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Joseph Smith Translation

Joseph Smith Translation

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Published by klinpipi

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Published by: klinpipi on Apr 04, 2010
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Joseph Smith Translation
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 SELECTIONS FROMTHE JOSEPH SMITH TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLEANDEXCERPTS TOO LENGTHY FOR INCLUSION IN FOOTNOTESFollowing are selected portions of the Joseph Smith Translation of the King James Version of theBible (JST). The Lord inspired the Prophet Joseph Smith to restore truths to the Bible text that hadbecome lost or changed since the original words were written. These restored truths clarified doctrineand improved scriptural understanding. The passages selected for the Guide should help improveyour understanding of the scriptures regardless of the language into which they are translated.Because the Lord revealed to Joseph certain truths that the original authors had once recorded, theJoseph Smith Translation is unlike any other Bible translation in the world. In this sense, the word
is used in a broader and different way than usual, for Joseph’s translation was morerevelation than literal translation from one language into another. For more information about theJST, see“Joseph Smith Translation (JST)”in the Guide to the Scriptures.
Gen. 9: 4-6(compareGenesis 8: 20-22) Gen. 9: 10-15Man will be held accountable for murder and also for wasting animal life.(compareGenesis 9: 3-9)Gen. 9: 21-25The rainbow was set in heaven as a reminder of God’s covenant to Enoch andto Noah. In the last days the general assembly of the church of the Firstborn[the Zion of the Lord in Enoch’s time; seeMoses 7] will join the righteous onearth. (compareGenesis 9: 16-17)Gen. 14: 25-40Melchizedek’s great ministry is mentioned; the powers and blessings of theMelchizedek Priesthood are described. (compareGenesis 14)Gen. 15: 9-12Abraham saw in vision the Son of God and knew of the resurrection.(compareGenesis 15: 1-6)Gen. 17: 3-7, 11-12God established a covenant of circumcision with Abraham. The ordinance of baptism and the age at which children become accountable were revealed toAbraham. (compareGenesis 17: 3-12)Gen. 19: 9-15Lot resisted the wickedness of Sodom. (compareGenesis 19: 5-10)
Gen. 21: 31-32Gen. 48: 5-11Joseph’s seed will be the leaders in the gathering of Israel in the latter days.(compareGenesis 48: 5-6)Gen. 50: 24-38Moses, Aaron, and Joseph Smith were all named in this prophecy of Joseph inEgypt. Also, Joseph prophesied that the Book of Mormon would become acompanion to the record of Judah. (compareGenesis 50: 24-26; see also2  Nephi 3)
Ex. 4: 21The Lord was not responsible for Pharaoh’s hardness of heart. See also, JST,Exodus 7: 3, 13; 9: 12; 10: 1, 20, 27; 11: 10; 14: 4, 8, 17; each reference, whencorrectly translated, shows that Pharaoh hardened his own heart. (compareExodus 4: 21;7: 3, 13;9: 12;10: 1, 20, 27;11: 10;14: 4, 8, 17;Deuteronomy  2: 30)Ex. 4: 24-27Ex. 18: 1Jethro was a high priest. (compareExodus 18: 1) Ex. 22: 18Murderers shall not live. (compareExodus 22: 18) Ex. 32: 14Ex. 33: 20, 23No sinful man can see God’s face and live. (compareExodus 33: 20, 23) Ex. 34: 1-2The second set of tablets given to Moses contained a lesser law than the firstset. (compareExodus 34: 1-2, 14;Doctrine and Covenants 84: 21-26)
Deut. 10: 2On the first set of tablets God revealed the everlasting covenant of the holypriesthood. (compareDeuteronomy 10: 2)
1 Samuel
1 Sam. 16: 14-16, 23The evil spirit that came upon Saul was not from the Lord. (compare1 Samuel  16: 14-16, 23; similar changes were made to1 Samuel 18: 10and19: 9)
2 Samuel
2 Sam. 12: 13David’s grievous sin was not put away by God. (compare2 Samuel 12: 13)
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles
2 Chr. 18: 22The Lord does not put a lying spirit into the mouths of prophets. (compare2  Chronicles 18: 22)
Ps. 11: 1-5Ps. 14: 1-7The Psalmist rejoiced at the day of restoration. (comparePsalm 14: 1-7) Ps. 24: 7-10This psalm celebrates Christ’s second coming. (comparePsalm 24) Ps. 109: 4We are to pray for our adversaries. (comparePsalm 109: 4)
Isa. 29: 1-8Isa. 42: 19-23The Lord will send his servant unto those that are blind. (compareIsaiah 42:  19-22)
Jer. 26: 13The Lord does not repent; men repent. (compareJeremiah 26: 13)
Amos 7: 3The Lord does not repent; men repent. (compareAmos 7: 3)
Matt. 3: 4-6Matt. 3: 24-26Jesus’ youth and childhood are described. (compareMatthew 2: 23) Matt. 3: 34-36Matt. 3: 38-40Matt. 3: 43-46Jesus was baptized by John by immersion. (compareMatthew 3: 15-17) Matt. 4: 1, 5-6, 8-9Jesus was led by the Spirit, not by Satan. (compareMatthew 4: 1, 5-6, 8-9; similar changes were made inLuke 4: 2, 5-11)Matt. 4: 11Jesus sent angels to minister to John the Baptist. (compareMatthew 4: 11) Matt. 4: 18Old Testament prophets spoke of Jesus. (compareMatthew 4: 19) Matt. 4: 22Jesus healed people among those who believed on his name. (compareMatthew 4: 23)

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