rightully claimleadership. But there’s always more we can do. It’s or this reason thatI’ve established the task orce orsustainability.” Te task orce has been arecent addition to the university’salready sizeable sustainability-minded community, and the April6 meeting will be the frst o a serieso town hall-style orums wherethose registered to present ideasmay do so to a panel moderated by Summerlee himsel.In a press release that appearedon the U o G website, Hall saidthat the goal o the town hall is tocreate inclusive discussion.“We want to hear romeveryone, students, aculty and sta rom all our campuses, who haveideas about how we can live and work more sustainably,” said Hall.“Whether it’s using less energy and water, initiating social andeconomic changes, or enhancingour teaching and learning practices, we as a university need to look or ways to place ewer demands onthe planet.”Hil Coburn, a ourth-yearU o G student, is not on thetask orce, but her ideas andconcerns will be brought to thetable through designated studentrepresentatives. Coburn is part o  Te Sustainability Collaborative, acommends some o the greatadvances the U o G community has made as an environmentalleader, but says there is still a lot o  work let to be done.“Tere are a lot o wonderul,inspiring students who are doinga lot o progressive and motivatingthings on this campus…[and]I think the connection betweenrecently created initiative on the Uo G campus which brings all the‘green clubs’ on campus together inan eort combine orces and shareideas, many o which are broughtto the attention o the PFS. Asa student active in the quest or amore sustainable campus, Coburnstudents and administration is ata peak right now,” said Coburn.“Tere are a lot o good thingshappening but I think there’s a loto room or more…we come o asa “green campus” but I think that we can’t slide by on that image without really living up to it.”
 I think the connection between studentsand administration is at a peak right now.Tere are a lot of good things happening but  I think there’s a lot of room for more.
Hil Coburn
ourth-year U o G student
Rashaad Bhamjee
 Te land that has been zoned to become the Hanlon Creek BusinessPark is one that has inspired contention in the last year.

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