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A Question on Easter Sunday

A Question on Easter Sunday

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Published by BobLevin

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: BobLevin on Apr 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sunday, April 04, 2010
A Question on Easter Sunday
by Bob Levin, Portland, Oregon USABobLevin.writer@gmail.com
Ongoing COINTELPRO operations in America and Canada -
“The individual is
handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannotbelieve
it exists”
- J. Edgar Hoover
There are documented cases where COINTELPRO agents have falsely painted the targeted individual as beinga danger to themselves, filed false police reports and caused the arrest of these innocent human beings whomthey had placed in psychiatric facility for a 72 hour evaluation period or longer.
Happy Easter Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies and the Brightest Blessing:
Today a friend in the news group asked me if I believe that some targeted individuals areimplanted with microchips and cameras that could either be radiolucent or non-radiolucent andwhat is deconstructing our societal groups and the nation along with the dream and promise of America?The following is my transitioning response that came with my usual and customary six cups of Folgers coffee before breakfast
; it’s m
y one weakness :O)I know there is no more science fiction and that everything has been invented or is already on thedrawing board. With
today’s engineering ability that can fit
an entire computer into somethingthe size of a wallet, there is no reason why electric car batteries cannot perform to the desiredrange since the technology has long since already existed. The reason why not is obvious toanyone given the corporatist oil industry
manipulation and control over the marketplace and theprostituted U.S. government. That said, when I hear under-informed American citizens cheeringover President Obama breaking yet another campaign promise, I question their reasoningcapacities by applauding offshore oil drilling in the hurricane zone and only 50 miles off the coastof the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay.President Obama has risen to become the slave master of global plantationism with the macrotargeting of humanity and the rabid injustice by government. The intent to allow offshore oildrilling in the hurricane prone Atlantic Ocean, inevitable will produce oil spills and subsequentlydestroy the balanced ecosystems within the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay produces alarge percentage of the
seafood and in fact stands as an aquatic breadbasket. Decadesago while an avid scuba diver, I was one of the first voices sounding the alarm concerning keponecontamination by factories illegally dumping the cancer causing compound into the river systems.Nothing positive happened until the commercial seafood industry suffered and the Lynnhavenoyster population went extinct. Even more recently, Rite Aid Pharmacies pulled their fish oilcapsules from the shelves after it was discovered they had used processed fish from theChesapeake Bay containing kepone. Again kepone causes cancer.Those citizens applauding the very probable risks of offshore oil drilling, should ask if the habitatand seafood industry with the tens of thousands of American jobs it provides is worth the 2600 jobs that oil drilling is reportedly going to afford with all being destroyed during the first oil spill.The proponents of offshore oil drilling should ask why the gluttonous oil companies refuse to firstdrill on the massive tracks of land they hold in reserve across America. With the very limitedpetroleum refinery capacities in America that have been made even smaller by the recent tragedyin the State of Washington, it will become more profitable for the oil companies to sell their
Atlantic Ocean crude oil overseas by the same comparison to that as a Walmart sending theirprofits out of the local areas around the nation and back to its parent corporation. The lives of Americans become that of oysters being shucked, sucked and swallowed while fat-cat corporatismprocesses the total aggregate of the world into a commodity.As to Direct Energy Weapons [DEW] aka Enhanced Radiation Weapons [ERW], I know that theyexist and often used as illustrated examples for their public demonstrations
, the “Pentagon’sRaygun” as shown
on 60 Minutes
or how U.S. Navy submarine’s “go active” with their sonar,
which kills everything and everyone in the water around the boat to a given distance dependingon the intensity of the radiation and sound; this is what causes marine mammals to beachthemselves, because they go insane from the frequencies emitted. Once while diving 3.5 milesfrom a Navy carrier passing too fast through the channel with active sonar pinging and to washthe beach with waves, it took several days for the sound to leave my head. Navy divers all havethe same experience at sometime in their careers. Some crowd control signage devicesemployed by local law enforcement agencies possess components that utilize subliminal opticaland audible technologies for manipulating targeted individuals with modern mind-controltechnologies. Most often these devices are targeted against large groups sanctioned by ongoingCOINTELPRO operations across the United States and Canada during peace marches and lawfulpublic protests
. Like they saying goes, “
absolute power corrupts absolutely.
 While living in Beaverton, Oregon I know that my home, family, vehicle, personal property, andelectronic equipment have at a minimum survived the unmistakable aftermaths of two majorweaponized attacks deploying electromagnetic pulse radiation. This followed my refusals tomultiple threats from the Bush White House and other known culpable federal agents to remainsilent concerning U.S. black projects; the commission of Congressional perjury by federaladministrators to obtain enormous clandestine budgets that dwarf imagination when compared toany argument against the cost of a single-payer national health plan with a public option as aMedicare buy-in or even expanding the Veterans Administration; the Congressional perjury of Condoleezza Rice during her stomach turning erroneous 9-11 testimony; the multiple outings of my covert security clearance to serve as a passive sanction for my assassination; and the list of known presidents, elected politicians, agents, administrators, and others who remain culpable formajor index crimes with universal jurisdiction that includes genocide, homicides, kidnappings,attempted murder, threatening, assassinations, terrorism, torture, treason, warrantlesswiretapping, illegal reverse targeting under FISA, conspiracy, RICO, unlawful use of acommunication facility, cover-ups, money laundering, the theft of government funds, espionagewith an entity of the German government, and ongoing COINTELPRO operations in America andCanada.Many of these crimes are perpetually supported by the U.S. Attorney General
’s failure to
prosecute while obstructing justice and the mission of the FBI. The U.S. Supreme Court hasproven that lifetime appointments must be abolished and replaced with set term limits. This sincethe U.S. Supreme Court has rendered itself irrelevant with its nearly unprecedented wide ruling togive human rights to a corporation in a matter that never asked that question and have flashedthe American public as nothing more than wrinkled politicians wearing robes. The Supreme CourtJustices have turned the highest court in the nation into a circus of television actors wearingwhite lab coats with Clarence Thomas shining Scalia
’s shoes
. Lastly our people have had theirhopes eroded along with the dreams and promises of America by the lies and reverse tacticsoffered for their votes by sociopathic and psychopathic politicians and the false change
s they can’t
believe in by
presidential good cop verse bad cop component. Like the words of the song,
 “Meet the new boss same as the old boss.” 
 My awareness of DEW and the reasons why Pacific Islanders experience a higher rate of certaincancers comes from conversations with a former professor and an orthodox rabbi scientist who
both worked on the “Manhattan Project” during WWII.
A number of my older friends were or arefrom a generation that could still calmly hold a rational conversation with their neighbors and
acquaintances as moderate and physically conservative Republicans. Those same Republicansrecognize that the animal cloaked beneath
Republican Party is an immense corporatistbeast infected with the rabid agenda that relies heavily on repeated disinformational propagandato instigate sedulous fear tactics within a radical minority, which has produced the Fort Hood andLA Federal Courthouse shooting and a private aircraft being flown into an IRS building.The actors of treason and sedition calling themselves Republican regularly cry crocodile tears overthe rights of a blastocyst while allowing 45,000 American men, women, children, and infants todie each year because they cannot afford medical health insurance in America.In my book these fascist actors are perpetuating genocide against living American citizens whobeyond the brain dumbing-down rhetoric of repeated ad nauseam political fodder being forced fedto our citizens from both stagnated and irrelevant political parties, I opine those same Americanswho continue to die without medical health insurance would love having a real job that offers aliving wage and reasonably priced insurance from which a person could comfortably raise a familyand save enough generational wealth to leave their children and grandkids.
We the People
 must not allow the enemies of humanity among us to take us in the opposite direction of becoming more human. We must step back from the precipice that today is the emergence of asecond civil war being masked and perpetuated by the insanity of radical loudspeaker agitators
being used as “Manchurian Candidates” 
with veiled and personal self-aggrandizing false personasof some pseudo Revolutionary War hero wearing a triangular hat with a semi-automatic anti-personnel rifle slung over their shoulder at a peace rally. If these types of individuals are notlawfully neutralized along with the propaganda ministries creating them, then as a society andparents we are signing the death warrants for our own children and aging parents.Both of us live on fixed monthly retirement incomes and pay a little over $12,000.00 a year forRegence BlueCross and BlueShield of 
Oregon. Recently on Charlie Rose’s show, I heard the CEO
of BC/BS say that the new federal insurance mandate was going to cost an American familybetween 13-15 thousand dollars a year and if that is true then the government of, for and by thecorporations possess the intent of herding the American people into a virtual death campenvironment for our mass genocide; I say
! This is not the actions of a legitimateU.S. government, it is the actionable offenses of an overthrowing terrorist enemy force that mustbe purged while recognizing the lawful terms of our U.S. Constitution and U.S. Declaration of Independence to restore the American Republic.
Meanwhile our alleged friends in the Oregon legislature raised the state’s insurance premiums 1%
across the board while Senator Ron Wyden submitted an unscored insurance amendment that heknew would automatically be rejected, but still recorded as a false positive vote. Eleven State
Attorney Generals are filing legal actions based on two Constitutional points regarding state’s
privilege and the commerce clause against the requirement that Americans have to buy federallymandated insurance. The AGs are monolithic in that the federal government cannot forceAmerican citizens to buy insurance from a private company or cause the states to enforce such anaction.Therefore if the court gives an affirmative ruling, I suggest that we all save our money and stoppaying our home, auto, maritime, and other insurance premiums to private insurance companiessince
“We the People”
have become indentured servants and wage slaves to gluttonous andgodless corporatists who destroy the small mom and pop businesses that are the backbone andbuttressing foundation of our
middle class driven consumer economy in America. And let’s not
stop there, since the commons are being privatized and public highways sold to Spanish andAustralian companies to rob our citizens with toll roads that affectively become a form of barbwirethat restricts our freedom of moment in much the same way that once recognized as the wallssurrounding the Jewish Ghettos or Shtetls in Nazi Germany. There must be a balancedsustainable economy that promotes job grow, workers
unions and ends the process of privatizing

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