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Strategic Management

Strategic Management



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Published by Alexandra300

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Published by: Alexandra300 on Apr 06, 2010
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The Blackwell Handbook of Strategic Management
Edited by:
Michael A. Hitt, R. Edward Freeman And Jeefrey S. Harrison
Print publication date:
SubjectBusiness and Management»Strategic Management DOI: 10.1111/b.9780631218616.2006.x
The Blackwell Handbook of Strategic ManagementThis major reference work is distinct from many other handbooks. It provides originalcontributions from top strategic management scholars rather than pure research reviewsor collections of previously published articles. In the original chapters provided by theseoutstanding strategic management scholars, major ideas and theories relating to theirparticular areas of expertise are presented. The contributors examine the background ontheir topic through their own lenses, whilst also introducing new ideas that will influencethe future of research in the field.The
is structured into five sections looking at the strategic managementprocess, the theoretical foundations of the field, various types of strategy, human factors,and teaching methods. As a whole, the volume will serve as a critical reference tool forstudents, scholars and professional managers.
SubjectBusiness and Management»Strategic Management DOI: 10.1111/b.9780631218616.2006.00001.x
1.1 Opportunities for leveraging human capital 253.1 A model of generative strategic planning 814.1 Competition between incumbent firms and
de novo
entrants 1015.1 Ricardian rents and the economies of land with different levels of fertility 1286.1 A typical stakeholder map 1936.2Factors influencing the strategic importance of external stakeholders and thebasic approach to managing them2007.1 A positive view of transaction cost theory 2198.1 The Jensen and Meckling agency model of corporate governance 2318.2 Accounting for national institutions in firm governance 2348.3 The limited domain of the J/M model for US public corporations 2398.4 Accounting for private ownership and management in firm governance 2418.5 Accounting for family ownership and management in firm governance 2458.6 Toward an integrative model of agency relationships in firm governance 2519.1 Key variables and relations in risk research 26710.1 The value cycle 29510.2 How reputations develop 29610.3 The building blocks of corporate reputation 30010.4 The best corporate reputations in America 30311.1 Studies of the predictors of action, reaction, and performance 31711.2 The relationship between resources, industry structure and action over time 34815.1 Institutional differences across countries 44418.1 Structural forms 52421.1 Issue impact and opportunities to influence over the issue life cycle 59222.1Fields of organization and management theories performing implementationresearch60922.2 Hrebiniak and Joyce implementation model 61122.3 Competing models of fit 61723.1 Human capital, employment modes, relationships, and HR configurations 63923.2 Dimensions of HR strategy in the era of competitive potential 641
SubjectBusiness and Management»Strategic Management DOI: 10.1111/b.9780631218616.2006.00002.x

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