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Converting Tau Battle Suits

Converting Tau Battle Suits

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Published by The hivemind
From White dwarf
From White dwarf

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Published by: The hivemind on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crisis Battlesuits
Piloted by the bravest warriors of the Fire Caste, Crisissuits provide a Hunter Cadre with fast moving, flexiblefirepower, bringing death to the enemy.
Converting Tau
Battlesuits are the centrepieces of the Tauarmy. The kits are already versatile, butwith a little conversion work you can addeven more life to your models.
This model is straight out of thebox and has been modelleddynamically to show a Battlesuittaking off. To get this pose, themodel was pinned to its basethrough one of its feet. With basingmaterials added, it’s impossible tosee the join.
The girder has been bent as theBattlesuit steps onto it, giving themodel a huge sense of raw powerand weight.
When pinning, make surethe model is balanced or itwill topple over.Green Stuff is used tofill in the gaps betweenthe components.
The weight of this model is on itsleft leg. The angle of the head matchesthe position of the leg, adding to theoverall dynamism of the pose.This Battlesuit is firing at theenemy, whilst landing on topof a Space Marine! The arms’upward angle adds power tothe model.
Here the Battlesuit leans forward withthe right arm extended and rotated tocreate a shooting pose.
Cut the arm below the shoulderpad, and experiment with itsposition.Drill a hole for a pin in the lowerarm, then drill a hole in the padto match.Glue the arm in position.
The knee wascut and rotatedto create thecrouching pose.The antennaemounting blockshave been removedfrom the head.
These principles workequally well with TauBattlesuit arms and legs.
These plasticgirders comefrom the newbuilding sets.The target lockhas been addedto the head.The leg was cutand rotated to createthe leaping pose.The Battlesuit waspinned to the SpaceMarine for stability.
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Positioning Limbs
 WhiteDwarf WhiteDwarf
This model stands in aclassic pose, with plasticmissile pods replacing the smartmissile system mounted on thebase of the railguns.
The missile pods are angled acrossthe body while the head is looking atthe warrior’s target.All this gives themodel a sense of activity.
Broadside Battlesuits
Aheavier variant of the XV-8 battlesuit, the XV-88, orBroadside battlesuit, provides formidable firepower.Its twin-linked railguns are capable of destroyingenemy vehicles whilst its secondary weapons systemsare deadly to infantry.
Battlesuit Commanders
The most trusted of the Fire Caste Commanders leadthe Hunter Cadres in battle, and some carry specialissue equipment – systems that have yet to entercommon use, are difficult to mass produce, or thatare only in the earliest stages of development.
Alternate Commanderhead and Command andControl nodeCyclic ion blasterThe legs have been positionedin a wide, braced pose.This missile arm has beencut and repositioned.
The weapon mounts have beenswapped on this model, giving ita squat appearance.
On a couple of our Battlesuits we’veadded Fire Warrior shoulder pads to theknees for embellishment and to cover upthe join where we’ve cut into the model.This is an easy alternative to re-sculpting!
This conversion based onO’Shovah has an aggressive jumpingpose, with the legs cut andrepositioned and pinned to the base.
The pin runs through thefoot and ankle for strength.The dawn blade wascut from the lefthand and pinned tothe right arm.Ashield drone has been usedhere as a shield generator.New shinguard taken fromplastic Fire Warrior.Repositionedmissile pod.Railguns mountedon arms insteadof the back.
This model carriesexperimental weaponsystems, available in theTau Crisis BattlesuitCommander box set.
Atarget lock has been addedto the back of the left hand.Missile pods taken fromfour Battlesuit kits!
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