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IT Chapter 11

IT Chapter 11

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Published by Morosanudaniel91

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Published by: Morosanudaniel91 on Apr 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A technician suspects that a hard drive is beginning to fail. Which two conditions wouldsupport this suspicion? (Choose two.)
The hard drive is making unusual noises.
The hard drive must be defragmented often.
The hard drive has a gradual increase in the number of bad sectors.
The hard drive light is lit briefly during the boot process.The hard drive light is lit briefly when programs are loaded.Why should you use an antistatic mat when working on the internal components of acomputer?protect the technician against electrical shock
reduce the chance of computer components being damaged by ESD
prevent the technician's tools from being damaged by ESDprotect computer components from AC voltage while working on the computer You are monitoring a new technician installing a device driver on a Windows-based PC.The technician asks why the company requires the use of signed drivers. What wouldbe the best response to give?Signed drivers prevent physical damage to devices.An unsigned driver can cause files to be fragmented as they are processed.
A signed driver has passed Microsoft's quality lab test and prevents a systemfrom being compromised.
All companies making devices for a Windows computer have to have Microsoft signoff on the new driver before it can be added to the operating system.A signed driver has been approved by the company that created the device driver.While performing routine maintenance on a computer, a user is cleaning dust and debrisfrom the PC using compressed air. How should the technician hold the can of compressed air to avoid damaging the PC?
upside down to avoid blowing the dust upward
upright to avoid fluid leakage
inside the PC at close distance to the motherboardoutside the PC to avoid blowing dust outside the PCWhich two components are considered input devices? (Choose two.)printer 
MIDI interface
speaker A technician begins gathering data from a customer by asking open-ended questions.Which question is a proper open-ended question?Were any recent updates performed?Has anyone installed new software in the past two days?Are you the only user to use the PC recently?
What happens when the PC is powered on?
How should a floppy disk drive be cleaned?Apply a vacuum cleaner to the disk slot.
Use a drive cleaning kit.
Spray an isopropyl alcohol based cleaner into the hole provided in the drive.Remove heads and clean with a mild detergent.
What is the recommended way to clean an optical drive?
Use compressed air and lint-free cotton swabs.
Use cotton swabs and denatured alcohol.Use a vacuum cleaner.Use glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth.What are three reasons to add an additional hard drive to a computer? (Choose three.)
to store the system swap fileto implement RAID and provide fault tolerance
to speed up the Internet download speed
to install a second operating system
to decrease the time needed for defragmentationto increase the CPU speedWhich three peripherals would be considered output devices? (Choose three.)camera
display monitor 
projector speaker 
Which two motherboard features must be compatible when selecting a new CPU?(Choose two.)
chip set

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