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2008.11.22. Entertainment Tonight One-On-One With Kevin Frazier Cool Shades)

2008.11.22. Entertainment Tonight One-On-One With Kevin Frazier Cool Shades)

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on Apr 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Entertainment Tonight -- David Cook one-on-one with Kevin Frazier --11/22/08Reporter: Kevin Frazier
Kevin: I'm here one-on-one with the reigning American Idol champ. David, are youready to do your thing?David: Let's do this.Kevin: Alright, here we go.[
footage of David and Neal performing "Light On" acoustic
]Kevin: Hey your single is about to eclipse Clay Aiken...[
David laughs
]Kevin: ...as the all-time leader in sales...David: YeahKevin: ...for an American Idol song. How does that feel? To be the man-- you'resittin' on the mountaintop. How does that feel?David: Yeah, it's uh...that's a huge honor. I, I think uh...ya' know, first and foremost,I think all kudos to Regie Hamm, the gentleman who wrote it. It's an amazing songand, and uh...to be able to be a part of it, ya' know, especially when the Olympicspicked it up, and...Kevin: SureDavid: I got to go on Oprah. I mean it's, it's uh...I, I'm constantly amazed at howwell that song's been embraced. And so uh...I, I can't wait to hang that uh, thatplatinum record on the wall. Ya' know?[
Kevin laughs
]Kevin: Yeah, where're you gonna put it?David: Um...right now it's gonna go right, right uh, right when you walk into thehouse front door. It's the first thing you're gonna see. But...[
Kevin laughs
]David: Well see where it ends up. Hopefully I got a few of 'em.[
more footage of David and Neal performing "Light On" acoustic
]Kevin: Will you call Clay...?
David laughs
]Kevin: And just kinda mess with him? I mean, you know, it might be fun. I wouldhave to just call him and say: Clay. You're number two now. Just wanted to hollerat you, and let you know.David: I might, I might, I might send him a, a, a, a condolences email. But uh...[
] I, I don't, I don't think I'll be callin' him.Kevin: Do you keep in touch with everybody from your...group?David: Yeah, I keep in touch with a lot of guys. Uh, I, I talked to, to Luke Menard theother day. And...and uh...I talk to Michael Johns...uh...probably more than, than Ishould. But I talk to Mike Johns. And uh...Archie. I talk to him a couple times aweek. Uh...Carly, Brooke, Kristy Lee, the list goes on. I mean, I talk to mostlyeverybody.Kevin: Yeah, and David's doin' well.David: David's doin' great, man. His record's uh....uh, doin' well, and he seems to,to be in good spirits, and...has a good head on his shoulders, anyways. So he'll befine.Kevin: Any competition between you guys, amongst the Idol group? To say"hey...did you see my..."[
David laughs
]Kevin: "Did you see I made a little move this week?"David: Nah, no. I think um...it's funny. Archie and I never really kinda...embracedthe whole...competition thing. And so...uh, any time we talk, we just kinda laughwith each other about, just...kinda how it's been built up to this huge thing.Um...ya' know I, I wish him all the best. I hope he sells a million records. I hope Isee a million and one. So...[
Kevin laughs
more footage of David and Neal playing "Light On" acoustic
]Kevin: Well, you said somethin' pretty funny about this couch.David: YeahKevin: What'd it remind you of?David: Uh, it reminds me of the elimination couch on Idol. It's uh...equally...asuncomfortable.
Kevin [
moving around on the couch
]: It's tough...[
David laughs
]Kevin: ...to get like, comfortable. Ain't it?David: I know, it really is.Kevin: You're like: OhhhhDavid: This is not good for my lumbar at all, man. [
]Kevin: No, no. It's kinda weird. Now that you're famous, though, you can get anycouch you want.David: Ah, ya know...Kevin: How is the difference in your life, though? Really, I mean, just...you can'twalk down the street anymore. Is it weird when you go home now?David: Um...ya' know, I'm...I'm kinda lucky, I guess, in the sense that when I gohome, like, everybody's really complimentary, but also very respectful.Kevin: Mm-hmmDavid: And uh...my family's completely not affected by it. They don't care. I mean,they're happy for me, but at the same time, they'll be the first to call me on it if Iget outta line and...get a big head. So...um...Kevin: Have they-- has, has there ever been that moment where somebody's like:Hey. Ya' know...[
David laughs
]Kevin: Take out the garbage, man.David: Well I remember, I remember uh...my, my little brother, um...he-- we wereplaying Madden. I went home, and we played Madden. And he beat me, like,terribly. 55 to 10 or somethin'. And...and uh, ya' know, he was gloatin'. I was like:Nah, it's cool, man. It's cool. You can have Madden, I'll take American Idol. It's nota big deal.[
Kevin laughs
]David: And uh...I, I got, I got the look from mom. I got one of those like [
gets "Comeon, really?" look on his face
] Come onnnn. So...Kevin: Come on, American Idol.

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