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Published by Reza Nasrullah
there is an alternative solution to global warming disaster
there is an alternative solution to global warming disaster

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Published by: Reza Nasrullah on May 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE ON GLOBAL WARMINGReza NasrullahIndustrial Engineering Study Program-Engineering FacultyUniversitas Islam Bandung-Jawa Barat-INDONESIA(reza.nasrullah@gmail.com)
No any tiny doubt that the current global warming phenomenon is related to humanactivities. And our humane activities are largely the achievements of engineering of anydiscipline. Industrial perspective is the context of this engineering nature of humaneactivities. Since the dawn of industrial era, the build up of CO
and methaneconcentration in the atmosphere have been unprecedented in the last 10,000 years. Theindustrial perspective present a method of firstly getting the insight of the phenomenon.Secondly we explore the nature of industrial activities. And finally the model of industrial-based dynamic life system(societies) is built. The conclusion is that the root of the global warming problem lies within the uncontrollable wants of the industrialsocieties.
:global warming, industrial, capitalism, model, dynamic life system, societies.Introduction
The most obvious fact at present: our only one earth is warming up and up slowly but sure.The global warming is causing climatic changes.The climatic changes mean various parts of the globe will suffer anomalies such as prolongeddroughts, heavy rainfalls, extreme winter, and rising sea level and even cruel storms. EvenPentagon predicted that in 2020 the severe consequences could dissipate water availability
and the conflicts among human race are inevitable on reason to gain control over water supplies.So far the experts group namely Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) whohas been confered in various parts of the globe, has fortrightly concluded that it’s
very likely
(90% probability) the climate change is human-made. They refer to massive emissions of carbon dioxide since industrialisation era until now as the major contributor of globalwarming. And the emissions are produced mainly by power plants, factories and cars. Unionof Concerned Scientists adds other factors are also involved, i.e deforestation and changinglandscape due to land’s use.World Council of Churches declared that the climate change is not merely technological,economical and ecological crisis, but spiritual crisis as well.An interesting view was the title: Greed will trigger ecosystemcollapse’(Aljazeera.net/english). It refers to likelihood of a large-scale ecosystem collapsewithin 50 years if the current global consumption levels are not cut by half.
Is it the consumption phenomenon?
The current levels of consumption is very conducive for business world. On the other hand,consumers enjoy their consumptions. So how could you cut this mutual interests? The levelsof life styles of many big buyers are at stake. And is there any business/entreprise/capitalistwho is willing to miss the opportunity just because they have to cut spending? Can the twosides (buyers and sellers) be appealed spiritually to lower their wants and then they sincerelycut their transaction by half for the sake of other peoples’ interests? 
The Nature of Global Warming
Firstly, let’s compile the phenomena of the global warming as released by many reliable andcompetent sources as follows:1. It is “unequivocal” that Earth’s climate is warming, “as is now evident from observationsof increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow andice, and rising global mean sea level” The current atmospheric concentration of carbondioxide and methane, two important heat-trapping gases, “exceeds by far the natural rangeover the
last 650,000 years
(The IPCC 4
Assessment Report, February 2007).(underlineditalics from me)2. Since the dawn of 
the industrial era
concentrations of both gases (CO
and Methane) haveincreased at a rate that is “very likely to have been unprecedented in more than
10,000 years
(loc.cit) (underlined italics from me).3. It is “very likely”(i.e 90% probably correct) that emissions of heat-trapping gases fromhuman activities have caused “most of the observed increase in globally averagedtemperatures since the
” (loc cit) (underlined italics from me).4. Emissions by 40 prominent nations of the world:In 2000 = 17.5 billion tons of CO
In 2003 = 17.8 billion tons of CO
.In 2004 = 17.9 billion tons of CO
.(Sir Nicholas Stern Report-Aljazeera.net/english).5. The United Nations Climate secretariat announced that greenhouse emissions from
industrialised nations
rose in 2004 to the highest levels since the early 1990s.(Aljazeera.net/english-“Stern Warning on Climate change”).(underlined italics from me)

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