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The Dyslexic Reader 2007 - Issue 45

The Dyslexic Reader 2007 - Issue 45



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Profile in Courage;
An Adult Testimonial to the Merits of the Davis Method
Profile in Courage;
An Adult Testimonial to the Merits of the Davis Method

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Published by: Davis Dyslexia Association International on May 11, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Dys lex ic Read er
VOL. 45
Davis Dyslexia Association International
ISSUE 2 \u2022 2007
(Cont\u2019d on p. 7)
(Cont\u2019d on p. 4)
By Randee Garretson, Facilitator, Lutz, FL
with Jonathan Frajerman
Last August, I worked with a very
unusual client, 7 year old Sara Frajerman.

In addition to having dyslexia, she is
one of 15 people in the United States
known to have a particular variety of
Primary Immune Deficiency Disease
(PIDD) \u2013 and Alopecia. Sara has faced
many challenges in her life so far, yet
she has the most positive attitude and a
delightful, refreshing personality, with
a smile for everyone!

Sara has Common Variable
News & Feature Articles
Profile in Courage. ...............1
An Adult Testimonial to the Merits of

the Davis Method..............1 Davis Family Closer in Texas........6 If You Love a Dyslexic, Get this Book 11 Fa Nichts; Much Ado About Very Little 12 A Cherished Thank You...........14 Love Story?....................15 Please Turn Off That Light

and Go to Sleep..............16 The Lame Goat.................16 Famous Dyslexics Remember.......17 Success Stories in Anthony\u2019s Words . .21 Under One Roof.................22

Regular Features

In the Mail......................2 Book Reviews.................9-11 Q&A.......................18-20 New Davis Licensees..........24-25 Davis Workshops............. 26-28

Profile in
By David Whyte

Before I can discuss the positively
amazing impact the Davis Method has
had on my life, first I should give some
background about my dyslexia.

I was diagnosed as a
\u201csevere to extreme\u201d
dyslexic while in my 3rd
year of study at university.
The reason this was such a
late diagnosis is that there
is a myth in our culture
that dyslexic equals thick,
or stupid. My supporting

parents always knew I was

not thick (they were concerned at my
development when very young and
took me to a physiologist who said I

An Adult Testimonial to the
Merits of the Davis Method

Sara \u2013 positive attitude, delightful
personality, beautiful smile \u2013 and about
to earn a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Immune Deficiency (CVID). The
disease is genetic. However, the origin
of the disease is not 100% clear as her
parents do not seem to have it. Sara\u2019s
family is participating in a research
study at All Children\u2019s Hospital, and
hope the doctors there will come up
with some answers.

People with this condition do not
make many antibodies on their own.
For example if you gave me a vaccine,
my body would make antibodies to
fight the disease in question. But Sara\u2019s
body would make very few, if any.

Since Sara can\u2019t make antibodies on her
own, once a week a blood product is
infused underneath her skin (similar to
the way diabetics gets insulin). The
infusion takes about an hour. The blood
product contains antibodies from a
thousand different blood donors.

was bright. So they always believed
that I was intelligent, but if I was not
dumb, in their view, I couldn\u2019t be

dyslexic. By the time a tutor of infinite
patience at the university\u2019s
Neligh Help Centre
suggested I get assessed,
I was very willing.

Being diagnosed took
a massive weight off my

shoulders. It was a great
moment of vindication.
I remember walking home
from the assessment filled

with emotion and overjoyed that for all
these years I had been blamed for things
The Dyslexic Readeris published quarterly by Davis Dyslexia Association International (DDAI), 1601 Bayshore Hwy.,
Suite 260, Burlingame, CA 94010 USA. Tel. +1 (650) 692-7141.
OUR GOALSare to increase worldwide awareness about the positive aspects of dyslexia and related learning styles;
and to present methods for improving literacy, education and academic success. We believe that all people\u2019s abilities

and talents should be recognized and valued, and that learning problems can be corrected.EDITORIAL BOARD: Laura Zink de Diaz, Alice Davis & Abigail Marshall.DESIGN: Gideon Kramer.SUBSCRIPTIONS: one year $25 in US, add $5 in Canada; add $10 elsewhere.BACK ISSUES: send $8.00 to DDAI.SUBMISSIONS & LETTERS:

We welcome letters, comments and articles. Mail to DDAI at the above address.VIA FAX: +1 (650) 692-7075
VIA E-MAIL:editor@dyslexia.com INTERNET:www.dyslexia.com
The opinions and views expressed in articles and letters are not necessarily those of DDAI. Davis\u2122, Dyslexia Correction\u00ae, Davis Symbol Mastery\u00ae, Davis
Orientation Counseling\u00ae, and Davis Learning Strategies\u00aeare trademarks of Ronald D. Davis. Copyright \u00a9 2006 by DDAI, unless otherwise noted.
All rights reserved.
Reading Chapter Books Now!
Dear DDAI,

We would like to tell you how pleased we are with the Davis Program our son, Chad Leith, participated in with Sher

Goerzen. He has come a long way
since Mrs. Goerzen helped him with

different strategies. Chad\u2019s teachers and we ourselves have noticed a considerable improvement with his schoolwork.

The Monday after he saw Mrs. Goerzen
he read his first chapter book from
front to back in one day. You have to
Copyright 2001 Randy Glasbergen. www.glasbergen.com
In the Mail:
to read the whole thing. His teacher says

he now reads aloud in class as well. It
has boosted his self esteem a great deal.
We strongly recommend this program
as it has shown a huge improvement in
our son\u2019s abilities, attitude, confidence
and co-ordination. Mrs. Goerzen and
this program have well exceeded our
hopes and expectations and we hope
more children will get the same

Our deepest thanks for everything
you\u2019ve done for Chad.
Scott and Sonya Leith

understand that he has never picked up
a chapter book because they were too
difficult for him, yet now he picks up
a chapter book on his own and is able

In any moment of decision,
the best thing you can do
is the right thing, the next
best thing is the wrong
thing, and the worst thing
you can do is nothing.

\u2013Theodore Roosevelt, 26th
president of the United States

In November 2005, Cathy Dodge
Smith invited her clients to come to a
Celebration of the Gift of Dyslexia. To
underscore the \u201cmagic\u201d of the Davis
Dyslexia Correction program, she hired
a magician who not only entertained
children and adults alike, but showed
kids how to do some tricks! It was a
great day for everyone who attended.

A day to recognize progress and in some
cases, previously unrecognized gifts!
Cathy had invited her clients to
share their particular gifts if they so
Amanda shows Cathy her colorful
Des, the poet, shares one
of his compositions.
Paul shares a passage from
a book with the group.

Sean has good
advice for
everyone at the

keep making
your clay
Emily talks about her
award-winning speech.

(Top) Davis Facilitator, Cathy
Dodge Smith, and a group of her
young clients, celebrate their

Celebration of the Gift
chose. In the photos, you can see some
of the corrected dyslexics doing just
that. Emily is sharing an award-winning
speech. Her topic: \u201cThe Gift of

Dyslexia.\u201d Paul is reading a page from a book \u2013 his gift. Amanda is displaying some artwork, while Des is reading a poem he wrote. Sean is telling the

younger kids to stick with the follow-up

work if they want to reach their goals.
He had just landed his dream co-op
placement as an assistant chef in a
large hotel.\ue000

By Cathy Dodge Smith
Facilitator, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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