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Save-A-Life Foundation (SALF) newsletters, 2001-06 (text-searchable, d/l suggested)

Save-A-Life Foundation (SALF) newsletters, 2001-06 (text-searchable, d/l suggested)

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Published by Gordon T. Pratt

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Published by: Gordon T. Pratt on Apr 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bystander Review
Save A Life Foundation9950 W Lawrence Ave.www.salf.orgSchiller Park, IL 60176
Largely the general public is completelyunprepared for disasters and/or large-scale acts of war aswere demonstrated on September 11. The first to becomeoverwhelmed in the time of disaster response is the publicsafety system and with sheer numbers of involved victims,it is more than likely response time will be delayed,therefore bystander intervention is essential.I would like to thank all of our EMS medicaldirectors; facilitators and instructors for their dedication onhelping the SALF mission come true, which is to makeeveryone aware of the importance of bystander interventionand to train all children and adults in the basic life-supporting first aid skills.I would also like to thank all of those who havebeen instrumental on bringing our message national and tothose communities, states and congressional leaders who allsaw the need to train the “bystander”.Sincerely,
Carol SpizzirriPresident/Founder
Since September
Homeland Security has been an issueon the minds of every community and state leader. The
Conference of Mayors’ met in Washington lastOctober for an “emergency summit” (aired live on C-Span)to develop “A National Action Plan for Safety and Securityin America’s Cities”.Representing SALF, Carol SpizzirriPresident/Founder was asked to testify at this summit toaddress the Pre-EMS role of the “bystander”. Shediscussed the need for community leaders to get involved indeveloping emergency response plans that would prepareand educate the community in basic lifesaving techniques.
Spizzirri’s testimony was printed in theUSCM’s white paper which was presented toHomeland Security Director Tom Ridge, U.S. HHSSecretary Tommy Thompson, U.S. Attorney General JohnAshcroft along with each member of the House and Senate.When Illinois Lt. Governor Corinne Wood heard of this news she directed Illinois Homeland Security DirectorMatt Bettenhausen to include “Community ResponseSystem Initiative” (CRSI) as an agency within hisdepartment to address the emergency preparedness of the“bystander” if there should be an EMS delay. Mr.Bettenhausen favorably replied to Lt. Gov. Wood’s requestand plans are underway.
Starting this winter the SALF and its message willbe taken to the airwaves with a new national syndicatedradio show called “The Bystander”. With the show inthirty cities starting in February, “The Bystander” gives anoutlet to political leaders, medical professionals,entertainers and local citizens to voice their views andrelate their ex periences on current events, emergencypreparedness and life supporting techniques. Interviews,editorials and instructional training segments make surethat “The Bystander” has something for everyone.
 Look for “The Bystander” brought to you by theSALF with host Dane Neal and President/Founder Carol Spizzirri coming soon to a radio station near you!
If you or someone you know has been involved in alife saving situation please write about it and send it toSALF. Your story may be published in our newsletter andmay be announced on our radio show.
With the new school year approaching, schoolstend to take a while before they schedule classes thereforein order to maintain your SALF income you may want tofind your own classes. This will not only guarantee youwork but also enable you to target a specific area of yourchoice. “ Just make sure each school faxes in the traininginformation sheet with your name on it”.
Special thanks to Adolph Johnson for his dedication and motivation on getting the ROTC’s in theChicago Public Schools
Also, Instructor Manuals have been updated withnew forms, tests, etc., so please bring in all InstructorManuals the next time you come in and make note that theprice for the Bystander Basics Advanced OSHA/Daycare isnow $40.00 per person.
Keep up the Good Work!
With the support and influence of formerPennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, now Director of U.S.Homeland Security, along with funds from Centers of Disease Control, SALF established a branch in the state of Pennsylvania at the University of Pittsburgh MedicalCenter. Pennsylvania is the first state outside of Illinois tohave introduced the SALF and its programs to theircommunities.Receiving many letters from physicians andcommunity leaders expressing their interest to implant lifesupporting first aid and CPR training in their state, SALF ishopeful to branch out nationwide.The Chicago Wolves supports the SALF byproviding one thousand ticket sale flyers for the March 16
game verses Milwaukee at 7 p.m.Proceeds will help fund the free first aid trainingfor the children.
Contact SALF to learn more about other special events that will be held on that evening and how to purchase tickets.
It is crucial for SALF to outreach to allcommunities on the importance of learning basic lifesupporting techniques, therefore SALF focuses on gettinginvolved with special events, such as seminars, conferencesand expos that center around education, safety, EMS,community outreach and children.The SALF is always looking for opportunities tointeract with others to help get its message across, so if youor someone you know is having an event and would beinterested in having the SALF speak or exhibit, pleasecontact us.
Linda PostFinance Director
The Accounting Department is currentlycompleting quarterly and year-end reports in preparationfor the annual audit and release of financial statements.Throughout the year, SALF has enforced a strict adherenceto the projected budgets and anticipates remaining fiscallysecure for the duration of the grant funding periods asprovided by the State of Illinois and the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services/Centers for Disease Control &Prevention.Future funding is a critical theme for a charitablefoundation. As we expand our organization nationwide,research into financial resources is an arduous task that wemanage with efficiency and determination.
In partnership with Doublematrix, a WEBtechnology developer, programs are in development foronline scheduling, testing, collection of test data frombranches and remote training programs.
TheBystander Review
Save A Life Foundation 9950 W Lawrence Ave. Schiller Park, IL 60176www.salf.org
It seems only yesterday whenmy children reliedcompletely on my judgment to
keep them safe and secure. As
they reached teenagers theireyes reviewed my judgment as more of 
nuisance. But recently my judgment is beingaccepted again, with once words I muttered tothem, now being mirrored back out of theirmouths. I'm sure most parents have found this tobe true as we continually try to protect them.Sometimes though we have no control and we'reunable to fix things for them as we had in thepast.We witnessed this on September 11th, whenparents watched and waited to learn the fate of their children caught within the World TradeCenter, or the Pentagon, or the airlines thatcarried them to a particular destination. We hearof stories, of school violence, car accidents,weather related disasters, of which someone'schild, young or old has lost their life. We grieveand I know the grief of these parents...who facean emptiness, which will never be replacedwithin their heart.Since SALF's founding, we have been on themove to bring our emergency message to eachcommunity. We have fought hard to make ourleaders realize that we all have a role in the EMSsystem. Those who first joined our efforts, of course, where those in emergency medicalservice who know that their life saving job isbetter served with prompt aid rendered by thePre-EMS trained “Bystander”, prior to theirarrival. Several politicians came to bait over theBut recently we owe a great deal to the membersand staff of the Illinois Municipal League, and
Conference of Mayors; as PrincipleExecutive Officers they have a great stake inemergency readiness that few citizens know.These elected civil servants, fathers and mothersas well, are responsible for heading the onceknown position of Civil Defense. In acatastrophic disaster, it is the mayor who takescharge of pulling in all the lifelines to secure thecommunity, thus preventing a further disasterand loss of lives. Not until we see first hand,what New York Mayor Giuliani had to deal withwill we understand the magnitude of theirposition.We are proud that Mayors and Village Presidentssee the need for SALF’s mission. This pastNovember, I was asked to testify at the U.S.Conference of Mayor’s Emergency Summit onthe need for Pre-EMS trained Bystanders tobridge the gap between the incident untiladvance care arrives. My testimony became partof their white paper in their efforts to assist in thedevelopment of our nation’s newest office of “Homeland Security”.Who better than our municipal leaders to knowthe needs of uncertain times?

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