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Frontiers of the Afterlife - Edward Randall

Frontiers of the Afterlife - Edward Randall

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Published by mcadavies

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Published by: mcadavies on Apr 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Frontiers of theAfterlife
Edward C. Randall
FOREWORDSeptember in the north land! Nature has not been prodigal with her colors this Autumn; thefrosts came early, so the forests change slowly; but yesterday, as if by magic, there wasgold among the green, and today there is purple and red; hilltops blaze with their crowns of maple, slopes show grey in the sunlight, vines straggle here and there in lines of bronze,and the great timber reaches stand out in their somber shades.Again I have crossed the Canadian border and come into the heart of the wilderness, intothe silence where one can think deeply. Here in a cabin, where I have spent manysummers, there is a quiet not to be found in the great cities. The crisp air, clean and pure,stimulates like old wine, and the moving waters along the wooded shores soothe tirednerves.It is good at times to be alone—alone in the heart of a great forest. Listening, one hearsnew sounds, new voices, voices of the woodland, voices of the furtive folk, voices of theswaying trees and moving waters, voices everywhere—for wherever there is life there islanguage, language of which we in our wisdom get only an indefinite impression. I haveheard other voices—voices of those the world calls dead—on more than seven hundrednights, covering a period of twenty-two years, aided by a wonderful psychic, I talked withthose in the after life, they using their own vocal organs just as I did.This astounding statement, owing to lack of knowledge and to erroneous conceptions,staggers the ordinary imagination. These facts will not be grasped, without explaining how itis done and describing the conditions which make speech with spirit people possible. I amgoing to tell, if I can, in language that may be understood, what the great change actually isand to what it leads. In order to do this, the first fact that must be brought home is that hereand now our real body is our inner body; that what is visible and tangible is the fleshgarment, which we wear while an inhabitant of this plane; that dissolution is only aseparation—a severance of the inner body from the flesh garment; that both are materialand that thereafter the spirit body is identically the same as before—the same, but lackingthe outer covering.Also, the place inhabited by all these so called dead is as material and tangible as thisearth, and, given the right conditions, those who have gone from us can talk voice to voicewith us as when in earthly life.How stupendous the undertaking! Notwithstanding the great privilege that has been mine,greater perhaps than that enjoyed by most people, I feel unequal to the task, and were it not
for the consciousness that an invisible group would in some way guide and help, I questionmy courage.All this cannot be done by mere statement of conclusions. Such is human mentality, thateach condition must be illustrated and explained, the principle involved must be expoundedand made to appeal to one's reason; otherwise, it goes for naught. I have, in many cases,left the explanation of these great problems in the actual words of those who now live over the border; I have quoted their statements, describing dissolution, the place where they liveand what they do to sustain and enrich themselves in their life from day to day. I will also letthem tell something of the effect in that plane of acts and thoughts on this one.In order to think clearly, I find I must be far from the confusion of business, in harmony withnature, in tune with natural vibrations. For that reason, and to fulfill a promise made to agroup of spirit people, I have sought the seclusion of this forest home, as I have donebefore, to tell again to a hungry world something of what I have learned of the conditionsfollowing so-called death.The twilight gathers; the day and night are blending; purple shadows in the west; the greatlogs crack; the fire warms; the winds sigh in the branches; and over the wooded islandacross the bay the full moon glints and rises majestically in the concave sky, flooding theworld with light and making a pathway to my cabin door.The problem of life and death is the most vital of all that confront mankind, and the leastunderstood. Here in the quiet of this place all the so-called dead come close. Though Ipossess no psychic sight or hearing, such has been my speech and acquaintance withthem, that they come at the thought call and hold mental speech with me. I catch their silentsuggestion.Death is unknown in nature. Change comes to the human race and man is changing day byday, but final dissolution is only another step in his progression.Those that have gone since the earth was first peopled, live on, and we who tread the earthtoday will live on. They now hold speech with those who still inhabit the earth plane, as wemay do when we join them, if conditions are right. And as communication is better perfected, there will be a better understanding, and finer development, as we come to knowthis law.The past comes to me like a dream. Again I hear the voices of those who have gone before,speaking words of encouragement and words of wisdom. I feel again the touch of their hands vibrating beyond measure, yet warm and natural for the moment. And their faces,clothed for an instant with material as when they lived here, I see now in memory as when Isaw in fact.

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