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This is Another Experiment Result That I Altered Based on the Original One

This is Another Experiment Result That I Altered Based on the Original One

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Published by Fu Hong

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Published by: Fu Hong on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is another experiment result that I altered based on the original one:1.KA1+KA2=502.KA1+KA3=553.KA1+KA4=614.KA1+KA5=685.KA1+KA6=72
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 e) From the graph of EO against lg [Zn2+], the value of Eo increases as the value of lg [Zn2+]decreases. Therefore the e.m.f. of the cell increases when the concentration of Zn2+ ions decreases. f) (i) with reference of Nernst Equation, 0.059 [Zn2+] Ecell = EØcell + n lg [Cu2+] The value of lg[Zn2+]/[Cu2+] increases when the concentration of Cu2+ ions decreases. Hence the e.m.f. valuedecreases with the decrease in Cu2+ ions.(ii) The Eo value for Al is larger than the Eocell value for zinc. Hence with the reference to the NernstEquation, the Eocell value will be larger/
Concentration cells
Main article:Concentration cell  
 A concentration cell is an electrochemical cell where the two electrodes are the same material, theelectrolytes on the two half-cells involve the same ions, but the electrolyte concentration differsbetween the two half-cells.For example an electrochemical cell, where two copper electrodes are submerged in twocopper(II)sulfatesolutions, whose concentrations are 0.05Mand 2.0M, connected through a salt bridge. This type of cell will generate a potential that can be predicted by the Nernst equation. Both electrodesundergo the same chemistry (although the reaction proceeds in reverse at the cathode)Le Chatelier's principleindicates that the reaction is more favourable to reduction as theconcentration of ions increases. Reduction will take place in the cell's compartmentwhere concentration is higher and oxidation will occur on the more dilute side.The following cell diagram describes the cell mentioned above:Where the half cell reactions for oxidation and reduction are:Where the cell's emf is calculated through Nernst equation as follows:'s value of this kind of cell is zero, as electrodes and ions are thesame in both half-cells. After replacing values from the casementioned, it is possible to calculate cell's potential:However, this value is only approximate, as reaction quotient isdefined in terms of ion activities which can be approximatedwith the concentrations as calculated here.The Nernst equation plays an important role in understandingelectrical effects in cells and organelles. Such effects includenervesynapsesandcardiac beatas well as the resting potential of a somatic cell.

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