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The Bunologist Apr10

The Bunologist Apr10



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Published by Karen At Boing
April's newsletter features: new Facebook pages, Melbourne Rabbit Clinic update, Melbourne Bunny Lover's get-together change of details, Bunnies needing homes, GI stasis story, Life at the Do Hop Inn & Rabbits: their part in my downfall (Sexy Rexy)
April's newsletter features: new Facebook pages, Melbourne Rabbit Clinic update, Melbourne Bunny Lover's get-together change of details, Bunnies needing homes, GI stasis story, Life at the Do Hop Inn & Rabbits: their part in my downfall (Sexy Rexy)

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your FREE monthly rabbit newsletterbrought to you by BOINGTo join, visit
www.scribd.com/bunologist orwww.boingonline.com
April 2010
New Facebook pages
Buddy bunny – face of Easter
Bunny lover’s get-together
Melbourne Rabbit Cinic seminar
Adopt me! – bunnies in need of ahome
Health scare: GI stasis
Life at the Do Hop Inn
Rabbits: their part in my downfall(Rex)
What’s New?
Facebook pages of interest
Say NO to rabbit on Masterchef
BOING started up this group prior to thenew series of Masterchef starting up inthe next few weeks. We are happy to saythat the group already has over 670supporters & is growing every day. Wehope that we will get lots more people joining & expressing their disgust ascooking shows that promote rabbit asfood.http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&gid=109039065782072 
Radical Rabbit
Radical Rabbit is a group started up tofight against rabbit abuse. This group isconcerned with the horrific treatment ofrabbits in all areas: factory farming,cosmetic and scientific experiments, fur& neglected as petshttp://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=367977773121 
Buddy bunny - the face of Easter
This little Lionhead bunny wasfound in a park with deep puncturewounds. Considered the cruel actof someone letting him go after hewas not wanted anymore, Buddywas not thought to survive hishorrific injuries. The vets at theAnimal Welfare Association worked hard & he fortunatelypulled through. Buddy’s recovery is still ongoing but hewas the new face of rabbit care at the AWA’s shelter overEaster to remind people to do their homework before theyadopt a rabbit.
Melbournebunny lover’sget-together
When:Sunday 11 AprilWhere:BOING headquarters – The Do HopInn
(location is no longer Vegie Bar)
Time:1-5pmWhat:Afternoon tea (homemade cakes,bikkies & drinks)Bring:photos of your bunnies (and anynewspapers you don’t need)Leave behind:real bunnies!
If you would like to attend the Bunny Lover’s get-together,please email askboing@hotmail.com for address details.www.melbournerabbitclinic.com Keep up to date with information from The MelbourneRabbit Clinic on their Facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=374639009870 
The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic has moved
New address: 745 Burwood Highway, Ferntree GullyNew phone number: (03) 9758 9879
FREE bunny seminar – 22 April 2010
7pm @ Quest Apartments (Panorama room), WantirnaPlease call 9758 9879 to book your place.
Adopt me!
Location: MelbourneContact: Staceysmg.plentyvalley@Petbarn.com.au Since we lastadvertised Louise shehas been de-sexedand vaccinated andrecovered from bothwith no problems.Another plus is thatshe is now fully toilet trained indoors.She has had a trial visit with a young working couple andtheir rabbit Lucy which didn't work out as Lucy was nothappy to share with Louise which was stressful for thelovely Louise.She is as affectionate and inquisitive as ever, LOVES headscratches more than any other rabbit I've ever met and isquite happy to interact with other small animals (includingrabbits who are friendly.Louise has also started to really play with her toys - sheloves throwing egg carton pieces and carrot toss toys aboutand scampers through her tunnels with them like a littledog, very cute!She really just needs a loving and attentive home now.If you are interested in Louise, please contact Stacey atsmg.plentyvalley@Petbarn.com.au 
Location: MelbourneContact: Wylynourlittlesecrets-23@hotmail.com Galaxy, although timid due toconstant chasing by our other twobunnies, is a gentle, sweet, kindhearted bunny.She constantly tries her best to getclose to the other two, and shenever fights back.We would love Galaxy to find abetter home so she can have herown bunny friend who'll love her, asshe's a very loving and friendly bunny.Galaxy is an indoor bunny and we are looking for a homewhere she will stay indoors. Galaxy is currentlyundesexed.If you are interested in any of these bunnies, pleasecontact Wylyn atourlittlesecrets-23@hotmail.com 
Health Scare: GI stasis
By myhouserabbit.comhttp://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/my-house-rabbits-bunny-blog.html We’ve had a veryscary last few dayshere. Cosette hadto go to theemergency vetover the weekendbecause she hadstopped eating andpooping and lookedquite hunched.After an x-ray, thevet found that herstomach wasextremelydistended and shehad two large gasbubbles. Thediagnosis was GI stasis, and her prognosis was guarded.A dental exam showed that her molars were unevenlyworn, which most likely led to her digestive issues. Theyfiled her teeth that night, and during her stay at the vet’s,she received motility medication, pain medication, IV fluids,and force feeding of Critical Care.Sunday morning, her condition had worsened, and the vetwas not optimistic about her chances of survival. With dull,droopy eyes, a hunched, tense posture, and a visiblybloated stomach, Cosette looked like she was experiencinga lot of pain.Sunday evening, she started perking up a little, and shemanaged to eat a little on her own and finally excretedsome soft stool. We brought in more greens and she atesome cilantro with encouragement by us. This morning,she excreted formed stools and had more of an appetite,so she was allowed to come home this evening. Coco wasvery excited his friend was finally back.We will continue her motility medication for the next fewdays, and if necessary, we may need to continue syringefeeding Critical Care to supplement her diet as well. She isnot quite back to her old self at this point. She doesn’t havequite the appetite, and her stools are quite small. But I waspleasantly surprised that her litterbox habits appeared toremain in tact, despite having quite a stressful weekend.(And of course, that she was actually going to the bathroomagain, and her digestive system was active again.)I wanted to share this story so that other people could learnfrom our scary experience. For example, it’s so importantfor your bunny to get regular checkups, including an oralexamination. Even rabbits with a hay-based diet, who showno signs of pain, can have molar spurs. And this conditioncan lead to potentially deadly conditions like GI stasis. Formore information about GI stasis, see Dana Krempel’sarticle, GI Stasis: the silent killerhttp://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/ileus.html 
Life at The Do Hop Inn
By KarenEaster time means quite a few boarding buns coming tostay for the holidays. Some old friends & some newfriends coming to stay at the Do Hop Inn. It’s alwaysfabulous to see such loved house buns!!As we were expecting holiday buns coming to stay, therewas a need to move some of our own buns around a littleto free up space. It turned out to be a good idea! Cleaningup & moving things around was a very therapeuticexercise!!Molly moved into Ally’s room into a new enclosure. Ourattempts to introduce Ally & Tinkerbelle doesn’t seem to bea great match so Molly’s new addition to the room isalready making a difference to Ally. I think they might getalong in the future!! (fingers crossed xx)Princess had a room makeover! Her room will never bephotographed for a glossy magazine cover but it’s lookingpretty good (in our opinion) and is much more human &Princess friendly. Kitty’s also moved into Princess’s room(into a new enclosure) and she loves her new spot (freshair & sunshine) – so she couldn’t be happier!I thought that Kitty & Princess would be so unhappy livingnext to each (even with a heavy barrier between them) butthey have been really great. Neither is angry or upset andboth lie next to each other. There’s been a bit of nibblingof the barrier but I was completely surprised. Both buns,known to be both angry girls, are really enjoying having aneighbour to chat with. I still wouldn’t introduce them inperson – we sadly know they would tear each other apart!Poppy’s been on the rampage again chewing a hole in thecouch and wreaking havoc on anything else she can find.
Dingleberry & Nimal have a snuggle together
Dingleberry has a weepy eye we have been trying to fix forquite a while. It doesn’t seem to be anything teeth relatedbut it’s her “uppy” eye (she has a head tilt) so we have tomake sure that her good eye stays healthy.
Rabbits: their part in mydownfall
By Nimal
(adopted September 2009)This was one of the more pathetic episodes of bunnysurrendering that we have experienced. Karen was askedon an online forum to give advice to a girl who thought thather six-year-old rabbit had severe dental problems. Thething was, the girl’s mother wouldn’t let her take the bunnyto the vet.Okay, that was pretty poor, but surely something could bedone. Could we pick up the bunny from her house and takeit to the vet on her behalf? No, her mother wouldn’t allowstrangers to come to the house. Well, then, could they bringthe bunny to our house and then pick it up after we hadtaken it to the vet? No, her mother would not allow it!So why exactly was the mother forbidding veterinarytreatment for this bunny? Because being seen to have ananimal in poor condition might reflect badly on her! Howpathetic is that?As is often the case with issues like this on a forum, therewas plenty or wringing of hands and expressions ofsympathy but precious few offers of help. The girl wasbecoming frantic, convinced that her bunny was sufferingand would die if not helped, while the mother’s tyrannicaloutbursts were apparently becoming more and moreextreme.And then there was a strange twist to the story. Karen hadassumed that this poor girl, who was so completely at themercy of her ogre of a mother, must be a young schoolgirl.But now it transpired that she was in fact a 20-year-old unistudent! Karen was flabbergasted. Imagine being an adultand being so badly bossed about by your mother that yourpet had to die because she said you couldn’t take it to thevet!

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