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Published by Stuart Lethe
A short story about the relationship between a morbidly obese mother and son.
A short story about the relationship between a morbidly obese mother and son.

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Published by: Stuart Lethe on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Mom…Mom! Robert yells. His mother, Caroline walks into his room.“What is it Honey? She asks with concern.“My back really hurts.” Robert whimpers.“Oh Honey…where?” Caroline sympathizes.Caroline, a forty-three year old, three hundred pound woman has two culprits accounting for herexcessive weight. Her genes; they don’t suit her being thin, and because of this problem she suffersfrom severe depression. In order to deal with her depression she nibbles on the teat of the third deadlysin, Gluttony. Her husband, who is now deceased, carried the same afflictions, and those paid off in theform of a house in the country where the nearest thing was a small general store. Caroline is able tototter with great difficulty, but as her sins passed to her son, Robert, they fully matured into his presentstate of bed-ridden torment. Although Robert tries to move, he can only manage slight movements tothe left or right. Robert internally cries out for help and change but it never comes. Due to his mother’sobesity, a sponge bath is a rare thing and he chokes on his own stench.“Please God, free me from my torment.” Thirteen year old Robert prays. When he was younger, hisfather died and his mother moved him to the country. He always wanted to be a superhero like hethought of his father. Of course, his father was no superhero, in fact, many considered him a fiend, butRobert had no desire to learn of those accusations. In his eyes, his father, who worked for a wastemanagement company, was a superhero. His father died, desolation of the heart followed, but becauseof his tremendous weight he was the “abhorrent boy” that no other children would be around; he wasfriendless, naked, and had no comfort. He saw how his mother dealt with her depression and amplifiedit to the utmost extreme causing his relentless bondage of body to bed.“My lower back mom, please do something, please.” He cries.“Sweetie, what do you want me to do? What can I do?” His mom asks.“Please, will you try and look back there and see if you can see anything?”“Of course Honey.”Caroline lifts the covers off the right side of her tortured little boy. The smell of excrement and deadepidermis fills her nostrils, tickling the tip of vomit. She withstands; with all her might she heaves thelayers of fat from Robert’s lower right side, using her elbow to keep the fat aloft, she sees a large areafurious with irritation that appears red, thickened and pustural.“Have you seen my phone mom?” Robert asks.“Honey, everything looks fine back here. It must just be an ache; I’ll go get you something for thepain.” She lies. Caroline sits at her computer and types in the symptoms she has just seen on Robert’sback. Numerous skin conditions appear and she clicks on the one that best fits what she had justobserved. Psoriasis, “A chronic inflammatory skin condition, there is no known cure.” She reads. Butthere are treatments. She reads that the treatments are for eighteen and older only and are doctorprescribed. She has no insurance and has poured all of her money into paying for their home. She hasalways regretted moving into this house, it was her husband’s dream home and to honor him, she and

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