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Mystery Shopping DC

Mystery Shopping DC

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Published by prakhardubey

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Published by: prakhardubey on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shopper’s Questionnaire - Minimum GuideQuestionnaire (To be completed by Shopper immediately after each visit):
Notes to the Shopper 
:Before you begin to shop, you must be familiar with this questionnaire. Don’t bring along this questionnairewith you when you walk-in to the Jeweller /Store. You only need to complete this questionnaire after youhave visited and leave the Jeweller /Store.
Content of this Questionnaire should be kept Confidential and should not be disclosed
to anySales Representatives or Store Owners, Franchisees at the jeweler / storeand / or other personnel that may pose a potential conflict of interests.Section I – Introduction and Profiling
Q.1Shopper’s Name: ______________________Q.2Date: ______________________ Time in: _____ ______________ Time out: ___________ Q.3Name of the Sales Representative (Ask for his / her name): ___________________ Jeweller Name, Location & City: ________________________ Q.4Did the Sales Representative refer / guide / take you to the Diamondsection?
No.Q.5Were you introduced to the product straight away or you had to ask for it?
Introduced as the right choice when buying diamonds
Shown other / loose diamonds and told about the product later or only when specifically asked for.Q.6How long did you wait before being attended by the SalesRepresentative? ___________________ 
Q.7Did the entire conversation take place at the Product (Divine CutDiamonds) counter?
Yes      
No. Where did it take place? __________________________________ Q.8How did the Sales Representative go on suggesting the DCD pieces toyou ?(a)By asking the budget and suggesting accordingly.(b)By asking size
By showing a set diamond jewellery and suggesting a correspondingpiece.(d)Showing the whole rangeQ.9Did Sales Representative explain to you why DCD is the best cutdiamond compared to other diamonds?
Yes. What was the explanation? _________________________________      
No.Q.10Did the Sales Representative inform you that DCD is the only brand of loose diamonds in India?
Yes.        
No.Q.11Did the Sales Representative show you the DCD brochure and cutdiagram to explain the importance of CUT?
Yes.        
No.Q.12During the interaction, were the following shown / explained?
Price TagsLaser Inscription on the diamondIGI CertificateInsurance detailsBuyback & Upgrade PolicyAstrologically ideal Card / Bejan Daruwalla
NoQ.13Did the Sales Representative suggest to you that you gift just thediamond and let the person choose the jewellery themselves?
Yes.        
Q.14What is the response of the Sales representative when you ask him / her why you should buy a branded diamond against an unbranded one?
(a)Says “They are one and the same and it your choice!” and shows youunbranded diamonds
Says “They difference is in Cut as in DCD you get all diamonds of VeryGood Cut while the same is not guaranteed in unbranded stones.(c)Says “Its worthless to spend more on branded and one can get thesame stone in unbranded at lower cost”
Q.15When you specifically ask for non-branded diamonds show you other diamonds, does Sales Representative show them to you ?
Yes.        But says DCD is better preposition
Yes and encourages you to buy unbranded
No. and discourages you against buying unbrandedQ.16Did you feel that the Sales Representative has influenced you enough toconsider buying DCD?
Yes. Please explain why __________________________ 
No.Q.17Did the Sales Representatives show you different jewellery designs foyou to chose to set the diamond?
Yes. Please give few examples __________________________ 
No.Q.18During your interaction with the Sales Representative, which of thefollowing other diamond jewellery brands shown to you as options incomparison to DCD+custom jewellery option
D damas Solitaires
Other Brands / unbranded_____________ ________ 

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