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Published by api-25474087

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Published by: api-25474087 on Apr 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ashwin Bhambri – Founder Awards & Accolades:
Table of Content
What we have built
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What we are working on [in development]
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Application Demo
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Market opportunity
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How will Talentoncampus make money?
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Why will you succeed?
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How will you reach your customers?
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Who are your competitors and what makes
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Talentoncampus better?
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 11. Investors
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1.Executive Summary
What we have built
 Talentoncampus is a platform for young people toconnect & engage with employers & mentorsthrough internships, project work, jobs and more Talentoncampus addresses 2 core problems:A. The dire employment situation of youngpeopleB. the difficulty level for Small & Medium sizedbusinesses to attract top talent resulting in a lot jobs in this sector not being filled, this problem isaddressed by taking the expensive on campusrecruiting process online
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y- Td-RsNt-8 What we are working on [in development]
A platform for startup & small biz America / Worldto collaborate with a young people at universities& colleges the University / Biz ecosystemenabled by collaboration & crowd sourcing tools This is to complemented by:
1.A SAAS application for colleges & universities in small towns to accessa larger employer pool usually located in big cities2. A widget that plugs itself to a partner university / college home page &is interlinked to a large pool of employers hosting their ‘ jobs, projects &internshiprequirements & updates. See linkhttp://www.talentoncampus.com/TOC_Widget.pdf  
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It’s the only internet venture from India that has global appeal with auser base in the US & UK and has won two International awards the Technium Challenge & the Lockheed Martin Global innovation award
Application Demo
We are product ready; some complimentary applications are in theprocess. For product Demo go to linkhttp:// Login: as employer ,
- mentorport@gmail.com |
- makingitbigLogin: as student ,
- ashwinn_b@hotmail.com |
-testingor visit www.talentoncampus.com , above URL has a better userexperience
Market opportunity
 The online college recruitment space is a $ 5 Billion market globallyand the US alone has a university, college student population of 11millionMore students graduated in 2009 without a career than ever before.According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), only 19% of the seniors looking for a job found one upon graduation. But even in good years, less than 10%of students on average find their internships or first jobs through thecareer centers, while the larger job boards continue to focus on moreexperienced hires.Meanwhile, the majority of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)do not recruit on campus despite having regular student talent needs. This is because the large national players dominate the campusrecruiting landscape. According to a 2006 NAS Recruitment study, theaverage overall budget for a company recruiting on campus is$386,634. This means the largest and fastest growing segment of oureconomy, SMBs, is priced out of accessing student talent. Therefore,the majority of students are losing out on career-relevant earningopportunities while the majority of companies are missing out on lowercost, educated talent to help them grow their business. We believe this“missing middle” is the biggest gap in our labor market today andhave designed TOC as a bridge to these huge underserved markets.
How will Talentoncampus make money?
We are making money, our revenue streams are as follows

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