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Phrasal Verbs Collection 1

Phrasal Verbs Collection 1

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Published by mahesh84psg
one of the collection of four books. Verbs browsed from Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary
one of the collection of four books. Verbs browsed from Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary

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Published by: mahesh84psg on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It was obvious that something was weighing on her mind.For most of the interview he sat in silence, weighing me up.It¶s easy to while away a few hours in a museum.They¶re trying to whip up support for their candidate.I always said he would wind up in prison.It¶s about time he wised up to the fact that times have changed.It¶s not a job I¶d wish on anybody.He looked about, trying to work out where he was.He lost this match, but don¶t write him off as a future champion.Don¶t work yourself up over such a trivial matter.
weigh sb 'down
 to make sb feel worried or anxious SYN burden:The responsibilities of the job areweighing her down. Ç He is weighed down with guilt.
weigh sb/sth 'down
 to make sb/sth heavier so that they are not able to move easily:I was weighed down withbaggage.
weigh 'in (at sth)
 to have your weight measured, especially before a contest, race, etc.:Both boxersweighed in at several pounds below the limit.²related noun weigh-in
weigh 'in (with sth)
 (informal) to join in a discussion, an argument, an activity, etc. by saying sth important,persuading sb, or doing sth to help:We all weighed in with our suggestions. Ç Finally thegovernment weighed in with financial aid.
'weigh on sb/sth
 to make sb anxious or worried:The responsibilities weigh heavily on him. Ç Somethingwas weighing on her mind.
weigh sth 'out
 to measure an amount of sth by weight:She weighed out a kilo of flour.
weigh sb 'up
 to form an opinion of sb by watching or talking to them
while sth a'way
 to spend time in a pleasant lazy way:We whiled away the time reading and playing cards.
whip 'through sth
 (informal) to do or finish sth very quickly:We whipped through customs in tenminutes.
whip sb/sth 'up
1 to deliberately try and make people excited or feel strongly aboutsth SYN rouse:The advertisements were designed to whip up public opinion. ÇHe was a speaker who could really whip up a crowd.2 to quickly make a meal or sth to eat:She whipped up a delicious lunch for us in15 minutes.
wind 'down
 1 (of a person) to rest or relax after a period of activity or excitement SYN unwind2 (of a piece of machinery) to go slowly and then stop
wind sth 'down
1 to bring a business, an activity, etc. to an end gradually over a period of time:The government is winding down its nuclear programme.2 to make sth such as the window of a car move downwards by turning a handle,pressing a button, etc.:Can I wind my window down?
wind 'up
(informal) (of a person) to find yourself in a particular place or situation:I alwayssaid he would wind up in prison. Ç [+ -ing] We eventually wound up staying in a
little hotel a few miles from town. Ç [+adj] If you take risks like that you¶ll wind updead.
wind 'up | wind sth 'up
to bring sth such as a speech or meeting to an end:The speaker was just windingup when the door was flung open. Ç If we all agree, let¶s wind up the discussion.
wind sb 'up
(BrE, informal) to deliberately say or do sth in order to annoy sb:Calm down! Can¶tyou see he¶s only winding you up? Ç That can¶t be true! You¶re winding meup.²related noun wind-up
wind sth 'up
1 to stop running a company, business, etc. and close it completely2 to make sth such as the window of a car move upwards by turning a handle,pressing a button, etc.
be none the 'wiser | not be any the 'wiser 
1 to not understand sth, even after it has been explained to you:I¶ve read theinstructions, but I¶m still none the wiser.2 to not know or find out about sth bad that sb has done:If you put the moneyback, no one will be any the wiser.
be wise after the e'vent
(often disapproving) to understand sth, or realize what you should have done, onlyafter sth has happened
be / get 'wise to sb/sth
(informal) to become aware that sb is being dishonest:He thought he could fool mebut I got wise to him.
put sb 'wise (to sth)
(informal) to inform sb about sth
wish sth a'way
to try to get rid of sth by wishing it did not exist
'wish sb/sth on sb
(informal) (used in negative sentences) to want sb to have sth unpleasant:Iwouldn¶t wish something like that on my worst enemy.
work (at / on sth)

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