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The Dyslexic Reader 2000 - Issue 21

The Dyslexic Reader 2000 - Issue 21



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A Quest to Understand Dyslexia as a Gifted Education Teacher
A Quest to Understand Dyslexia as a Gifted Education Teacher

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Published by: Davis Dyslexia Association International on May 11, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ccording to Webster
(1976), "research" means

an investigation or
experimentation aimed at the
discovery and interpretation of facts,
revision of accepted theories or laws
in the light of new facts, or practical
application of such new or revised
theories or laws. I truly have
experienced the definition of research
through this paper. I have discovered,

interpreted, revised, accepted,
experimented, and applied many of
the strategies and theories I have
read. Each time I sat to read, write,
and/or synthesize information, it was
not just a paper or a requirement for
my degree, but also my son's
educational struggle and the conflict
of my neighbor's children who are
my students.

Originally, this project seemed
pretty straight forward to me. I
wanted to know more about visual-
spatial learning styles and share what
I learned with other interested

teachers. A classroom teacher's

position is very demanding. Teachers
are expected to be experts. The
content, knowledge, and versatility of
learning strategies teachers are

expected to address by our society
can be overwhelming. But we must
find and implement solutions to meet
our student's educational needs. We

must not place the gifted or any other
students at risk due to our lack. Our
children need teachers who are
trained in a variety of strategies, not
just large group, teacher centered,
verbal sequential strategies.

Without a doubt, the most
influential discovery I made through
this project is reading the book,The

Vol. 21
Davis Dyslexia Association International
Issue 2 \u2022 2000
by Rebecca K.T. Anderson, MS

This is the Part One of Mrs. Anderson's
quest to understand dyslexia and was
excerpted from her research paper for her
Graduate Seminar. Part Two, her quest as a
parent, will appear in Volume 22 of The
Dyslexic Reader.

Dys lex ic Read er
by Alice Davis

Ron Davis traveled to Singapore
in March, 2000 to give a lecture at
the Regional English Language
Centre sponsored by Chin Phaik
Sue and Ewe Phaik Ean of Gifted
Minds Dyslexia Correction
Services. Since 1999, Phaik Sue has
helped several families in Singapore
arrange for US Davis Facilitators to
travel there and provide Davis
programs to their children. As a
result of Ron's lecture and the
demand expressed for Davis

programs in Singapore, Gifted
Minds has agreed to sponsor the
Davis Facilitator Training Program
for interested professionals and
parents throughout Southeast Asia

Davis Presentations in Israel & Singapore
Continued on page 3
A Quest to Understand Dyslexia as a Gifted
Education Teacher
Continued on page 6
News & Feature Articles:

A Quest to Understand Dyslexia. . . . . . . .1 Davis in Israel & Singapore. . . . . . . . . . . .1 Different Not Deficient. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 What Happened to Kyle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Interview with Ron Davis. . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Musically Dyslexic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Regular Features:

Alex PDQ. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 In the Mail. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Book Review. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 & 9 New Facilitators & Specialists. . . . . . . . . .8 Davis Providers (U.S. & Canada). . . . . . .11

In This Issue

"The path began to wind
and turn in a different
direction after reading
Davis's book."

Davis Training for
Professionals & Parents
Begins in Asia

From left to right, Ewe Phaik Ean, Chin
Phaik Sue, Koh Seng Loo, Boyle Chua,
Ron Davis, and Mr.& Mrs. C.S. Goh

Writing Success
by Nancy Cimprich
Dear Dyslexic Reader,

I am a recently licensed Facilitator.
I pursued my new career largely
because of my daughter Amy, an 8
year old and a 2nd grader. She is a
dyslexic who had tremendous
improvement in her reading skills
because of the Davis program. Now
reading above grade level. Recently
the principal of Amy's school

contacted me because she was so
impressed with Amy's writing skills.
Of particular note was an assignment
to the entire 2nd grade to write a
poem. I read the poem for the first
time that day. It brought tears to my
eyes to know that her work stands
out among the rest, in my estimation,
not despite the dyslexia, but because
of it. Furthermore, it is an amazing
testimony to the Davis Program that
when asked what she wants to be
when she grows up, Amy will reply,
"a writer."

The Dyslexic Readeris published quarterly by Davis Dyslexia Association International (DDAI), 1601 Bayshore Hwy., Suite 245,

Burlingame, CA 94010 USA +1(650) 692-7141. OUR GOALS are to increase worldwide awareness about the positive aspects of dyslexia and related learning styles; and to present methods for improving literacy, education and academic success. We believe that all people\u2019s abilities and talents should be recognized and valued, and that learning problems can be corrected. EDITORIAL BOARD: Alice Davis, Abigail Marshall, Michele Plevin.DESIGN: Julia Gaskill.SUBSCRIPTIONS: one year $25 in US, add $5 in Canada; add $10 elsewhere.

BACK ISSUES:send $8.00 to DDAI. SUBMISSIONS AND LETTERS:We welcome letters, comments and articles. Mail to DDAI at the
above address. VIA FAX: +1(650) 692-7075 VIA E-MAIL: editor@dyslexia.comI N T E R N E T: http://www.dyslexia.com/

The opinions and views expressed in articles and letters are not necessarily those of DDAI. Davis Dyslexia Correction\u00ae, Davis Symbol Mastery\u00ae, Davis Orientation Counseling\u00ae are registered trademarks of Ronald D. Davis. Copyright \u00a9 1999 by DDAI, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

Don\u2019t miss Alex\u2019s latest adventures at:


Different Not Deficient
by Sheila Leigh Youngquist
We live in a world that is filled with
straight lines, when we better understand

We love the sounds of disruptive
children, loud music, and creativity that
weighs on others nerves.

We do not wish to label you, the way
you\u2019ve labeled us.
We would never label someone who does
not see exactly what we see.

The way we learn is different than the
way of most of you.
We would not expect you to go through
life learning the way we do.

We are not slow, deficient, or below
average like everyone\u2019s been told.

We are talented, unique individuals, with
an extraordinary gift to think
dimensionally more bold.

If everyone\u2019s mind is different, why are
we taught the same?
Enhancing one group of individuals
learning process and not the others is a


We are taught mostly with textbooks,
through reading with our eyes.
Equal stimulation through our ears and
dimensional instruction is where the
secret lies.

We do not wish to be segregated or
singled out in any way.
We long to stay with our peers and learn
together, as equals someday.

We\u2019ve continued to sit in the back seat of
education, while others get to drive.
Unable to steer off course, where the
traditional learners might feel deprived.

As adults we push for a wider margin of thinking, to evolve education towards its best.

In a hope to expand the traditional
curriculum, not just to serve the
recognized majority, but to include all
the rest.

Fall 1999
Dedicated to the unrecognized majority.

Sheila Youngquist is the mother of Ian
Youngquist, who participated in the Davis
program at New Hope Learning Centers,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in January, 2000.

by Amy Cimprich

Spring is a flower sprouting
from a seed.
Spring is a word that is locked
in my heart.
Spring is my love inside of me.
My mom reminds me of spring

because she is my love.

Spring is my friend, lovely and
quiet as can be.
Well spring has to go.
Spring is my sister, cool and neat.
Spring is my life as nice as can be,
wonderful and wild as a fox.
Spring is going to leave...
and that is that.
So here is the end.


and the South Pacific, beginning in
November, 2000! For enrollment
information, please visit
http://sg.dyslexia.com/ or write to:

Launching the Davis
Method in Israel with a
by Anna Zawidowski

While training to become a Davis
Facilitator in Germany, the thought
grew in the back of my mind of
eventually working with clients in
Israel where I had grown up. So I
was delighted to discover and make
contact with a Facilitator there,
Judith Schwarcz. Judith turned out to
be an enterprising, vivacious and
energetic woman who manages to
move heaven and earth to arouse
interest in her work. It was her idea,
as Chairperson of the English

Speaker Resident's Association

(ESRA) Support Group For Parents
With Children With Learning
Disabilities to organise a congress of
professionals to inform parents about
the various possibilities open to
them. Judith's energy and
determination motivated friends,
relations and even complete strangers
to help organise what turned out to
be a remarkable event.

The days before the event were
packed full. At one stage, three of us
were answering phones giving
information. One important point was
translating the necessary material
from English into Hebrew with its
completely different alphabet and
grammatical structure, not an easy
task. Judith's organisation was
phenomenal. Not even the slightest
detail was forgotten. Everything had
been thought of and anyone who
could contribute was motivated to do
so. Remarkably, most of the work
was done voluntarily, including
providing the beautiful hall and an
impressive buffet.

At 6.30 pm, on February 22, 2000,
when the event opened, we could
already tell that the evening was
going to be an unqualified success.
Over 30 different professionals were

present and naturally DDAI had its
own stand at which people could
receive general information, have
their specific questions answered and
purchase The Gift of Dyslexia book
and video. The stand was busy from
the start to the end.

Bonny Beuret, Davis Dyslexia
Association director from
Switzerland, was our guest lecturer.
Parents, many teachers and therapists
were queuing up at our booth to
receive information and details about
the Davis Method. At some point I
was informing 10 people at a time,
many of whom expressed interest in
a Fundamentals Workshop or in the
Davis Learning Strategies Teacher's
course. The evening was an
invigorating and very promising start
to the launching of the Davis Method
in Israel.

The guests of honour that evening
were Israeli Deputy Education
Minister and his wife, M.K. Shaul

and Nava Yahalom, who stayed for
over an hour and expressed enormous
interest in the Davis Method. In all,
over 1000 people came and Bonny's
lecture was delivered to a packed
auditorium. There was certainly no
room there for the proverbial pin!

It is hard to believe that an event
of this magnitude had been organised
by a handful of dedicated volunteers
in the hope to help children to be
able to achieve there true potential
with the correct intervention and
understanding for educators and

professionals alike. A big thanks goes

to ESRA, Judith, and all the
volunteers. Well done! Or as we say
in Hebrew, Kol HaKavod!\ue001

Judith Schwarcz and DDAI plan to
publish "The Gift of Dyslexia" in
Hebrew sometime in late 2000, and
shortly thereafter, offer Davis
training programs to professionals
and parents in Israel.

continued from page 1

From Left to Right: Anna Zadowski, Dawn Balaga, Judith Schwarcz, Bonny Beuret, Adel
Hunger (co-chairperson of ESRA), Patricia Relf (founder of the LD Support Group), Audrey
Goodman (co-chairperson of ESRA)

Left: Bonny lectures to a packed auditorium. Right: From Left to Right: Raymond and Judith Schwarcz, Knesset Member Nava Yahalom, Israeli Deputy Education Minister M.K. Shaul and his wife, Bonny Beuret, and Etya Chesler.

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