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2008.11.30 RADIO MYX Philippines) Cool Shades)

2008.11.30 RADIO MYX Philippines) Cool Shades)

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on Apr 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RADIO MYX (Philippines) -- 11/30/08
Note: There was no DJ for this interview. All questions were off-camera. Thus, allthat is contained in this transcript are David's answers. I have added my best guess of the subject of the question in italics prior to each answer.
Question regarding his Idol audition
]David: I had gone as moral support. I had no intention of auditioning,and...um...through some really weird random turn of events, I ended up s-- I endedup pickin' my song, like, three minutes before I signed-up. And uh...um...kinda stolemy brother's thunder. So...I uh...I'm, I'm sure he's back in KC extremely happy forme, but also plotting his revenge. And uh...[
we'll see how things turn out.But uh...yeah, it was uh...it was a bit of a bittersweet day for both, uh, me and mymom.[
Question about connecting with the audience on Idol
]David: That was one of the lessons I really tried to, to grab hold of, is how to makeit...how to make a show in that...in that kind of a...a setting as intimate for theperson in the back row as it is for the person in the front. And uh... [
] I don'tknow if I ever really quite got there. I felt like I came close a few nights, and...anduh, and really, you know, I tried to...[
] I tried to make it about the collective,as opposed to about me.[
Question about what it was like going on the Idol tour 
]David: Well the term "day off" was, was pretty sparse, but um...uh, it was actually, itw-- it was exhausting, but a lot of fun. Uh, I think what was exhausting about it was just having to switch into a different gear mentally. To go from being a liveperformer...and then havin' to shut that off and go over here and be a recordingartist, and then come back and do this again. It was just uh...there was a lot of go-between and a lot of traveling.[
Question about having Rob Cavallo produce The Record 
]David: Havin' Rob on board was, was huge. I think uh, to have somebody of hiscaliber...um...interested, ya' know, in bein' involved on this record was a, it was ahuge compliment. Uh...ya' know, Rob kinda came into the process-- I remember thefirst time we met was at uh, it was at a hotel. Like, we had breakfast, and...and he just came in kinda all guns blazin'. Had this really youthful energy about him, uh,but still seemed really focused, and, and talkin' about The Record, I felt like thevibe...really close to what I wanted to do on The Record.[
Question about the vibe on The Record 

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