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Camping Trip (All Human) Part 3

Camping Trip (All Human) Part 3



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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
thought it would be nice to have a bit of the twist and get to the point :P
thought it would be nice to have a bit of the twist and get to the point :P

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Camping Trip (All Human) Part 3
Yes I’m writing some more
1 month later……….
BPOVThis has been the best month, I got to really knowEdward, and about his past, he also learnt about mine andwho I am, and I just fell more in love with him, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him. With the pregnancything, the hormones are starting to kick in, and I'mstarting to show, which means we will have to tell theschool, at least I get out of P.E (gym) Edward, and my brothers all have to go to college still but they comedown every weekend now, which of course Esme loves,and so does Charlie.Someone cleared there throat, and brought me out of mythoughts.“Hellooooo! Earth to Bella!” Alice’s voice chimed,“What!?” I screeched, “Sorry Alice I didn’t mean toloose it” I apologized, realizing that I probably hurt her feelings,“Nah, its ok sis” she replied, we’d been calling eachother sis now, because if we will be sister-in-laws thenaccording to the law we are sisters.“Just wandering, what are you thinking about?” Rosalieasked, we were at there house waiting for the boys,“Just thinking about this past month” I said dreamily,they both let out a giggle and I soon joined them, inminutes, what was a giggle turned into a full blown fit,and if we stopped we just had to look at each other tostart it up again.
EPOVWhen we finally got to the house, we saw our fiancéeson the floor laughing their heads off, Bella looked beautiful laughing, and it was the most melodic noiseever, I looked at Emmett and Jasper, and they had a look of love when they looked at my sisters, then they bothlooked at me then each other, and we too startedlaughing, but as soon as the girls were aware of our  presence, they stopped laughing and ran up to us, Iencircled my arms around Bella’s waist, and she jumpedup and locked her ankles around my back, I pressed mylips against hers, the kiss was filled with love, passion,and desire, her hormones were really effecting her now,and she always had more lust in her, not that I wascomplaining.
8 months later……………
BPOVI feel like an elephant, I haven’t had sex lately, since Idon’t like Edward seeing me fat, I feel fat and ugly, nomatter what he says, it will only help me for a second,he’s doing so much for me, and he wont push me for sex,which is a plus for me, seeing as I'm more tired thesedays.The girls and I are at the spa today, we stopped going toschool a month ago, and are living in the boy’s collegeapartments, which they just so happen to share. But at themoment, I'm with the girls, and we’re all gettingmassages, we decided to go for the full treatment today,and thank god none of the masseurs were men. It has
 been the most relaxing day ever, but now we have to gohome,“That was the best thing ever” Alice said getting into thetaxi, (to pregnant to drive),“Agreed” Rose and I said at the same time, which causedus to laugh.“At least there were no men masseurs” Rosalie said oncewe calmed down,“That’s what I was thinking” I agreed“Same” Alice chimed. Just then the taxi dropped us off; I paid him and then joined the girls at the porch, Aliceopened the door, the guys were still in class, and we hadalready cleaned their apartment, and settled in, it wasquite big, more of a house than an apartment, and wehave already applied and got into the same college asthem, Edward and I both want to be doctors, Rosalie andEmmett both want to be mechanics, and Jasper and Alice both want to be teachers – Jasper and history, and Aliceand textiles- they both think its important to help othersunderstand what they love. We were going to have atriple wedding, in Hawaii, when the babies were born,and speaking of babies, they’re all kickers, we haven’treally gone for any scans, because we think it will ruin it,so when we do go for scans we just get the doctor tomake sure its healthy.“Do you guys want something to eat?” I called out,“Yeah, please” they both replied, I started to get theingredients out, when suddenly it felt like I had wetmyself,“Guys!” I yelled, and with that they ran down the stairs,it looked like we had all wet ourselves

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