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Student Registration

Student Registration

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Published by rriness

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Published by: rriness on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CIS 266 – Developing Applications with Visual Basic .NetHomework Assignments: Student Registration
You are developing an application to help students register for classes at SPSCC. Thefollowing tasks need to be performed in the application:
Display course and section information
Entry, updating and deleting student information
Enrolling students in a section and canceling enrollment
Display a specific student with a list of all sections that student is/has enrolled inOver the quarter, you will be building different parts of this application for homeworkassignments. Each homework assignment has a specific product (described below). Allassignments should include the following:
Planning documents: Use flow charts, data descriptions, pseudocode or other techniquesto describe how you will accomplish the homework. Planning documents should identifyclasses (including parent and child forms) and the purpose of each; the principleprocedures for each class; and data associated with each form. Planning documents areworth 10 points.
Project files: Copy your project folder (project, solution, form, class and/or componentfiles) to the R: drive. The project portion of each assignment is worth 15 points.
Database: Use a SQL Server or Access database to store data, and include the file inyour project folder. Include at least five sample records in each table.
Code: Code should be fully commented, with student name, summaries of procedurepurpose and logic, and summary of each class/component. Include a print out of yourcode for the current assignment.
Application interface: Include a MDI (multiple-document interface) main form to managethe application. Access to the data forms for the assignments should be provided bymenu. Provide access to the data forms using a menu or toolbar. The MDI form shouldinclude a status bar which is updated with application information each time an actionoccurs.Choice of form layout, interface design and controls is up to you. Keep in mind that how Iwork may be different from you; make sure that choices and steps are easily understood.Don’t worry about security.
Database Design
Use the following database design for your homework. Build the database file in SQL Serveror Access. Use naming conventions that work for you; at a minimum include the data typefor a field as part of the field name.Tables hold the following data:
Courses table
: information about course content;
Sections table
: data about the particular times and locations a course is offered;
Students table
: information about individual students; and
Enrollments table
: data about which students are enrolled in each section.The database diagram below uses the following naming conventions. Each table name ispreceded by "tbl" to identify the object as a table. For example, "tblCourses" identifies theobject as a table with the subject (or purpose) of the table course information. Each fieldname has three parts. The first three characters identify the table the field belongs to. Afterthe underscore, the next three characters identify the field data type (see table at end). The

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