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17.Japan(International Business)

17.Japan(International Business)

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Published by Asjad Jamshed

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Published by: Asjad Jamshed on Apr 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dr Zain Yusufzai
Chapter # 17 (page 478-510).
Profile of Japan
Political and legal system
DietThe branch of the Japanese government inwhich legislative power is vested: it consistsof a popularly elected House of Representatives and house of councilors
Population and social patterns
GaitojinA japans person who leaves his or her company to work for a foreign firm
GaijinA Japanese word, which means “outsider”, itis used to refer foreigners doing business inJapan
Business and the economy
Ministry of international trade and industryMinistry of international trade and industry (MLTI)A Japanese ministry charged with providinginformation about foreign markets and withencouraging in vestries and, in the process,helping to direct the economyKeiretsusA Japanese term for a business groupconsisting of a host of companies and bankslinked together through ownership and/or  joint ventures
Barriers to business
Large retail store lawA Japanese law that limits the size of retailstores and requires that local competing of any facility that is more than 500 squaremetersTrade imbalancesAchieving success in Japan; seven basic stepsFirst; research the Japanese market
International businessAlan M. Rugman, Richard M. Hodgetts
Dr Zain Yusufzai
Chapter # 17 (page 478-510).
Second; put the customer firstThird; maintain control of operations Fourth; offer the right productsFifth attack and counterattackSixth; stay the courseSeventh; use Japan as a jumping off point
Choosing a start-up strategy
Japan external trade organization(Jetro)A non-profit, government-supportedorganization dedicated to the promotion of mutually between Japan and other nations
Licensing agreementsAn arrangement whereby one firm givesanother firm the right to use certain assetssuch, or copyrights in exchange for a fee
Joint ventures1.Distribution channels and large customer associations.2.Recognized technical leadership in thefield.3.Support and service capabilities.4.Geographic coverage.5.Market image and reputation.6.Complementary/competitive product fit.7.Industrial or banking group associations.8.Long- term synergies.
Creating a local subsidiaryManaging on-site operations
Choosing location and organization
Making a location decision
International businessAlan M. Rugman, Richard M. Hodgetts

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