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Through the Mists - R J Leys

Through the Mists - R J Leys

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Published by michaelcad

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Published by: michaelcad on Apr 07, 2010
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R.J. Leys 
A timeless classic of the Spiritual Life
 TO THE READER I heard, within my spirit home, a wail: -
If only one could come - could tell the taleOf his experience on that other side;Could rend the mists - could fling the portals wide,That we might see - might understand - might know!
 The agony disturbed me, and my heart said
 Love cheers me on, but ignorance resistsThe power by which I hand this
Through the Mists.
- 3 -
I have no desire to add anything to the following story more than a brief explanation of itsorigin, and my connection with the same.It was Christmas Eve, and I was busily engaged with some annuals lying on my table, whena stranger - uninvited and unannounced - entered my room
 while the door was shut.
Hispresence did not disturb me, since I had entertained such visitors before; so, pointing to aseat, I bade him welcome, and asked the purpose of his coming.He then explained to me a desire he had long cherished, and asked if I would aid him in itsconsummation. As soon as his mind comprehended the fact that he had passed the grave, a yearning possessed him to find some means of coming back, and telling how men erred intheir conception of that life beyond. At first he feared he had no power to break the silenceof the tomb, but with experience came the knowledge of the omnipotence of love, by whichthe lips of death could be unsealed, the proof of which was granted in our conversation. Hedesired me to write what he should dictate, then give his story to the world.How could I answer
Was not I, in common with every human being, seeking for thatknowledge he had the power to give? Therefore I did not hesitate to take my pen.I soon discovered his recital, though unorthodox, threw a flood of light upon the Bibleteaching, clearing clouds of doubt away, and reconciling passages therein I could notunderstand before. He came to me a stranger, but I soon learned to love him, and awaitedhis return with impatience every morning; now, when he has ceased his record for thepresent, I look upon the seat whereon he sat so many hours as being in some mysteriousmanner half-way 
Through the Mists.
 In sending this forth in obedience to his wish, let me append the prayer he breathed whenlast he left me:-
May God, the Father of the souls of all men, bless this effort of a yearningheart to lift a portion of the weight of ignorance from the shoulders of his brethren in theflesh; and grant that the light of its truth may be a lamp unto their feet in coming
Throughthe Mists.
To this I add Amen!ROBT. JAS. LEES.May 1898.

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