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Published by richard7238

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Published by: richard7238 on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 H O U S E
 3 r  d R e a  d  i n g U n a m e n  d e  d
 M a r c  h 8 , 2 0 1 0 H O U S E A m e n  d e  d 2 n  d R e a  d  i n g M a r c  h 5 , 2 0 1 0
Second Regular SessionSixty-seventh General Assembly
This Version Includes All Amendments Adopted in the House of Introduction
LLS NO. 10-0479.02 Julie Pelegrin
HOUSE BILL 10-1273
House CommitteesSenate Committees
Bill Summary
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced and doesnot reflect any amendments that may be subsequently adopted. If this bill passes third reading in the house of introduction, a bill summary that applies to the reengrossed version of this bill will be available at http://www.leg.state.co.us/billsummaries.)
section 1
, the bill recognizes the importance of visual arts andperforming arts in public education.
Section 2
of the bill requires eachpublic school in the state to provide visual arts and performing artseducation. Demonstration of proficiency regarding the visual arts and
Rice, Ryden, Apuan, Benefield, Carroll T., Casso, Gagliardi, Gerou, Kerr A.,May, McKinley, Middleton, Nikkel, Peniston, Primavera, Roberts, Scanlan, Schafer S.,Solano, Todd, Tyler
Spence and Steadman,
Newell, Hudak, Bacon, Boyd, Foster, Gibbs, Heath, Johnston,Romer, Tapia, Williams
Shading denotes HOUSE amendment. Double underlining denotes SENATE amendment.
Capital letters indicate new material to be added to existing statute. Dashes through the words indicate deletions from existing statute.
performing arts standards will be a condition of high school graduationfrom the public schools of the state beginning with the ninth-grade classof 2010-11.Under current law, the state board of education must adopt rulesdescribing the minimum contents of each student's individual career andacademic plan.
Section 3
of the bill requires each plan to include thestudent's progress in visual arts and performing arts classes.
Sections 4-8
of the bill amend several provisions of the "Preschoolto Postsecondary Education Alignment Act" to specifically incorporatevisual arts and performing arts education into the standards, assessments,and postsecondary and workforce readiness program that the state boardof education and local education providers adopt.
Sections 9-13
of the bill recognize the importance of visual artsand performing arts education in preventing student dropouts and inhelping local education providers re-engage students in school. Undercurrent law, the office of dropout prevention and student re-engagement,in the department of education, collaborates with several communityorganizations. The bill includes private nonprofit or for-profit communityarts organizations in the list of collaborative agencies. Certain localeducation providers are currently required to assess their practices relatedto student dropouts and re-engagement. The bill includes policies andpractices related to visual arts and performing arts education in theassessment. Those local education providers that adopt studentgraduation and completion plans are encouraged to include increasedavailability of visual arts and performing arts education in those plans.The bill also specifies visual arts and performing arts education aseducation services for which a local education provider may seek grantmoneys under the student re-engagement grant program.
Sections 14 and 15
of the bill conform the definition of arts-basedactivity in the dropout prevention activity grant program with thedefinitions of visual arts and performing arts created in the bill.
Section 16
of the bill clarifies that career and technical educationfor which a school district, board of cooperative services, or charterschool may receive funding includes visual arts and performing artseducation.
 Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado:
SECTION 1. Legislative declaration.
(1) The general assembly2hereby finds that:3(a) Recent studies have shown that education in visual arts and4performing arts has positive effects on children's behavior, attitudes, and51273
academic performance and on career and workforce readiness;1(b) The opportunity to study and build skills in the visual arts and2performing arts increases students' self-confidence, nurtures students'3creativity and curiosity, provides on-going challenges for students, helps4students remain engaged in school, facilitates building positive5relationships between students and teachers, and, as a result of these6effects, helps reduce the school dropout rate;7(c) Visual arts and performing arts education provide an8alternative method of reaching struggling students, including those who9are disadvantaged, those for whom English is a second language, and10students with disabilities;11(d) The innovation and creativity that students exercise and foster12in visual arts and performing arts education enables them to innovate,13creatively solve problems, and bring greater creativity to their thinking in14the more traditional education areas of reading, mathematics, and science15and to develop the twenty-first-century critical thinking, collaboration,16communication, and leadership skills that are crucial to success in today's17workforce;18(e) Because of the level of innovation and creativity demanded for19Colorado and the nation to stay competitive in the global economy, it is20crucial that each student graduate from a public high school in Colorado21with a solid foundation in visual arts and performing arts education that22will enable the student to participate fully, creatively, and successfully in23the state's economy and workforce.24(2) The general assembly finds, therefore, that requiring school25districts and charter schools to fully integrate visual arts and performing26arts education into the elementary and secondary school curriculum and271273

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