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The Pathway of Light - Walter Devoe

The Pathway of Light - Walter Devoe

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Published by michaelcad

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Published by: michaelcad on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Walter Devoe
Your soul has responded to the call of the Angels, and we rejoice thatyou are now taking your rightful place in the Angelic Army of theAlmighty.In this lesson you, as a recruit, begin the drill of your mind which is tomake you a consciously active unit in the great Army of powerfulIntelligences.You will lose all, your mortal sense of separateness, which isweakness, and gain the true sense of Unity, Which is Power.The First Principle is Unity. Unity is Power. The Unity of all souls isAll-Power in manifestation.You may think that you are a separate material being, but the fact is,you are a spiritual form blended by subtle lines of influence with everyother spiritual form in the universe.Because you are a member of the chaotic and unorganized mass of minds which compose the vast social disorder called civilization, yousuffer from the general spiritual diseases, disorder, and discomfort of the masses.The practice of these lessons will awaken you to the vision of theCreator's orderly Unity, the vast organization of Immortals, and uniteyou consciously with the wise and powerful Government of the Creator,through His Angel Emissaries of Light.
3This century has brought to the world anew Revelation from theHeaven of Heavens to the higher heavens of this planet. The ImmortalInhabitants of the heavens of the earth now behold a sunburst of spiritual splendor shining in the sky.Outshining from this Orb of Splendor is a pathway of Light, whichextends down through lower and lower spiritual realms until it reachesand enfolds the earth. This penetrating, luminous Ray is now shininginto the mental darkness which mankind has been creating for ages.Despite the prevailing mental darkness in which the world is immersedthere are many souls who feel the shining of Heaven's splendor in their earthly pathways, and they have sought to learn its meaning.Because they have sought earnestly to comprehend thissoul-illuminating Light, they have come into conscious contact with theAmbassadors of the Ever-Ppresent.Millions of glorious Immortal Beings are thronging down this Pathwayof Light. By Jehovih's will they are sent from the celestial splendor of their heavenly abode to rescue and save the children of earth fromignorance and selfishness.Because the merciful Light of Heaven is too spiritual and exalted to befelt by the minds of mankind, the Angels have established places of radiance on earth through which they can awaken the inner soul natureof man so that he can receive and express the Light.As a step-down transformer takes the high tension current and steps itdown to a low tension current, so that it can be used for lighting homesand running electrical motors, so a human Ministry on earth can stepdown the mighty spiritual power which is shining out from High Heaven

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