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Iran Liberation - 267 (English)

Iran Liberation - 267 (English)



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Published by Iran-Liberation
Iran Liberation - No 267
5 May 2008

News Bulletin of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
Iran Liberation - No 267
5 May 2008

News Bulletin of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

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Published by: Iran-Liberation on May 12, 2008
Copyright:Public Domain


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No 267
News Bulletin of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
5 May 2008
European, French Parliamentarians call for removalof terror label from PMOI, a firmpolicyonTehran 
Front row from left: Eugenijus Gentvilas, MEP, former Prime Minister of Lithuania; Lord Slynn of Hadley, former judge at the European Court of Justice; Alain Vivien, former French secretary of state on European Affairs;AdrienZeller,presidentofAlsaceregionalcouncilfromtherulingUMPpartyinFrance; Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance; Patricia Schillinger, member of the French senate; Struan Stvenson, Vice-president of EPP-ED group at the European Parliament; Sid Ahmed Ghozali former Algerian Prime Minister; Paulo Casaca, MEP and Co-chair of the Friends of a Free IranIntergroup at the European Parliament; Alain Ferry, member of the French National Assembly; François Colcombet, former French MP and judge.Second row from left: Jean-Philippe Maurer, French MP from UMP; Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice-president of the European Parliament; Jaroslav Zverina, MEP from Czech Republic; Dr Saleh Rajavi, NCRI representative in France; Jan Zahradil, MEP from Czech Republic; Jean-Pierre Spitzer, lawyer,Danish MEPs Søren Bo Søndergaard and Mogens Camre 
In a seminar at the European Parliamentary Association in Strasbourg
The Iranian regime is on its way out. France’s and Europe’s political and economic ties canonly be guaranteed by standing with the Iranian people” 
Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance
“The European attitude withrespect to the People’s MojahedinOrganization “does not correspond to our rule of law” 
Adrien Zeller President of the French Alsace region Council
France as the next president of EU must stress on implementing the rulings of European courts annulling terror designation of the PMOI” 
Alejo Vidal-Quadras
Vice-President of the European Parliament
An alliance in defense of democracy in Iran
Parliamentarians and personalities from differentcountriesgatheredinaseminartovoice support for Maryam Rajavi’s TirdOptionfordemocraticchangeinIran
pril 24 for the Iranian Resistanceis a highly symbolic day. Prof.Kazem Rajavi, a distinguished figurerepresenting the Resistance at the UnitedNations, was assassinated on this day inGeneva, in 1990, by terrorist agents directly sent by Tehran. A number of other membersand sympathizers of the Iranian Resistancefaced similar tragic fate.emainmemberorganizationothe Resistance, the People’s MojahedinOrganization of Iran (PMOI), a victimof the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdownat home and unbridled terrorism outsidethe country, has unjustly been labeled as“terrorist.” It has been fightingthetheocraticregime for more than a quarter of a century at a heavy price.isinjustice,motivatedbylucrativetrade or the illusion to see reform in asystem tied to Khomeini’s legacy, wouldnever have been acceptable by those whosought the fundamental principles of theEuropean Union prevail against short terminterests. “We are here to assert our values,to create the conditions of a real peace basedon rights,” said Adrien Zeller, president of the Alsace Regional Council in easternFrance, while opening a debate on April 24at the European Parliamentary Association(APE) in Strasbourg. He has defendedthese values during his long career at theEuropean, national and regional level.It was this modern humanist,committed Christian Democrat, honoredby those on the Right and respected by the Left, who initiated this seminar, thepoint of convergence of the tireless effortsof two parliamentary committees workingbeyond political diversities, to implementthe rule of law within the EU.erst,Friendsofa FreeIran,an inter-group within the EuropeanParliament, led by energetic MEPs, hasbeen fightinginBrusselstogetdecisionsof the European and British courtsdemanding the removal of PMOI fromthe EU and UK terrorist lists respected.esecond,the“FrenchCommitteeforaDemocratic Iran” (CFID) brings togetherMPs, senators, former ministers and jurists who are demanding justice in France forthe Iranian Resistance.eIranianpeopledeserveademocratic and fair election,” declaredthe European Union presidency whiledenouncing the mullahs’ parliamentary election sham last March.ReectingontheCounciloMinisters’ approach to the expectationof the Iranian people, the NCRIPresident-elect, Maryam Rajavi, aguest of honor at the seminar, said,“Democratic and fair election is what the People’s Mojahedin and theIranian Resistance have been fightingfor from the outset.”She recalled the injustice strikingher movement in Europe whichconstitutes obstacle to a democraticchange in her homeland.eEuropeanParliamentVice-president, Alejo Vidal-Quadras,spoke about his direct knowledgeand experience of the Resistancemovement before dozens of MEPsand French MPs in the seminar,and added, “eIranianResistanceand the people of Iran are lucky tohave such a leader,” in reference tothe role of Mrs. Rajavi in leading theopposition to the regime.eelectedmembersoftheEuropean nations as well as judges inthe EU and London courts speak withthe same voice in their own ways. Tohinder the opposition to the religiousfascism is a service to the rulingdictatorship. elegislativeandthe judicial branches of the EuropeanUnion, which is celebrated for itsinstitutions, demand an immediateend to the policy of appeasement vis-à-vis the mullahs’ regime. Can theEU Council of Ministers delay courtrulings by ignoring public opinion?Concerning the mullahs’regime, France, which is going totake over the EU presidency next July, has already chosen a language which defiesfruitlesspoliticsofthepast. In these circumstances, wherethe security of Europe, peace in theMiddle East and democracy in Iranare at stake, it is important for theEU to side with the Iranian peopleand their desire for freedom. Indoing so, France should implementthe court rulings and remove thePMOI from the EU’s terror list.
 EuropeanParliamentary Association- Starsbourg TePanelanParliamnetariansdiscussing the solution to the  Iran crisis
From left: J 
ean-Philippe Maurer,French MP; Edit Bauer, Slovac MEP;
 Alain Vivien, founding member of CFID; Adrien Zeller, president of Alsace Regional Council; Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the NCRI; Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice-president of European Parliament; Lord Slynn of Hadley, Struan Stevenson, co-chair of the Friends of a Free Iran Inter-group at the EP.
The Iranian Resistanceis representedby a remarkable woman
 would like to tell you how proud I am today as an Alsatian to see thatseveral colleagues and former colleagues and MPs from Alsace regionare beside Mrs. Rajavi for an important day here in Strasbourg.Many developments will take place here in Strasbourg which willcertainly help Europeans to become more aware of the existence of astrong expectation regarding Iran and its future, with its archaic anddangerous regime.Due to a series of interests coming across one another, the EuropeanUnion has not yet found the ways and means to help Iran achievedemocracy, as rightly definedbytheNCRIandrepresentedbyaremarkable and exceptional woman. We are thus on their sides.Together with other members of parliament, former MPs andofficials,I wouldliketospeakaboutsupportfortheIranianResistancemovement. We are surprised by the way in which our countries, England,France or European Union, deal with the main Iranian
Resistancemovement, namely the People’s Mojahedin, that I had the opportunity of meeting with them in my visit to Auvers-sur-Oise. We think that the way this movement is dealt with, even condemnedand blacklisted, do not correspond to the rule of law that we have tosupport. So I would like to say clearly that we are here to urge theauthorities to support those in the European Parliament and especially in the French National Assembly who are aware of this paradox and thesituation that does not necessarily respect our rule of law.I do not need to tell you about the situation of human rights, andespecially women’s rights, in a country like Iran. We are here to assertour values, to encourage all those who hold responsibilities, to take intoaccount the people’s expectation, friends’ expectation and that of all of us. We need an environment in the Middle East and in Europe tocreate conditions of a real peace based on rights, on respect for others,on respect for democracy and also based on western values, the samevalues that exist in Iran and are represented by Mrs. Rajavi more thananyone else.On this day, we express our full solidarity with the Iranian Resistanceand affirmourwilltoseeourinstitutionsbetterrespecttherightsofthemovement.
Adrien Zeller,president of thecouncil for theFrench Alsaceregion: 
“TewaythePMOI is dealt  with, condemnedand blacklisted,does not honor our rule of law.”
Adrien Zeller
ince the firsttimethatIwasaskedtoadviseonwhethermen and women in Ashraf were protected persons ininternational law under the Geneva Convention, Itried to emphasize the importance of the role of the courts indefiningandenforcingthelaw.ejudgmentoftheCourtof First Instance in Luxembourg exemplifiesthatapproach.Itwasa strong and clear decision that including the PMOI on the listof proscribed organizations was unlawful and wrong. Withouta sufficientstatementofreasonandindoingsoitdeniedthePMOI a fair hearing.eEUCouncilofMinisterswithoutappealingsimply ignored the ruling and refused to carry out the court’s decision.atwascontrarytotheruleoflaw.ereisnodoubtinmy mind that the Council’s argument that this was only aprocedural ruling simply cannot be right and therefore it isnecessary to keep up the pressure on the Council to comply  with the ruling of the court.It is now for you as parliamentarians to ensure the Councildoes carry out the rule of law.In the United Kingdom, the Proscribed Organizations Appeal Commission (POAC), a specialized court with avery distinguished retired High Court judge, with some very experienced and distinguished senior lawyers, ruled in theclearest terms that «the PMOI no longer satisfiesanyofthecriteria necessary for the maintenance of their proscription.» Inother words, the PMOI is not concerned in terrorism. Whatstronger and clearer language could you have than that? As aresult of that the Commission finallysaid,«WeorderthattheSecretary of State lay before the Parliament the draft of an orderremoving the PMOI from the list of proscribed organizations.» What stronger language could you have than that. On theevidence they said that it was «perverse.» atisaverystrongphrase for a tribunal or a court to use against the activity of asenior minister but they had no doubt about it and if you readthe 140 pages of the ruling you will have no doubt either.eCouncilintheearlydaysfollowedtheleadoftheBritish government in supporting their resolution that thePMOI should be put on the terrorist list. We have heard severaltimes that the representatives of other countries saying that we had followed the British. For the PMOI to be left on thelist on a further review requires unanimity of the members of the Council. How can the other states say that they are nowobliged as a matter of policy to follow the lead of the Britishgovernment in order to support this resolution in light of thisdecision of the tribunal. Rule of law must apply; the tribunalhas spoken and if the British government refuses to obey it,then there is a very strong argument why other states shouldhave doubts about desirability of unanimously supporting thisresolution. It needs only one vote to say no and that would bethe end of the proscription.
Lord Slynn of Hadley
Former judge at EuropeanCourt of Justice
keep up pressureon EU Councilto comply withcourt ruling

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