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Graduation Portfolio Math Reflection

Graduation Portfolio Math Reflection



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Published by ivykiddo

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Published by: ivykiddo on May 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IMP4Ivy LeungFarrellMarch 5, 2008IotaEnvision School Graduation Portfolio Math ReflectionOver the four years at Envision Schools’ City Arts & Technology High School, Ihave learned math from books called Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) anddifferent math teachers at each grade level. In these IMP books I have learned how to better understand and take away from the word problems that I have been struggling withthroughout elementary and middle school. During elementary and middle school, Istruggled with word problems because I never understood the words, just the numbers.But slowly I practiced with the word problems given to me in homework assignments.When I entered high school, learning from IMP books helped me practice with word problems and helped me understand and take away from what the words say intonumbers. The teachers devoted a lot of time to help me when I was struggling with mathand they took me every step of the way.I believe that you cannot just “do” math, you have to have the patience in learningand figuring out math. Everyone learns math at a different level and those at a lower levelneed to have the patience to learn and figure out math even though they are strugglingwith it. Those at a higher level still need patience because even at a higher level, there is alot of math to learn. Math is a continuous subject throughout life because there is a lot tolearn.I was never at a high math level even though I tried so hard. I was a student whoalways needed more time in learning math and I was not really that patient. I had to learnto be patient to figure out math. I had to spend extra time to catch up or extra time tofigure out the math. I can say that since I have been at CAT, I have developed patience
IMP4Ivy LeungFarrellMarch 5, 2008IotaEnvision School Graduation Portfolio Math Reflectionand more interest in math because the teachers are really there to help you and they spentso much time in explaining the math concepts to me over and over again when I wasstruggling. Math is no longer a boring subject to me, but one of the more interestingsubjects that I can learn continuously because there is so much to learn.I believe that math is an adventure with numbers. You can say an adventure is likegoing on a scavenger hunt to reach a prize at the end. Though, there are so manyobstacles and challenges on the way, I am ready to try and overcome everything thatstands in my way. Well, math is just like that kind of adventure. In each problem, whether it’s a word problem or an equation problem, long or short, every step of the way to findthe answer, you’ll have challenges or obstacles in your way, such as applying wrong mathconcepts to messing up on the calculations.I cannot say that I have never messed up while I do my math because I always messup. There is a probability of eight out of ten chances I will mess up. I am not a careful person and I have to double-check my work all the time to see if I did it accurately andcorrectly. To me, math is an adventure and I like adventures a lot. I like the feeling thatyou go through so many obstacles and challenges just to reach the point where youreceive a prize for doing so. In math, to succeed and get the answer in each problem, Ihave to solve it by going through its own obstacles and challenges, every step, in order tosolve the problem. For example, in my junior year with the IMP3 books, we had a unitcalled Greenbacks or Greenspace and we had to do a lot of matrices work. And I confessthat I had a lot of difficulties with it because I didn’t really know how matrices work. I
IMP4Ivy LeungFarrellMarch 5, 2008IotaEnvision School Graduation Portfolio Math Reflectiondevoted more time in the unit to figure out and understand how to do matrices. Each problem I did, I had to setup the equation and learn how to add them and multiply them. Istruggled a lot with the unit and that was an adventure itself. It taught me how to do thematrices and the result was that I knew what the answers were, and that I had done the problems accurately and correctly.I believe everything you do relates to math. Whether it’ll be counting, adding,subtracting, cashiering, money management, physics, and many more. Over the wholecourse of life, I believe, that everything is related to math because if math was notinvented, I don’t think there would be money, sales, jobs, etc. For example, money is a part of math and you will need to learn how to manage money to buy, and sell things.Last year towards the end of the year, Ms. Farrell taught us about financing. Wedidn’t spend much time on it, but I learned how much everything costs and with the jobyou have, you might not be able to pay off all the things you want and can only afford theminimal things. It was very helpful to learn about it that time because there is so much to pay, but there is not a lot of money to spend on the things you want. It taught me that Iwould need to know how to manage money very well.I believe being taught in math depends on the interest of the teacher teaching it andhow you apply it. Not all the teachers devote a lot of time to their student to teach mathand not all the teachers teach well in math. They may have a teaching degree to teach aspecific subject, such as math, but they are not always interested or like children. In order 

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