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BLG 120

BLG 120

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Published by shomi86

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Published by: shomi86 on Apr 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BLG 120http://pakistanthinktank.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=756http://freepages.military.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~otranto/fab/bomba_lanca_granadas.htm(2)Brazil Four companies produce cluster munitions in Brazil. Avribras Aeroespacial SAand Britainite Industrias Quimicas produce the ASTROS family of surface-to-surfacerockets with submunition warheads. These weapons have been exported to Iran, Iraq, andSaudi Arabia. The ASTROS multiple launch rocket system was used by Saudi forcesagainst Iraqi forces during the battle of Khafji in January 1991, leaving behind significantnumbers of unexploded submunitions. The company Ares Aeroespacial e Defesa Ltda produces the FZ-100 70mm air-to-surface rockets, akin to the Hydra M261 multipurposesubmunitions. Additionally, Target Engenharia et Comércio Ltda. produces two types of cluster bombs (BLG-120, BLG-252) for the Brazilian Air Force and reportedly for export.Product developed and approved, the BLG-120 is a pump grenade launcher, with the loadarms 86 antitank submunitions Mixed effect / mines. After the release, after a preset time,the pump has his jacket open. The opening of the coating occurs by the action of a linear hollow charge, driven by mechanical time fuze warhead located in the artifact.The dispersion of the grenades, centrifugation, is obtained as a function of rotationacquired by the pump after the launch, determining a pattern of scattering on the groundin a roughly elliptical.The BLG-120 is a munition to be employed against targets dispersed over a surface,allowing the attack on low or too high, high or low speed, without requiring too preciseaiming. The BLG-120 aircraft will be used in AT-27, but can also equip AT-26 aircraft,F-5E and A-1.

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