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Angelic Love #2

Angelic Love #2

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Published by Timewaveecomics

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Published by: Timewaveecomics on Apr 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part two2010Story by James m Norville II
 That night Judith sat in her bed holding the purple crystal up to the candle light. She reachedover to the table next to the bed, picked up a long cord and tied it around the crystal. Once againshe held it up to the light to take one more last look before placing it around her neck. She laidthere on her pillow holding it tightly in her hands with a smile on her face.The next day her father sent her to town to get more supplies. She left her father¶s cottage takingonly money for the supplies and nothing else. On her way to town she felt some one waswatching her from the forest along the path way. She stood still holding the stone in her and praying to Diomus to not let anything happen to her.Please Diomus don¶t let anything happen, she thought to herself.Suddenly she knew someone was behind her. Fear came over her and her heart began to beat inher chest. She lunged forward and took off running.Stop! Where do you think you are going? said a man¶s vioce that was behind her just as hegrabbed her by her arm to turn her around. She smacked him across the face with her right hand.Let me go! Let me go! She screamed in his face and spit on him.He held her down with one hand by the throat and reached for a knife that was on his belt.Oh thou shalt pay for that with thy life!She shut here eyes not wanting to see it coming as he pulled the knife from his belt and drew it back for the final blow.Pop!The bandit fell a crossed her and she laid there with her eyes still closed wondering why she wasstill alive. Slowly she opened them trying to see, but there was a glare from the sun light blindingher. However she knew someone was there.Who¶s there? She cried out.
Fear not my lady I will do thee no harm.A man said to her as he rolled the bandit off her. She held her arm across her face to block thelight from her eyes. He kneeled down to help her up.I thank thee for helping me my lord she said as she took his hand.Thou art welcome he said to her as he pulled her up on to her feet.What is thy name that I may thank thee properly?My name is Tomerus, he said to her.My name is Judith she replied.He noticed that she was clinching something in her hand.If I may ask what is that that thou art clinching in thine hand?She looked down at her hand and reached out to let him see and said an old man was in myfather field yesterday and gave this to me.His continence fell as his eyes gazed at the rock he knew what it was.Look, I¶m sorry my lady I have to go as he stepped back from her to walk away.Wait! What did I say!I can¶t. I have to go. I¶m sorry!He turned and ran from her as far as he could until he came to a small opening in the woods. Hedropped to his knees and cried out to Diomas.Why hast thou done this to me?Thou hast left thy post and gone down to be with this maiden.Dust thou love her?Yes! I do my Lord.

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