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Information Technology Advanced Module Test

Information Technology Advanced Module Test

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Published by Beautifulmind25

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Published by: Beautifulmind25 on Apr 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General Certificate of Education
Information Technology Advanced
 Module IT04 Information Systems within Organisations
Module Test
Thursday 27 May 1999 9.30am – 11.30am
2 hours
Instructions to candidates
Write the Paper reference IT04 on the front of your answer book.
Write your 13-character candidate identifier on the front of youranswer book above the name of the examining body.
the questions in this paper.
Information for candidates
This paper carries 15 per cent of the total marks for A-level.
The number of marks is given in brackets at the end of eachquestion or part-question.
You are reminded of the need for good English and clearpresentation in your answers. Question 9 should be answered incontinuous prose. Quality of language will be assessed in thisanswer.
questions1 The manager of a local company complains that the company
s information systemcontinually fails to provide the correct level of information. State
possiblereasons why the system is failing. (4)2 (a) What is meant by an
expert system
. (2)(b) Describe
example of the use of an expert system. (2)(4)3 Information systems are capable of producing strategic and operational levelinformation. With the aid of examples, explain the difference between these twolevels of information, clearly stating the level of personnel involved in using eachone. (5)4 List
five distinctly different
potential threats to an information system. Give
wayof countering each potential threat. (3)5 A particular organisation is upgrading its computer-based stock control system. Theprevious data collection system was OMR based.One function of the system is to allow stock levels to be monitored on a regular basis.(a) State
other alternative methods of collecting stock control information. (3)(b) What factors, other than cost, will determine the method of data collection? (4)(c) The software used to control the system must support an audit trail. Explainwhat is meant by the term
audit trail
, and state why this functionality isnecessary. (6)(13)6 A school is considering the introduction of an IT based display system to replace theexisting daily newsletter read out at registration. The new system will have severaldisplay screens at various locations throughout the building. The system will beoperated via a PC which is connected to the school network.The existing newsletter is currently typed by a member of staff in the school officewho will be responsible for the new system. The introduction of this system willcause considerable change for the member of staff involved.
 (a) Describe
alternative ways of collecting the data on which the messageswill be based. (6)(b) The member of staff will require training in the use of the package in order tocreate an effective display. List
ways in which the training could beprovided. (3)(c) The system may also be used to display urgent messages. Give an example of 
such use, and describe
safeguard which should be put in place toprevent misuse of this feature. (3)(12)7 A software house has a user support department that provides a range of services tocustomers including telephone advice and the supply of data fixes for corrupt files.The department uses a computer based logging system to store details of incomingtelephone calls from users (a call management system). The system is capable of producing a variety of reports via a report generator.(a) The software house receives complaints from its users that this department isproviding a poor service. Describe
reports that the software house couldproduce to examine the validity of this claim. (6)(b) The department currently uses traditional mail to receive disks containingcorrupt files and to return them with the data fixed. However, the departmentnow wishes to use electronic communications based on ISDN. Describe
 potential advantages and
potential disadvantage to the customer of thisproposed change. (6)(12)8 A company has three departments to handle finance, buildings and equipmentmaintenance. Each department currently operates a separate IT system. The companywishes to improve the efficiency of the operations by implementing a commoncorporate system across all three departments. In order to achieve this improvement,the company has decided to select members of staff from each department to form aproject team to plan, design and implement the new system.(a) Describe
corporate level factors the tea should consider when planningthe new system. (6)(b) At their first meeting the team decide to sub-divide the project into a series of tasks. Describe
advantages of this approach. (4)(10)

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