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My sequal after Breaking Dawn

My sequal after Breaking Dawn

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Published by Twilghtsaga1
Enjoy! Might write another sequal after this!
Enjoy! Might write another sequal after this!

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Published by: Twilghtsaga1 on Apr 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story takes place after Breaking DawnBlue MoonChapter 1 BellaThis was going to be my last hunt in Forks. We were leaving tomorrow to Alaska,near the town where the Cullens had stayed before they moved to Forks and met me. I was sad. The hardest person to say goodbye to was Charlie. But it wouldn't be that bad because I would be with Edward. The only thing that was really all that bad was going back to school, which I knew I would have to do when I became avampire. We had heard a report on the news about how six tigers had escaped from the zoo and thatâ
s why we were hunting. I still had trouble keeping my clothesclean. I had only hunted one out of six tigers and my shirt was covered in blood, my hair was a tangled mess, my jeans had become ripped up blood stained jean shorts, and my shoes had been ripped into tiny pieces and all I had left were mysocks, while Edward looked perfect as usual. He saw me looking at my reflectionin the stream disappointed. "You look good, you always have," he said. "Thanks,but I think I should changed before Charlie comes," I said. Charlie was comingto see us one last time before we left. "Yeah, but you really do look good," hesaid, and then he kissed me. Suddenly another tiger came out from behind the trees ready to attack obviously unaware that we weren't human. Like a sixth sense Icharged at the tiger and drained all its blood. Edward seemed to be admiring methe whole time. Another tiger came at us, and Edward went for it. I admired himthis time. I wondered if he knew some kind of secret on how to keep his clothesso clean. Maybe it was just a century of practice. We knew that there were still two tigers somewhere in the forest left to hunt, but Charlie would be at the house any minute, and he couldn't see me like this. So we walked back to our cottage that Esme had gave us for my 19th birthday. We walked inside, and Jacob andRenesmee were there to greet us. "Wow, Bella, it's a good thing you don't have those red eyes anymore because you look like someone from a horror movie," Jacobsaid. "yeah, it's good to see you too," I said. "Anyways I have to change so-" "I don't need to read your mind to know this, she wants you to get out," said Edward. "I would've added please if he let me finish," I said. "Why can't Grandpa see you like this?" Renesmee asked. She was a three year old genius. But most people would think she was thirteen because she grew an inch every day. In fact I noticed that she had grown an inch since I had last seen her a few hours ago. What would we tell Charlie.Chapter 2 EdwardBella was feeling something, but I couldn't tell what. I had seen this emotion on her before but I couldn't remember what it was. I knew she was sad about leaving Forks, but what else? I tried to read her mind, but of course I couldn't hearanything. She went into the other room to change, and when she came out her expression changed. Of course, I thought, she was embarrassed about how she looked,but I was still getting used to that she would never blush again. We ran to thehouse instead of walked this time because we were in a hurry. "Where have you been?" Esme asked. "Rosalie went out to find you because she thought you were still hunting, and Alice said we only had six minutes left," She seemed frantic. "4minutes and 30 seconds left!" Alice called from her room. I could tell she wasbusy putting jewelry on. "I'll call Rosalie," Esme said. "No need to I'm here,"Rosalie called from outside. Esme let her in. "Alice get down here now! And tellme how much time we have left!" she shouted. "Not now I dropped an earring while seeing a vision of Charlie's car coming by, and I think it went down the drain!" "Then take out the other earring and come earring less!" Esme shouted. "It'sjust Charlie, we'll bite him before he bites us," Bella said. "Yeah I know, buthe already knows a little bit too much and if we're not all here and somebody accidentally uses their speed to get here while he's here-" "Found it!" Alice shouted as she ran downstairs. "Good now how much time do we-" "Bella, how couldyou have no jewelry or makeup on?" Alice asked. "She doesn't need it." I said. "Shut up Edward, you don't know a thing about girls." she said. "Come on we stillhave a good 2 minutes," she said taking Bella. "She would look a lot better with makeup," Rosalie said. We heard Charlie's car pull into the driveway. It wouldprobably take him an extra 30 seconds to because I knew Bella took after him wi
th his speed. Until I bit her of course. She still wasn't as fast as me though,but she was stronger. He knocked on the door. â
No Iâ
m not ready!â
Alice thought.t they came downstairs anyway. Bella had eye shadow on one eye but not the other. I quickly rubbed it off as Carlisle opened the door. Charlie came in. Bella stiffened, but she seemed relaxed. I think we made the right decision about school. "Hi Dad!" she said. "Hi Bells!" I could tell she still had trouble making hervoice sound normal. "Wow, Nessie had grown," "Yeah-um-I have to tell you something about that. We were-um- trying to keep it a secret. You see-um-when we adopted Renesmee she was-um too small so we-um-gave her growth pills," Bella was sucha bad liar. Charlie seemed to buy it, though. "Well that explains it. Why did you wanna keep it a secret?" "Um-I thought you might disapprove of giving her pills at such a young age," "She was three months when you first adopted her, right?" "Yeah-uh-but she was much smaller," Charlie didn't ask anymore questions. Hestayed for a while and watched the game, and then he left. Bella was sad when heleft, and I was gonna comfort her, but then Alice began to have a vision.Chapter 3 BellaI forgot about Charlie and focused on Alice. "What is she seeing?" I asked. Edward was concentrated on the vision, and Alice the one seeing the vision would probably be no help either. I had to wait until the vision was over to ask one of them. Maybe it was good news, like we all had the same classes and would be witheach other in school. They were no longer in a trance. "No, don't tell her it'llruin everything you saw so in your vision," Edward said to Alice. "What did shesee? What do you not want me to know?" I asked. "Fine, but I'll tell her outside," I thought he was addressing Alice again, but sure enough Edward took my handand we walked outside together. "So, what did she see?" I asked. "Alice is planning a surprise party for Renesmee's 4th birthday," he said. "Why didn't you want to tell me?" I asked. "I wanted to tell you, I just didn't want to tell Renesmee," he said. He stiffened. "What is it?" I asked. "She's having another vision," he said. "What is she seeing?" I asked. He didn't answer. "Ouch!" I shouted hewas squeezing my hand way too tight. Something was wrong, I was stronger than him I was the one squeezed his hand too tight. I looked at his eyes, they were closed tight. For a second I thought he was gonna cry, but I had never seen him cry and didn't think he even could. The vision couldn't be good. I wondered if itwas about me. His eyes opened. Was he in shock? Then he kissed me hard like it was our last one. Maybe it would be. Carlisle ran outside. "Oh sorry I didn't know that you two were-" I tried to pull away, but Edward wouldn't let me. FinallyI said Carlisle, "I think he's in shock. He won't stop kissing me and hasn't said a word since-" "That's what I thought. Alice and Jasper are in shock, too," hesaid. "Are they kissing?" I asked. "No, they're just still in a trance," he said.â
What was the vision?" I asked. "I'm not sure. None of us are. Let me help you." he said noticing how I was struggling. It felt weird wanting to be apart fromEdward for the first time in my life. I didn't like the feeling at all, which meant to my relief that I was still in love with him. I thought I could stay in the position that I was in with him forever, but the more I thought about it the more I knew I couldn't. When Carlisle finally managed to split us apart, Edward stood as still as a statue. When we asked him something he wouldn't respond. "That's exactly how Alice and Jasper are," Carlisle said. We walked back inside. Alice and Jasper stood in the position as Edward. I looked at Alice expecting her to jump out of her fake trance and yell surprise, but she didn't. Maybe it was aprank, though and I needed to get closer. I did and Alice gave me a huge hug, but she didn't say anything. Carlisle pulled me back. "I think the vision evolvesyou." he said. I spent the night alone with Renesmee. I felt lonely even thoughRenesmee's warm body was on my lap as she slept soundlessly. I decided to checkon Carlisle and see if he had gotten Alice, Jasper, and Edward out of their trances yet. Of course I left Renesmee a note and locked the door before I left. AsI walked out I felt exposed to something. I looked around. The trees rustled inthe wind, nothing out of the usual. But still the bushes were rustling too, andI had the feeling someone was watching me. I tried to get their scent, and I realized that I was too scared to use any of my senses. I knew what it was, it wasthe Volturi. That was what the vision was about. But if they did kill me, maybe
they would spare Edward and Renesmee and everybody else that I loved. I stood there stupidly in the silent night waiting for their attack. Waiting to die.Chapter 4 EdwardAll I could remember was the vision. Everything after that was a blur until now.I looked around and took in my surroundings. It felt like I was opening my eyesfor the first time as a vampire again. I wondered if I was still human and justwaking up in the hospital delirious. Had I dreamed the whole thing? How could Idream something that painful. Carlisle looked the same which meant that I couldbe right or wrong. Alice and Jasper were next to me, which meant I was wrong. Ididn't know weather to be happy or sad. I read their minds; they seemed to onlyremember the vision also. Suddenly I forgot about the vision and everything else. "Where is Bella? Is she all right? Can I see her?" I asked. "She's fine. She's with Renesmee in your house," Carlisle said. Maybe it was wrong to ask him because now I knew she wasn't safe and neither was Renesmee. "Is the door locked?"I asked. I wanted to ask even though I knew a locked door would not stop them. "Stop worrying the vision happens sometime in the afternoon, not in the middle ofthe night!" Alice shouted. "I just want to know what the vision was." Carlislesaid. There was a knock on the door. It was Renesmee which would of made my except she was thinking about something I didn't want to hear; "I'll see if Momma's in here," Carlisle opened the door. "Renesmee, what are you doing up at this hour?" Carlisle asked. "I'm looking for Momma. She left me this note." she said.We all ran and looked at the note. I grabbed it first being the fastest. It looked like the notes I used to leave her when I went to hunt. It read:Dear Renesmee,I'm going to check on Grandpa. I'll be back by dawn. Don't leave the house.Love,MommaI knew Bella's scent wasn't as strong as it was before, but I smelled the letteranyways. "Do you know where she is?" I asked. That was a dumb question. "No," Renesmee said. "You can sleep here tonight if you feel safer," Carlisle said. "Okay," Renesmee said. "Now, can you tell me about the vision?" Carlisle said. Alice was too emotional to say it and Jasper wanted me to say it because he knew I would be emotional about it also, and he wanted use his gift on me. "Okay, I'll tell you, but Renesmee could you not listen." I said. She was awake and I could tell she was going to have trouble sleeping, and if she heard the vision she would have trouble sleeping for weeks. "No, I wanna hear what it is." she said. I saw her eyes, Bella's old eyes, and remembered how Bella had always wanted to knowevery vision Alice had ever had since she found out that Alice could tell the future. "All right, but if it gets too scary, don't listen." I said. "Okay," shewhispered. "It took place in a forest, but one I've never seen before and-" "Alaska it was a forest in Alaska!" Alice cried. "It could be anytime and anywhere.It could be five-thousand years from now, and we'd all look the same. Anyways,the Volturi, all of them were walking through the forest." Renesmee closed her eyes and covered her ears, remembering our last encounter with them. I lowered myvoice, "Jane stepped forward, and then Aro, dragging Bella by the legs." I hesitated before the next part thinking of details, so I wouldn't have to say it that soon. "Bella was screaming my name." This was the part that I remembered themost. I wanted to tell her that I was coming, I wanted to save her, but I couldn't. I was waiting for my emotions to change, but I could tell that Jasper was lost in the memory of the vision. I continued, "Aro gave Bella to Jane and then she-" By that time I had closed my eyes, I didn't want to know, but I knew what itwas. "She killed her," I said. "But Jane can't use her powers on Bella," Carlisle said. I didn't know how she did it, all I remembered was Bella's screams andthe Volturi clapping when she finished killing her. "She beheaded her, the sameway Edward beheaded Victoria." Alice said. Now I felt happy, but still sad, I looked at Jasper. "It's only working half way, and Iâ
m not sure why," he said. I could still hear Bella's screams. I listened, and noticed that everybody else was hearing it too. It wasn't me remembering the vision, it was really happening a few miles down. I got up and ran out the door to where her screams were coming from, hoping I wasn't too late. I had to save her life, I had to save my life. But

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