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The Idol Shepherd: Another Beast...Update 3/2010

The Idol Shepherd: Another Beast...Update 3/2010

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Published by Classical_Gas
As time passes us all painfully by in our hearts and minds we know 'something is not right'...there is an 'evil in the air', we can almost taste it. As with this passing of time, more evidences have surfaced which put more game pieces into play upon the board.

If it looks like a False Prophet and it talks like a False Prophet then...
As time passes us all painfully by in our hearts and minds we know 'something is not right'...there is an 'evil in the air', we can almost taste it. As with this passing of time, more evidences have surfaced which put more game pieces into play upon the board.

If it looks like a False Prophet and it talks like a False Prophet then...

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Classical_Gas on Apr 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the “description box” pertaining to my original research paper “And I Beheld AnotherBeast…Out of the Earth” I stated:
With the passing of time and many unfortuitous events I feel now more than ever thisstatement is dead on target. I am not going to give an exhaustive report on what hastranspired since the Oval Office became occupied by its current resident. There is justtoo much and we would need literal reams in which to pen it all. But what I am going toshare is what has happened in the last few months and bring it forward concerning thissubject matter. One for which I think “enquiring minds” do want to know.It is my belief that the man we call President of these once United States (now a fasciststate) has an agenda. I speak not of the one that is planned for us. Anyone with half amind already has that one figured out. No, this is a personal agenda, an allencompassing global I have the most toys, winner takes all nightmare on steroids. Onehe must fulfill right on cue, by the numbers so to speak (they just love dates don’tthey…so esoteric you know) just as he was created, tutored and demonically oppressedor possessed to accomplish.This is all a ‘role playing game’. You got it…we are all stuck in a virtual MMRPGinvolving the ‘kings of the earth’ and it is for high stakes…souls…yours and mine. Mychips have been taken off the table and I am no longer in play…But where are yourchips? I will not rehash who or what I think Mr. B. Obama is here. If so needed, doread the first research paper to get yourself on the correct book and page as the rest ofus. It may be a real eye opener for you. But then, if you don’t want your currentcomfortable paradigm rocked, stop right here and go no further. Because what I amwriting here comparatively is child’s play. If you knew what is really coming after you,you would crawl under your bed and never come out. But ‘they’ would still find you.I have watched Mr. B since he came into office (I’m so far not impressed by the way) tosee if my initial suspicions in my previous writing would bear fruit or fall flat. If what has just fallen into my lap, including the diligent research of others so concerned, much,much fruit has been produced. Hence this paper. So let’s throw out the baby and startchumming the dirty bathwater.
The Idol Shepherd
Interesting term don’t you think? Very descriptive and to the point. Would this term bethat used to describe a political leader…I don’t think so. A religious one, yes, but notpolitical. Yet here we have this term as written in Scripture describing a man whom thewhole Church has identified as an evil ‘political leader’ yet to come onto the scene,namely the son of perdition…the Antichrist. Have you ever so addressed yourPresident, Prime Minister or King as a “shepherd”? Never in modern times do weattribute such a title to a political figure.A “shepherd” is a Priest, Pastor, Reverend or someone who has been placed in areligious appointment by self or others, to feed the ever hungry ‘flock’. But yet we haveall applied this term to someone it does not fit.
I have read the sited passage above many times in my life and I always read itincorrectly until one day the ‘light went on’. When I read the word ‘idol’ I always had theimage in my mind of someone of ‘no account’, worthless and non beneficial to thepeople…lazy. But I now know that is not the case at all. What is meant here is not ‘idle’which that is the word for above, but “
” as in idolatry, graven images, worship ofanother god. That is when the light went on with the force of an atomic explosion. Iconsider myself an intelligent person, but I can tell you now I was not the sharpestpencil in the box on this one. When this proverbial light went on, that is wheneverything started to rush together as you will see. I am not here to convince anyone ofwhat I think or believe. I only put forth the evidences and you the reader can decide foryourself. Like this example…
Barak Obama with his “idols”(Notice the Hindu monkey god Hanuman)
http://blog.beliefnet.com/castingstones/2008/06/barack-obamas-hindu-lucky-char.html A Time magazine photographof Barack Obama's hands, displaying his favorite charms,sported this caption: "Amongst the things that Barack Obama carries for good luck is abracelet belonging to a soldier deployed in Iraq, a gambler's lucky chit, a tiny monkeygod and a tiny Madonna and child." [Also a St. Christopher’s medal and coins withwinged creatures]But this man is a political leader you will say…yup, he surely is…but not for long. Haveyou ever bet on a horse race? The ‘favorite’ is the horse most likely to win the race…it’susually a sure bet. How much do you want to wager on this horse? When his term is

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