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Trusting God Even When Life Hurts

Trusting God Even When Life Hurts

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Published by cochinkerala

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Published by: cochinkerala on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Trusting God even when life hurts!!!
To all my Christian friends all over the world who are going through deepwaters of trials.(I send this letter as e-mail form to many and they were strengthened intheir faith)
God loves you unconditionally, richly and deeply no matter how things are at the movement. Change will take place if you focus on God (God’s promises inthe Bible) and believe in Him. Do not focus always on your problems.2.God is able to deliver you from the gutter most situations.3.God has a definite plan about your life that He is at work in your life.(Jere.29:11-14)4.God has not yet finished His work in you.(Phi.1:4)5.To you things are not clear why and what but do not worry.6.But every thing will work out for your good only if you love God for God’s glory.( Romans 8:28)7.You need to love the Lord Jesus whole heartily no matter what the situation isat the movement.8.God’s peace will be given to you even in this bad situation .God’s peace can beexperienced just like you experience the breathing every second.9.People who hate you deeply and bitterly – You have to love them from your heart – You should not have any amount of hatredness toward them at any movement. You must pray for them, love them heartily, wish to do only good,think of their goodness only always.10.You need God’s people’s A) prayer .and B) words of support. Therefore connect with God’s people and share your burdens with them and pray with them.11.You must wish to serve and love God even when this extremely bacircumstances.
You need to learn see all these bad experiences are as part of life.
You need to believe that God is sovereign and always in control of everythingin this universe and in your life , with out God’s permission nothing willhappen in your life (Job’s example in the Bible )14.When bad things happen it is better to obey God than disobey. It makes youmentally free &spiritually strong.15.By obeying God you come to know God better – a strong relationship with Him16.Eternity matters than the life here – You need to be prepared for eternity, let anything happen here – You need to live a life with clear conscious before God and men at all the times.17.It is true that you are confused, frustrated, and dreadful, doubt God’s concernfor you or His control over your life and don’t want to obey God when bad things happen but still you surrender before Him now.18.You need to realize that Adversity is hard to endure and can even be harder tounderstand.
We all ask God often If He were really in control, why would He allow thetragic auto accident or crucial job loss, continual family 
troubles , continual financial broke ,continues failures, continual relationshipbreaks happen in your life / How could He permit cancer in a loved one or thedeath of a child? Grappling with His concern for you, you may ask, “Why is God allowing this?” or “What have I done wrong?”- Every one who goes throughtrials asks these- there is nothing wrong in asking these. 
 And you don’t see what God sees – He sees the end clearly from thebeginning .Therefore you need to realize that God is truly incontrol ,He will make you happy , satisfied in Him to obey Him and tolove Him .
You need to learn to think and thank God for what is left for you -means thank God for all what you have- the so many blessing in youand around you and count them one by one and give thanks to God and use them for God’s glory .( using talents wisely )– Do not alwaysthink what you don’t have and then live a life of regret ancomplaints that will lead you to more frustration and confusion.22.Above all you need to love living life and be Happy and makeother people happy by showing the way to trust God beyond their circumstances .
God’s ultimate desire about your life is not how much you did for Him.But how did you do for Him –Your attitude (Motive) matters before God.which means “being” is more important than “doing” – Being like Jesus– His character must demonstrate in you , in all you do , think , plan , pray or whatever -That must be the supreme desire of your heart .24.You need to believe that- To know God better you must learnthree things in life A)God’sSovereignty. B) God’s Wisdom. C) God's Love. One without the other two will leave youright where you are you must learn all the three and your life will bechanged .
Always realize that there is only one life .It will pass away soon.Whatsoever done for Christ will last forever.26.You need to understand that -To become a true Christian, matureChristian, truly a godly person one has to go through lot of trials,struggles, and tests – without that there is no heaven for us-that iscalled experience of purification. No one can enter heaven with out 

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