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Occult Psychology of Awakening the Monad

Occult Psychology of Awakening the Monad



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Published by (Administrator)
Apparently this is an examination of the occult aspects to human psyche and it's function with a how-and-why we should awaken.
Apparently this is an examination of the occult aspects to human psyche and it's function with a how-and-why we should awaken.

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Published by: (Administrator) on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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An exposition in
occult psychology
Brief Contemplations on Important Truths
regarding humanity, it's psychology, and it's program
Published in Public domain; No rights reserved.
The Struggle for Truth
People desire to know things. Most of us, a statistic admittedly based purely on Hopeitself, want answers to life, to divinity, to science, etc...There is so much to take in, and so much to contemplate, that it can be be veryoverwhelming. Humans, for the most part, few are those who really
and many arethey who
.We don't really know what we are talking about when we believe things. It's only that weknow and have a true knowledge of what we are saying when we take understandingfrom our experiences with the truth itself.When we don't have
then we are left to
in things, things which may ormay not be true.Sadly, as soon as our life begins, many are programmed to
from infancy by thosewho do not
. Many are they who are in the dark.As we have no idea who is right or wrong, who to trust about what, what to believe, whatnot to accept as truth, etc... this list of upsetting circumstances can continue.There are so many half-truths and misrepresentations of real knowledge flying around.This especially in our modern age of the internet where many a selfish manipulator canvomit nonsense and develop a personal following comprised of believers – often peoplesincerely searching for answers, however with less critical intelligence than theirmanipulators.The widespread misuse of most spiritual tools and spreading of half-truths stem primarilyfrom ignorance or an individual's misplaced sense of importance.People who are in the dark about things repeat other people's subjective ideas to eachother, when no one truly knows what they are talking about because they lack a personalexperience with what is true. There is a difference between knowing something andsimply conjuring an idea with the creative Human imagination.All one can conclude from the usual, average Human experience is that
“All we know, isthat we know nothing
.” At the very least, that's a God's honest answer.Where are we to turn our investigations towards now?Our only real answers are going to come from learning in our own experience and withinour personal connection to what is really divine and transcendent.Now, one can not arrive at the truth unless they understand how the psyche itself, whichthey posses, operates.Why is this?It only makes sense that if you were going to examine something, you must understand
the true nature of what that thing is with which you will be using to examine things orwill be looking through.
What we will be looking through, will be the perspective of our own psyche
.Complete with all it's parts, it's gears, and parameters of operation.The psyche which we have, has some main principles to it's operation we need to addressat this point:1.It's has
; this means our senses are owned to that (sight, taste, hearing,smell, feeling, etc... as well as emotional, empathetic/sympathetic functions basedon memory, and also our intuitive/metaphysical functions which come from theconsciousness).2.It receives impressions through these senses.3.It's has a certain way of function as it's means to interpret these senses.Thus:
We have to know the nature of the senses that we have.
We have to understand the nature of the impressions we receive through thosesenses.
We have to realize the nature of the method in which we interpret our impressionsthat we receive.By close examination of these things, we can gain insights into what the things are whichocclude and obscure an accurate interpretation of our impressions.All process' and faculties of our psychology MUST be studied and learned from, because itis only once we learn the true nature of ourselves that we can then come to betterunderstand the nature and truth about the reality we exist in.We will come to see how we, as a microcosm, are part of the rest of creation.We will see how the creative universe around us, itself, acts as macrocosm.As it happens, there exists now a debate in the intellectual world surrounding ourpsychology we'll address at this point. The question proposed is that:
To what do we owethe origins of the
consciousness and how is it a part of the mind? 
The origins of consciousness, our essence that is being expressed, is something betterowed to the realm of the “spiritual” (or any other word defining something beyond theknown physical and mental dimensions;
) because
consciousness itself transcends the level our mind operates on.
This is very important to understand.This is why compulsively intellectualizing over an idea of an answer will push any realsolution farther from our realization.The consciousness itself is not part of the Human animal mind.There are things in life that are not meant to be experienced only through the intellect.

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