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Aug Feat Craigslist Ultra[2]

Aug Feat Craigslist Ultra[2]

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Published by Frank Owen
The Craigslist Crime Wave by Frank Owen, Maxim, August 2009
The Craigslist Crime Wave by Frank Owen, Maxim, August 2009

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Published by: Frank Owen on Apr 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cameras at a BostonMarriott caughtfootage (left) ofJulissa Brisman’s(topleft) allegedkiller.PolicearrestedPhilipMarko (above).
phi kappa die
For one
editor, the craigslist killer was just a dude down the hall. By jesse BrukMan
Cicki  a ik, Dais aiatd t baki s ut  Bst:A massus had b sht th tims  th 20th   a Maittht. Th as a bu scuitcama ima  th ma th psshad aad dubbd th Caisist Ki, ad b that a pictu  thictim, a sutki ma ith  iht b hai. It as JuissaBisma, a st, u, sttsmat 26ad ith put ips ad asius Pais Hit xati h had ct quit Dais’ mp t idpdt. Sh as   th Mahatta Madam’s ait is.“I as shckd, dastatd, hatbk, but I as’t supisd,” sasDais. “I td h t b cau. Caisist is u  cps.”IT wAS A SIMPle IDeA THAT CHAngeD everyTHIng: A no-rIllShippi a makt updatd  th Itt a, a pac t  t bua tast, t a apatmt,  sc sm mth ad hk up ithadm stas  th at. It hpd t a dst th spap idust i Amica, ad it tasmd th sx tad. It ba14 as a h paiu sh übd Cai nmak statd amai ist pubicizi tchthmd ts ad jb pptuitis i Saacisc. S Caisist as h, a si ba cmmuit  i bus ad ss, a pt busiss that patdm ik a pubic sic. Tda Caisist is a idispsab suc ts  miis  pp did: with 40 mii psts a mthad sits i 570 citis ad 50 cutis, it is   th ics  wb 2.0,as cizab a bad as acbk  g. yt it  mps 30pp, ad th h pati is u ut  a amshack victiahus i th Sust Distict  Sa acisc.o  th  mdia’s siatu succss stis, Caisist smbizs th pssibiitis  th ba  i d ’ sti i th pcss  ui ut. “Th Itt mids us that pp a basicatustth,” nmak has said. But th’s a t  i m i that“basica.” lik a i cmmuit xpimts  th past 20as—m MSpac t Scd li—th sit has a utpia sid thatas it p t a cp ith a dak atas i. what’s tii abutth Caisist Ki is hat h psts: h th Itt ca makcim pushbutt as, ad uck pschsis as asi as ibid.which is h th buta mud  Juissa Bisma cappd a pctstm  ati pubicit  th mbattd wb sit. Bad uh thatth ki usd th etic Sics scti t u Bisma t th cimsc, but this as’t his st tim. u das ai h ad tidup ad bbd ath massus h’d ctactd thuh Caisist,Tisha l. Ad t das at th Bisma sai, h adstuck aai, this tim i waick, rhd Isad, hdi at upit astipp h adtisd ap dacs  Caisist. Th assaiat d at th stipp’s husbad bust it th ht m.Bst cps quick astd Phiip Mak, a ta, bd, ad utad spctab 23ad md studt at Bst Uisit ht bd’s p  a sia sick (s b). H as chad ithBisma’s mud i additi t th assauts  th t th m.Istiats sachi Mak’s apatmt ud a u hidd ia hdut bk, a stash  had staits, as  as 16 pais  m’s patis ud th bd. (It’s t t k h ma timsMak ma ha stuck, but as Kisti Dais pits ut, ma Caisistsxatd cims a  ptd ut  a ad mbaassmt.)Th Caisist Ki ts a distubi patt: Th mth b, nyk adi pt g wb as stabbd 50 tims, ad b atubd ta h mt thuh a Caisist psti i $60 uh sx. I Api chubbacd ta mist Micha Ads asstcd t i i pis  th shti dath  24ad Kathi os, a Mista pach’s dauht h had ict pidt a ak ad Ads pacd  th sit ki  a babsitt.Th bad s  Caisist mutd. As i Api authitis astd 24ad Sha Skt i Kt, washit at h adpstd a Caisist ad titd “A sta dsi,” ki  a ma tha sx ith ad th ki. Ad i a Ma cictd sx d Jh St Buss padd uit i ls As t iuta masauht i th dath  19ad Da Ju. Buss said h pid Ju ith ach, ccai, ad hi at mti h  Caisist,th dumpd h bd i th ca h sh dsd.Addi t th pssu  th cmpa, i a Ma Suth Caiaatt a H McMast thatd th pscuti  Caisist Ceo Jim Buckmast  aciitati pstituti. This as th sttim a a cmt fcia had tid t hd Buckmast psaspsib  th cimia actiit assciatd ith th wb sit. Caisist as bi attackd m  dicti.Th ha aas b cimias ii t xpit th atst adacsi tch, but th cims ikd t Caisist  at ha bcmicasi qut ad biza. m muds, apists, ad chidmsts t imam m ad backmaii mm atas, th sitstas a cast  chaacts staiht ut  a Jams e .Tusti stas is th basis  Caisist. It’s  bi cmmuitaia xpimt, a  admiab, xcpt   thi: Th abiit tcct ast umbs  stas t  ath is  a d ida i th pp bi cctd a dct huma bis.“IT’S THe AnonyMITy THAT ATTrACTS CrIMInAlS To CrAIgS-ist,” sas Tch rds, h us a b cad CaisCimlist. Hhas cutd at ast iht kiis cctd t th sit. “wh ppask m abut th Caisist Ki, I aas sa, ‘which ?’ ”Th pstituti assciatd ith etic Sics has da mst  th attti at, but it’s just th tip  th icb. I th past tas th st  th sit has bcm a itua paud  cs, pttthis, c m, ad  th ccasia bak bb. last autum iM, washit, sm pacd a ad  a dz abs t diads. Th m tud up  k dssd, as th ad had istuctd, iidtica utts: bu k shits,  sts, spiat masks. Mahi, just acss th stt, ath ma dssd th sam ad caia pump spa akd tad a amd ca utsid  a Bak  Amica, spad th amd uad i th ac ith a chmica, th abbd aba  m, a d th stt past th statd abs, ad jumpdit th ab Skkmish ri. Pic sa th ma h pstd th adas usi th abs as dcs i cas h as chasd. etua, 28ad Ath Cuci as astd  th bb.whi sm  th cs ad caps  Caisist pssss a cmicaspct, it’s t s u h u’   th ictims. Susa (t ha am) is   ths dthiuck ptt u this icssihit Miami Bach h scus Caisist  da ki ac is: spksmd, ts cdiat, stauat hstss,athi that pas m tha $10 a hu. S sh as m tha xcitdt t a jb adtisd  Caisist as a $1,200ak psa assistatt a ma h caimd t k as a pduc  Pha ad li wa.H cad hims lz ad said h had a sid busiss—a pizza chaithat had  b up. H dd Susa t hp him s th stauat quipmt  Ba ad Caisist, ad t h t p up a PaPa accut i h am. Sh cid ts  thusads  das is  th aius s, pp tabs, ad iats. Th sh ta ca m smbd h k lz sai th as  stauatquipmt. “Thak gd PaPa ad it, bcaus   th mt it m bak accut  I ud b bhid bas iht ,” sasSusa. o at lz as astd did sh disc that sh as’tth  ictim. “H as scammi ts  pp  Caisist, sithi m puppis t PiP tabs t ca pats t sxua as.I  ik such a . M i is a mss bcaus  this u.”I sps t th mdia stm u Caisist, Ceo Buckmastddd his cmpa, caimi th pcta  cimias h patd  his wb sit as ti cmpad t th hmi majit  tustth uss. Ad that’s tu as a as it s. what Caisist isis th utsiz impact   a sma umb  cimias: o c mapsti  Caisist ca scam scs  pp ith a si ad.Tak Sa Chuch, itatia dit, tim DeA imat, m jaibid, csummat c ma. last summ Chuch as sittiat a utd caé i Budapst, Hua,   uds, h h hit upth ida  cccti a Paisia bdadbakast scam  Caisistt c ususpcti tuists. H’d s simia cs  th sit b ad ud th as itt chac h’d t cauht.“That’s hat maks Caisist s at,” sas Chuch. “Th’s pici. It’s ik th wid wst.”Chuch (t his a am) t back t his apatmt ad t acau dd psti: “Amazi bd ad bakast i th hat  Pais. Just th ms ith uiqu achitctua dtais ik a atuast a ad a quait rm ad Juit bac that ks thush cutad. Th pic is 50 eu p iht ( ps)  60 eup iht (t pss).” Th addss h a as a dscipt apatmt buidi h h’d c stad. Th h dadd a pictu  a czki iti m a maazi, cickd  a butt, ad, pst:withi miuts th ad as up ad ui.Immdiat Chuch as iudatd ith quis. Pp atit bk a m  istuctd t sd a 50eu udab dpsit t Chuch’s PaPa accut. o cipt  th m, Chuch maida ak iic. M tha 300 pp   th scam, ad h thcud’t d th B&B at th addss ad maid Chuch, “what happd?” h had  xcus i th bk ad: “Mab u pssd th buzz”  “Mab u t t th  .”“Mst pp just it it ,” sas Chuch. “I as’t taki bi

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