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Chapter 8: Ancient Civilizations

Chapter 8: Ancient Civilizations

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Published by zahrein
Chapter 8: Ancient Civilizations
Chapter 8: Ancient Civilizations

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Published by: zahrein on May 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The great ancient monuments of Egypt is a testament of the advanced civilization thatexisted there thousands of years ago. Other ancient civilizations existed in different partsof the world, such as the Babylonian civilization in Syria and Iraq, the ancient Chinesecivilization and the Inca’s civilization in South America. Other ancient civilizations mayhave existed that we do not know of. Our knowledge of the history of mankind is verylimited. There are several studies suggesting that lost continents and lost civilizationsmay have existed, however no solid evidence has been produced yet to substantiate suchclaims. The correct and reliable information about the history of mankind and the ancientcivilizations may only be obtained from the Holy Qur’an, the words of The Creator,ALLAH (SWT).
In the beginning of Cited Verse #(8-1), ALLAH (SWT) Says “The people were onesingle nation…….”. That is, in the past all the people on the face of the earth weregrouped together in one single nation. This situation must have been in the distant past,where the population was very small and they were living in a single and limited locationwhere they could communicate with each other. In Chapter 4 we have learned that all thehumans are descendants of Adam and Eve. Therefore, the people referred to in this versemust have been the first few generations of humans after Adam and Eve. Next in theverse, ALLAH (SWT) Says that He Has Sent for them Prophets with the Book. The word“Prophets” in this verse is plural. That is, ALLAH (SWT) Has Sent several Prophets forthe people of this early single nation. This indicates that this early single nation remainedfor several generations which may amount to several hundreds or several thousands of 242
 CH. 8 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS 243Cited Verse #(8-1)
In The Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
The people were one single nation, and ALLAH Sent the Prophets with glad tidings andwarnings, and with them He Sent the Book in truth to judge between the people inmatters wherein they differed, and none has differed in it except those who have got itafter the clear signs came to them, through selfish contumacy among themselves, thenALLAH with His Will Has Guided those who believed to the truth of what they havediffered in, for ALLAH Guides whom He Wills to the right path.(Part 2, Surat Al Baqarah “The Heifer”)
years. All the “books” which ALLAH (SWT) Sent with His Prophets contain His rulesand laws. The people to whom ALLAH (SWT) Sends His Prophets and books must havethe mental awareness and the proper communication language to understand His Holymessage. In Chapter 4 we have learned that ALLAH (SWT) Has Taught Adam and thehumans in general how to speak intelligently. In Surat Ibraheem, Aayah #4 ALLAH(SWT) Says “And We Have not Sent a messenger except in the language of his ownpeople …”. This leads to the proper conclusion that the people in the early stages of lifeon earth had their own language and they were intelligent enough to form a community (anation). The remaining of cited verse #(8-1) shows that the people within the same nationalways differ among themselves, each group and even each individual has his or her ownperspective on the different issues of life.In cited verse #(8-2) ALLAH (SWT) Says that if He Had so Willed, He Could HaveMade the people one nation and they would still differ. This verse starts with theconditional word “IF”. That is, if ALLAH (SWT) Wanted the people to remain in onenation as they were in the early centuries of the human existence on earth, He CouldHave Done so, but He Did not. One of ALLAH’s mercy that He Has Bestowed onmankind is that He Has Caused the groups of people with different attitudes and values tomove away from the early single nation and to form their own new communities andnations. The new nations allow their peoples to practice their way of life without theinterference of the others. The groups of people then migrated to new locations andformed their own nations.All ALLAH’s creation has been created for an appointed term. The heavens, the earth,the stars, the humans and all other creatures, each single one of them has a pre-assignedlife span [Chapter 5]. From cited verse #(8-3) we learn that the nations are no different.Each nation has a pre-assigned life span. The known history of the world reveals this fact.Nations have formed, flourished, reached to the peak of their prosperity then perished orswallowed by other nation/s.In cited Verse #(8-4) ALLAH (SWT) Says “And We Have Sent messengers beforeyou, of them some We Have Told you their stories and some We Have not Told youabout …”. ALLAH (SWT) Taught Prophet Mohammad (ppbuh) the complete wisdomand knowledge through the Holy Qur’an. The stories of the messengers whom ALLAH(SWT) Told Prophet Mohammad (ppbuh) are those narrated in the Holy Qur’an. Thosestories are meant to be a reminder and a warning to the Muslims as well as to all thepeople of the world. In Saying that there were messengers whom He did not Tell about,ALLAH (SWT) is Directing our attention to the fact that there were periods of timewhere the history of mankind was not disclosed in the Holy Qur’an. That is, during thecourse of the human history there were nations and civilizations unknown to us.In cited verses #(8-5), ALLAH (SWT) Says “And We Have Destroyed generationsbefore you when they did wrong …”. A generation is defined as “all the people born andliving at about the same time”. Normally the transition from one generation to another is

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