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Landuse Change Analysis Of

Landuse Change Analysis Of

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Published by Rejaur RAHMAN

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Published by: Rejaur RAHMAN on Apr 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rural & Cadastral
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Landuse Change Analysis of Rutbeek Recreational Area, Netherlands
Md. Rejaur Rahman
GIS Specialist and Urban PlannerAsian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), BangladeshE-mail:reja.83@gmail.com
Published: November 2009
Landuse change is a common issue. Due to population growth and increase the productive activitiesmade the changes. The processes of the landuse changes are slow, for that it is difficult to identify thechanges. But Remote Sensing (RS) technology and spectral image made it easier. On this paper thelanduse changes of the Rutbeek recreational area identified using RS data and finally ensure theaccuracy also done the field check. For this study used Landsat ETM image of 25 May 2001, IKONOSimage of 03 April 2000 (both pan and MS bands), ASTER VNIR Image of 12 September 2006 andTopo Map of the area. After the analysis found that the overall classification accuracy is 61.97 percent.
The objective of the project is to do a supervised image classification of a Landsat ETM image of theRutbeek recreational area, and to incorporation ground truth data collected during a fieldtrip foraccuracy assessment. Collected parametric signatures using two different tools, digitized polygon andseed growing, based on topographic map and visual IKONOS interpretation. Five classes were defined,namely water, forest, grassland, bare/arable crop, and heather. Evaluate the training data using fivedifferent methods to check whether there is any mixed pixels that could confuse classification process.Perform maximum likelihood parametric classification using supervised and fuzzy classification methods.Collecting ground truth data from the fieldwork. Combine all the ground truth data and use this data foraccuracy assessment. After the analysis found that the overall classification accuracy is 61.97 percent.The major causes of low accuracy rate were the different year data sources are used. (Map of 2001versus field check in 2009), time or season of the base image and field check year was not same (Mapwas in May 2001 and field check in October) and landuse change due to the long time of the base map.
Location of the Area
The Rutbeek recreational area is located South of Enschede. The terrain is flat to almost flat, withsandy soils. In the middle of the area, an artificial lake is found. The lake is surrounded by “swampareas”, “beaches”, parking lots and other recreational infra-structure. The agricultural land use is mainlymaize, cereals and grassland.The Rutbeek is a recreational area of approximately 120. In 1975 the layout of Het Rutbeek as arecreational area began around an erratic former sand excavation lake. Now it is a transformed area of120 hectares with trees, water parts, with beaches, laying meadows, grass land, and leisure facilities.The area is made up of one fen and five different beaches. On the South Western side of the lake thereis a place for nudist recreation. The area is shown with boards. It is clearly signposted also. There is afoot path around the lake.The nudist beach of approximately 3 hectares is mainly made up of laying meadows, on the water sidethere is a small beach. There is a toilet block on the nudist beach, further there are no facilities. On thetextile beach (after approx 1000 meters) there is a kiosk available. (Source: www.naaktstrandje.nl)
Scanex 4th InternationalConference "Earth fromspace - the most effectivesolutions"
1 - 3 December, 2009Russia, Moscow
anduse Change Analysis of Rutbeek Recreational Area, Netherlandshttp://www.gisdevelopment.net/application/lis/rural/landuse_Netherlands.htm1 of 611/16/2009 1:30 PM
Figure 1: Methodology of the study
Collection of Spectral Signature Samples (parametric) with the Signature Editor using two differentmethods: Two methods of collecting spectral signature one is user defined polygon using the polygontool and other is using seed growing tool.
anduse Change Analysis of Rutbeek Recreational Area, Netherlandshttp://www.gisdevelopment.net/application/lis/rural/landuse_Netherlands.htm2 of 611/16/2009 1:30 PM
Available Image
In the table 1 showed the advantages of these two methods.
Table 1: Comparison of two of collecting parametric signatures methods
Figure 2: Spectral Signature Collected using two method ( Mean Plot)
Tools used and tools preferred in evaluating data:
A feature space plot allows you to determine the spectral location of surface features within yourimage. In some ways this is similar to the signature plots that you made earlier. However, it differs inthat we examine the association between 2 bands in a scatter plot and locate within that scatter plot,the spectral location of various features (agric., trees, water, etc.).Examining the feature space is important because it allows us to make quantitative comparisonsbetween cover types on the ground. This process is the exploratory phase of classification.
Figure 3: Feature space band 1 - 4, 3 - 4 with standard deviation = 2 (overlapped feature space betweenbare/arable crop, heather & forest) (A,B), standard deviation=1 (no overlapped) (C,D)
Mapping a thematic layer into a feature space image can be useful for evaluating the validity of the
anduse Change Analysis of Rutbeek Recreational Area, Netherlandshttp://www.gisdevelopment.net/application/lis/rural/landuse_Netherlands.htm3 of 611/16/2009 1:30 PM

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