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Cullens on Msn Part12

Cullens on Msn Part12

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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
yes i have continued and i thought i would add this :P
yes i have continued and i thought i would add this :P

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cullens On Msn Part12
Authors notes suck, so I’m going to keep this short;my dad yelled out “Look it’s Eddie’s car” yesterday,and I thought you would all like to know :P and sorryI’m working on a major story and also I'm writingwhile I'm on holiday.
Ja: yup I cut the names again
Why don’t you tell that to Mike
Mi has logged on
Ja: NOOOOOOO! He’s gay!
Tough! Imma going now toodles!
Mi: I’m like not gay, now why am I on msn?Ja: author/writer/ awesome person wanted you to *huff*Mi: and your not excited to see me Jazzy-kinsJa: Jazzy-kins?Mi: yeah, Jazzy-kinsJa: my names Jane…..Mi: oh then Janie-kinsJa: grrrrr…..Mi: that’s such an Edward thing to say, we should hook upJa:……. SureMi: want to go out for dinner?Ja: as long as your on the menuMi: I can be if you want to be ;)Ja: …….. yum! Cant wait, when will you pick me up?Mi: well I'm on holiday in Italy, in a place calledVolterra, at the momentJa: excellent I live there!Mi: really? Where?
Ja: the castle, don’t come late
Mi: ok see you then ;)
Mi has logged off  Ja has logged off ……… msn being hacked ………. Hacked!Whitlock has logged on
Whitlock: yes, now I got it to show only your maidennames, or well your original names
 Brandon has logged on Hale has logged onMcCarty has logged onMasen has logged onSwan has logged on
Masen: Jasper, did you hack msn…… again?Whitlock: yupBrandon: I’ve just realised I have the longest name:Mary, Alice, Brandon, Whitlock, Hale, CullenSwan: you do as well!Hale: mines better thoughMcCarty: only cos you can say: “Rosalie? Oh Hale Yes!”Hale: agreedBrandon: oh well mines longest :PSwan: agreedWhitlock: agreedMasen: agreedHale: agreed
McCarty: agreedBrandon: yay
how about we all type our full names,including maiden names –for Bella- ;)Swan: Isabella Marie Swan CullenMasen: Edward Anthony Masen CullenMcCarty: Emmett McCarty CullenHale: Rosalie Lillian HaleWhitlock: Jasper Whitlock HaleBrandon: Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Hale CullenSwan: and Renesmee’s is: Renesmee Carlie CullenMasen: and Esme’s is: Esme Platt CullenBrandon: and Carlisle’s is: Carlisle CullenHale: that’s a lot of namesBlack: sure is blondieCullen: Jake don’t be mean to my aunty RosalieBlack: but she is blonde!Cullen: no she isn’t, if she is then so am I….. SecretlyBlack: you’re not even related!Cullen: we are! By venom, my daddy and aunty Rosaliewere both made by Carlisle, so there!Swan: when did you guys get on?Cullen: oh the computer was to busy with your convo toannounce us
Black: yeah I’m going now
Hale: good riddanceCullen: aunty Rose, please be at least civil with eachother Hale: fine!
 Black had left the building  Peace out – Cullen :P 

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