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The Secret of Success - William Walter Atkinson

The Secret of Success - William Walter Atkinson

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Published by michaelcad

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Published by: michaelcad on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Secret of Success
William Walter Atkinson(1907)
Table of Contents
Part 1:The Individual 
Part 2:Spiritedness 
Part 3:Latent Powers 
Part 4:Soul-orce 
Part +:$n $fterword 
It is with some hesitation that we bring ourselves to write this little book, entitled "The e!ret o u!!ess#" $ot that we are not in s%m&ath% with the sub'e!t  not that we do not believe that there is a "e!ret o u!!ess"  but be!ause there has been so mu!h written on the sub'e!t o "u!!ess" that is the veriest twaddle  masses o &latitudinous wordiness  that we hesitate to take the &osition o a tea!her o u!!ess# It is so eas% to ill &ages o &a&er with good advi!e  it is so mu!h easier to sa% things than to do them  so mu!h easier to ormulate a !ode o &re!e&ts than to get out into the ield o a!tive endeavor and &ut into &ra!ti!e the same &er!e&ts# And, %ou ma% imagine wh% we hesitate to assume a role whi!h would la% us o&en to the sus&i!ion o being one o the "do as I tell %ou, and not as I do" tea!hers o the Art o u!!ess# ut there is another side o the *uestion# There is, besides the mere re!ital o a +ist o ood -ualities +eading to u!!ess  a list with whi!h ever% s!hoolbo% and reader o the maga.ines is a!*uainted  a omething /lse and that omething /lse, is a suggestion that the eeker or u!!ess has a omething Within himsel whi!h i e&ressed into a!tivit% and a!tion will &rove o great value to him  a veritable e!ret o u!!ess, instead o a !ode o rules# And, so we &ro&ose to devote this little book to unolding our idea o what this omething Within is, and what it will do or one who will unold it and thus e&ress it into a!tion# o, thereore, do not e&e!t to ind this book a "2om&lete 2om&endium o 3ules 2ondu!ive to u!!ess, A&&roved o and 4ormulated b% the u!!essul 5en o the World who be!ame a!*uainted with these 3ules onl% ater the% had Attained u!!ess, and !onse*uentl% had Time and In!lination to 6rea!h to thers#" This is not a book o that sort# It is -uite 8ierent# We ho&e %ou will like it  it will do %ou good in an% event#  All &eo&le are striving and seeking u!!ess# Their idea o u!!ess ma% dier, but the% have all agreed u&on the desirabilit% o Attainment# "Attainment"that is the word, whi!h embodies the essen!e o that whi!h we !all u!!ess# It is the "ettingThere" idea  the idea o Attainment  o 3ea!hing the oal or whi!h we set out# That is the stor%  Attainment#

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