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Richard E. Rhoades

Richard E. Rhoades

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Published by Allan Lewicki
Excerpt from Allan Lewicki’s Book, “Condemned: Richard E. Rhoades and His Spawn, The Maranatha Bible Society
Excerpt from Allan Lewicki’s Book, “Condemned: Richard E. Rhoades and His Spawn, The Maranatha Bible Society

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Published by: Allan Lewicki on Apr 05, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Chapter Nine: CONDEMNED
i.e. TO BURN IN HELLI have never in my life seen a more farcical writing as theshort work entitled (exactly as is appears on the book),
Some ThoughtProvokingComments On TheSubject Of RevivalIn The Life Of TheChristian
And, this vomit on paper, bound into pages is available from:The Maranatha Bible SocietyP.O. Box 466Litchfield, MI 49252First, the pious sounding opening statement; this is morethan a quote;
it’s an exact copy
from page 2 of the abovementioned work.
 REVIVAL IN THE LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN “…for revival in our time. It is as though those past experiences and what I have learned since the firs publication of this booklet that I wish to once again issuethis effort. At this stage of my life I am now not quite sure that what they experienced was true revival, and yet somethin
happened that cannot be explained by mere observation. I have therefore drawn some conclusions that may be of help to the individual believer, if they are open to suggestions that can change their lives for the better. I don’t believe God works in any place where doctrinethat is contrary to sound Bible belief is present. I alsodon’t believe that God works in a purely emotional state, for emotion may play a part in revival, it is not the mainresult. Unless men and women are drawn to Christ in a supernatural way, and unless Christ gets all the glory, it is doubtful that revival is present.The word revival is not a Biblical term. The wordsrevive, revived and reviving are all Old Testament terms,with the exception of two places in the New Testament. In Romans 7:9 it is said that “sin revived,” and Romans14:9 where it is written “For to this end Christ bothdied, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord of both the dead and living. In light of the forgoing, what do we mean by the termrevival? I would to prefer to call phenomena “spiritual awakening,” which is what takes place when believersare convicted by the Holy Spirit and become disturbed about their own state of being. It is a time when God works in them a burning desire to conform to what the Bible teaches about living the Christian life.”
There is one sentence above that is such a colossal farce itfalls off the page:
“I don’t believe God works in any place wheredoctrine that is contrary to sound Bible belief is present.” 
There are four terms that will be used in my expose’ of thisabomination. The context in which they will be used, just tomake misunderstanding impossible, I will define. They are:
Of the six Greek words translated to this Englishword I will site only one: #2585, as used by Paul in 2 Cor 2:17. "TO ADULTERATE"
New Testament word # 1294, used seven times; todistort-misinterpret
New Testament word # 4761, used only once byPeter in 2 Peter 3:16, to wrench- torture
New Testament word # 720, to contradict, disavow.My computer bible has 31 matches for this word, the twomost pertinent scriptures are Titus 1:16 and 2 Peter 2:1Of these four words the one that I want to make the biggest point about is “Twist”, so, the other three I will simplyreference what I have already written, and all this just because of the one highlighted sentence from the previous page. If, what was written on this page lined up with theantics of the writer AND with the antics of the rest of theFarceanatha bible Cult I would shout Glory Halleluiah…butsince it DOES NOT, and both the writer and his cult KNOWthat it doesnt, its the biggest FARCE in the world!Oh…”the writer”…so as to make perfectly clear to whomthis alludes…his most eminent eminence the late Rev. HolyFarce, a.k.a. Dusty Rhoads.83

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