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WLE Reflection

WLE Reflection

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Published by ssooshi

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Published by: ssooshi on May 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Academic SeminarSheryl SooGrad. PortfolioFebruary 25, 2008
WLE Reflection – How does the working world function?
Going to school and going to work are two distinctly differentexperiences. First of all, school is mainly for educating students, whilework is where all the education gained comes into play; it is where theapplication of gained knowledge takes place. At school people wouldalways wonder what the importance is of learning all these things thatare being taught. This is quickly answered when they enter a workingenvironment. At least that was how it was for me.In my second WLE at the D.A.’s office, I was fascinated by howmany of the skills I learned from school were being used. My computerskills with Excel and my typing speed greatly contributed to how fast Iwas able to complete my work. Even though it does not take much toknow how to correctly and accurately file folders and documents, Irealized how important it is to remember what you’ve learned whenyou were a young child; everything from Kindergarten up until now. The alphabet was a major thing for filing. Everything was inalphabetical order, and just one small mistake in the filing processwould mess up the whole thing. The district attorneys would oftencomplain about the misplaced files and emphasize how important it isto file things correctly so that it can be easily found. During myinternship it had surprised me how some of the other interns haddifficulty filing because they do not fully know their alphabet.Another major difference is that at school, mistakes are acceptedas long as you learn from them. The consequences of forgetting tobring your homework to school are not as big as it would be if youforget to bring your documents to your office in the morning. In thereal world, you may be fired for your mistakes. The working world,because of this, is a harsher environment even though it is a placewhere learning goes at a faster pace. It may be because there arehigher standards and stricter rules that quicken the learning pace andadaptation to the serious environment.In an office, it is extremely quiet, unless there is a meeting, alunch break, or a conference. There is some small talk here and there,but most of the time the employees would just sit there in theircubicles, all quiet, staring at their papers or computer screens with astraight or frustrated face expression. At school not every classroom isquiet. There is also more interactive learning at school than at work. The environments are completely different. Schools have a morelenient and fun environment, while workplaces have a more quiet andconstructive environment. I like how schools are accepting and moreengaging, but I also like how work can make you feel so productive andachieved in a much less amount of time. Working is the next level of life after schooling and it definitely shows from how independent youneed to become when you’re in a workplace.At school, your teachers are there to correct you, but at work,

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