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Rosalie's Dream Come True Part 2

Rosalie's Dream Come True Part 2



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Published by Vampiresgirl
I hope you read the first one as it wont really make sense otherwise. Please comment!!!
I hope you read the first one as it wont really make sense otherwise. Please comment!!!

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Published by: Vampiresgirl on Apr 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rosalie’s Dream Come True Part 2Hey guys, here is the second part to my story, I hope you like it soyeah, enjoy! And comment.
“Would you like to go first or would you like us to?” Carlisle asked.“Me please, my story’s quite short,” Carlisle nodded. “My name isIsabella Marie Swan but it’s not really my birth name. I was born a longtime ago, my father’s name was Royce King-” I was broken off by agasp. It came from Rosalie, I looked at her; she apologised and told me togo on. “My father was Royce King and my mother was RosalieHale-”Everyone gasped, I put up my hand up to stop them interrupting.“My mother disappeared or died on her hen night and my father wasmurdered on his wedding night; my grandfather, Royce King Sr took charge. The maids ended up looking after me. It wasn’t so bad until Iturned 12,” I sighed and looked down, not wanting them to see thesadness in my eyes.“What happened when you turned 12 Bella?” I looked up and sawEdward; his voice carried so much gentleness I didn’t realize it was him.“The balls, parties and meetings.” I turned my head towards them, “Hesaid I need to mingle although I doubt he said the word “mingle”.” I gavea short giggle, and then sighed. “He would make me dress up and thentake me to his work parties saying that, ‘no one else could take care of her’, they all used to crowd around me,” I stopped as my body shuddered,I closed my eyes tightly and sighed.I felt someone moving and then there I was wrapped into a hug. I letmyself relax under my- *sigh* under Rosalie’s arms. “Sh, it’s ok,” Iheard her chant into my hair. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out.“I’m fine,” I pulled away, not wanting to seem too needy but inside Iwas; I’m just glad I can block Jasper’s view of my emotions.“Ok,” she whispered back to me with her head down; what was wrongwith her? I was suddenly worried – Rosalie might not be my mother butstill, she looks like her and that was enough to make me like her.I took a deep breath and looked at my audience, Rosalie was still sitting beside me, it comforted me like nothing else ever could; my guess for that would be because she looks so much like my mother. “My
grandfather took me with him while he was going to the places where hiscolleagues had gathered. I think it was because they liked me and thatmade them like him even more.” I furrowed my eyebrows thinking aboutall the reasons why he would do that. I shook my head as if to clear myhead of the disturbing thoughts that had gathered in my mind. “One day, Iwas walking through the garden and I was attacked.” I held my hand upto prevent from interrupting me. “I was soon in enormous pain and Icould hear voices talking in the background. Apparently one of them triedto feed of me but another one stopped them because they ‘use’ me,” Ididn’t look at them; I didn’t want to see pity in their faces, the men weregoing to rape me but fortunately for me I was much more stronger thanthem, in more than one way. The sound of growls had come in thedirection of my audience; I looked up and saw that most of the growlingcame from Edward – that pleased me in a way that nothing else could!Edward growled for me! Aww, he’s so sweet! I shook my head mentally;now was not the time for getting into day dreams. I sighed again. “After Iawoke, I met them; there was 3 of them.” I was interrupted by Edward. Iarched my eyebrow.“Did-did they try anything?” I put down my shield on emotions so I couldfeel what Edward was feeling. I gasped. Oh my god! He was absolutelylivid! Even that did not describe what he was feeling. But why? I was justsome stranger. I wanted to read his thoughts to see the reason for such anemotion but I hadn’t gotten the hang of using that yet.I smiled at him, “No, they couldn’t because my powers held them back;they couldn’t even come near me – it was the physical protective shield Iused to keep Emmett out.”“But Bella, it takes ages to find out what your gift is and it takes evenlonger to use it in such a protective matter,” Carlisle said, suddenly verycurious.“This gift was just there, it always protected me against people that weregoing to hurt me physically; it was as if it somehow knew who was goingto hurt me. I also have a mental one that protects me against people withthe ability to hurt me mentally like Jane and Alec in the Volturi.” Ianswered.“That is very useful,” Jasper mused; this was the first time I heard himspeak.“I left them after that and kept running until I was in Alaska,” I told them.
How did you learn to drink the blood of animals?” Carlisle asked me.“Oh, I read a book and one of the vampires in there drank the blood of animals because he didn’t want to harm humans so I thought I would tryit like that,” I answered.“You read books about vampires?” Edward’s eyebrows shot up, a smile playing on his lips.“Yes, I do; they are actually very interesting.” I grinned.“Give me some names?” Edward asked.“Um, ok, uuhh, ‘Vampire Diaries’, ‘Vampire Academy’ I think of anymore at the moment,” I smiled. They all chuckled.“So after that I just lived like a tourist, travelled from place to place,” Ishrugged. “And that’s it really.”“Ok, now let us tell you our stories.” Carlisle informed me. He hadstarted first, then, Alice, Edward (his one really touched me as didCarlisle’s), Emmett, then Jasper (his one was the worst yet). It wasRosalie’s turn.Rosalie turned to me, “My name is Rosalie Hale, and…”
(Author’s note:I don’t have Eclipse with me right now, so I don’t know it exactly)
“Carlisle saved me and took me to his house. At that moment there wasonly Esme and Edward there.” There was a sound of finality in her soundwhen she turned so she was facing both me and her family and startedagain, “I didn’t tell anyone the full story
of my human life; Royce and Ihad a child, she was absolutely beautiful and I named her Isabella MarieHale”. Everyone turned to look at me. “Bella, I’m your mother.”I was so shocked I couldn’t speak; I felt like if I opened my mouth sobswould come out and I knew would start crying (yes, I can cry, don’t wantto get into that now); why did she leave? She’s supposed to be mymother; I stopped my questions, I didn’t like to cry in front people.“But Rosalie honey, why didn’t you tell us?” Esme asked in a calmingvoice.

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