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I'M NOT A SKET- I Just Grew Up With Them [Chapter 4 & 5]

I'M NOT A SKET- I Just Grew Up With Them [Chapter 4 & 5]



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Published by Chantel

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Published by: Chantel on May 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter Four‘…Yea and then he started doing this crazy thing with his tongue on myright nipple but it felt banging! And then when he was fingering me yeait was like he was digging for gold or something I swear down.’Rayanneexplained her story to me.Three days had passed since Dion’s birthday; Rayanne had come roundmy house to conversate and share gossip as we normally did. She wastelling me what had happened after she had left Dion’s house withSolomon.‘You Gimmie joke Ray Ray…did it hurt?’ ‘Mmm… Nah not really, at first it did a bit. Sooo what did you andDion do?’She asked nudging me playfully.‘…Mmm nothing much, just…stuff.’A huge grin spread across my face,I always found it hard lying to Rayanne.‘You’re such a bad liar! You slept at his yard at your tryna tell menothing happened. Come on, I told you.’She begged.‘Alright we lipsed.’‘And…?’‘…He fingered me.’‘I knew something happened! When I called you I could tell
was going on. Did it hurt?’‘When he used one finger it was cool but when put the second one in itkilled!’I told her, remembering the pain.‘You know why, it’s because you’re a virgin. That’s the same thing withme, I can’t handle two but once you’ve had sex two fingers will benothing. Was that the first time someone used two fingers on you?’‘…That was the first time I’ve been fingered.’‘Awwwww, that’s so cute. Did you tell Dion?’‘No.’‘Why not?’‘I don’t know I just don’t want him to think…hold on my phonesringing.’I said picking up my phone from the bed; Ramal’s nameappeared on the screen.‘Yea what?’‘Where are you?’Ramal asked.‘At home, why?’‘Oi come park.’‘Why…who’s there?’I asked.‘Just a couple man in it. Me, Jordan, Jerome, Solomon, Derrick andsome others.’He told me.
‘Alright, we got nothing else to do.’‘Wait who you with, is Jessica There?’‘Nah It’s just me and Rayanne. We can knock for her.’I suggested.‘No way.’‘Erm Ok. See you then.’‘Yea yea cool.’He said and hung up.I put my phone in my pocket and turned to face Rayanne who hadhelped herself onto my computer and was now on MSN.‘Oi Ray, them lot want us to meet them in the park.’‘Who the hell’s them lot?’She asked turning to look at me.‘Ramal and them, he’s with Solomon.’‘Oh are we going?’‘Yea might as well.I said as I pulled out my grey addidas jumper frommy wardrobe and put it on.‘Alright let me just sign off then.’She said as she signed out of MSN andturned off the computer.We made our way downstairs and left the house.The park was only 5 minutes away from my house so getting therewouldn’t be a problem.‘So what did your dad say when you came home the next day then?’‘Nothing, he just asked me if I had a good time at your house.’Ilaughed.‘You told him you slept at my house! You gimmie too much joke Chan.’‘Yea but he want’s me home by 11pm today.’I said pushing the park gate open.‘Wow, that’s early.’Rayanne said sarcastically.We walked into the park; there was no sign of Ramal and his friend’s.‘Well where are they then?’Rayanne scanned the park.‘There probably at the back of the park by the football courts.’We strolled over to football courts and immediately I spotted Ramal’sbig head and Solomon in his brown Nike top.They were all circled around something, a mixed raced girl.‘Who’s that?’Rayanne asked me clocking the other girl.‘Don’t know, let’s find go find out.’We walked over to the boy’s. Solomon was the first to spot us andwalked straight towards us.‘Wagwarn Chantel!’He shouted over to us as he got closer.‘Cool Solomon.’I said hugging him.‘And my choonting Rayanne.’He said.‘Shutup Solomon.’She gasped as she received a bear hug from Solomon.
‘Come let me talk to you Rayanne.’Solomon said as he pulled Rayanneaway.‘Nah I’m with Chantel.’She said looking at me.‘Go with him Ray Ray.’‘Yea come with me Ray Ray.’Solomon repeated after me as he draggedRayanne off into another part of the park.As I walked over to Ramal and the others I caught a glimpse of themixed race girl’s face; it was Samantha!‘What you doing here Samantha?’I asked confused.‘Your cousin called me and told me to come init, he said you asked himto call me and tell me to come.’Samantha replied.‘I did?… Oh yea I did.’I said as Ramal gave me a look saying -go alongwith the story-.‘Cool Chantel!’Ramal shouted out to me.‘Yea…are you lot just gonna jam here all day?’I asked as I sat myself down on the bench.‘Yea, nothing else to do.’Ramal replied.‘You losers.’I said examining Samantha’s clothing. She was wearingwhite shorts with a small black and white jacket which revealed herbelly and her chest along with black dolly shoes; a pair of Diorsunglasses sat on top of her curly hair.Ramal and Jerome who was also mixed race couldn’t seem too able totake their eyes off Samantha. Ramal was already feeling up her legs andevery now and again Jerome would grab hold of her bum, even thoughit wasn’t particularly big.I turned my head away from them and focused on Jordan who waswalking over in my direction.‘Wagwarn sexy?’He said as he sat down next to me.‘Nothing just bored.’I said shrugging my shoulders.‘Talk to me then.’‘I am.’‘Wow, I bet you’re not this stoosh with Dion.’He mumbled under hisbreath.‘You idiot!’I said punching him on the arm playfully.‘I’m joking man! I’m joking. Jheezz you’re so violent.’He said rubbinghis arm.‘Well don’t chat shit and I won’t have to be violent.’‘Alright. So are you Dion’s new wifey now?’His eyes scanned my bodyas he said this.‘No I thought you were.’I joked.

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