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The Advertising Industry

The Advertising Industry

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Published by haq nawaz

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Published by: haq nawaz on May 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Advertising Industry
The advertising industry has an important part to play in developedeconomies. As well as generating sales of goods and services, itprovides often the sole source of revenue for media companiies suchas magazines and radio stations. The institution of advertising is madeup of a number of different advertising agencies. These agenciesemploy a variety of different personnel who perform diverse roles,from coming up with creative ideas, to doing audience research, topost production on TV commercials. The agencies provide expertise ina number of different areas (eg print design, market profiling) tomanufacturers and thus provide a vital link to audience. It wasrecognised as long ago as the late nineteenth century that anadvertising agency could offer the services of skilled personnel as andwhen their specialism were needed on a particular project, and thatthis was a more cost effective approach that individual manufactuersemploying their own advertising department.Advertising is a global industry, and just as there are huge globalcorporations who sell and advertise their goods around the world(Nike, McDonalds, Microsoft, Adidas, Samsung) so there are hugeglobal advertising agencies who have offices in every majorterritory.The main advertising agencies (and their websites) are:
Bates Asia- includes useful case studes (Nokia)
BBDO- Their Mission Statement plus some good case studies(FedEx & Pepsi)
DDB- "bringing Humanity to the Digital Age"
M&C Saatchi - this is the mac link
Ogilvy- plus links to their different incarnations
TBWA- the UK site, flash-tastic (not), but again some goodexamples of campaigns
A good way of learning about the advertising industry is to look at the trade papers.Go to the online version of AdAgeand answer the following questions:
The News Section
- what major news story hasdominated over the last week and why is itimportant for advertising industry people to readabout it?
The People Section
- what is the purpose of this page?
Account Action
- Identify TWO major accountsthat are currently up for tender, and name theclient, budget, contenders and decision date.
Ad Review
- select a review and look at the ad.Identify TWO criticisms Garfield has of the ad andexplain whether or not you agree with them(HINT: It's better to choose a critical review)
The Advertising Process & Personnel
The manufacturer provides a number of different agencies with aparticular
. The brief includes details of the product and the aimsof the campaign - it might be to launch an new line or inspire newinterest in an old favourite - as well as limitations of budget, timescaleetc. Each agency will then research the brief, and come up with acampaign idea which they will
to the client. The client choosestheir favourite pitch and employs that agency to mastermind thecampaign. The agency is then responsible for executing the campaign,producing in full the designs for adverts, buying space in magazines,on billboards and TV, and
rolling out
the campaign on the givendates.Producing a single campaign can be an expensive process involvinghundreds of skilled people - read about a recent Audi (A8) campaignherewhich employed over 600 people and "the kind of state-of-the-artfilm technology otherwise reserved for Hollywood blockbusters".The main personnel who work for an advertising agency include:
Account Managers
- They deal directly with the client and oversee alloperations. They have overall responsibility for individual accounts -and their success or failure. Quite a responsibility if your client isFedEx...
- art directors and copywriters who are responsible forcoming up with visual and verbal ideas. They are responsible forturning the strategy devised by the strategic planner and accountmanager into a series of original and effective advertisements.
Strategic Planners
- are responsible for researching audiences andmarkets -an increasingly scientific task - and coming up with astrategy which will connect audience to product. They need to knowabout psychographics, demographics and economics.
Media Buyers
- spend their time negotiating for pages in magazines,and bashing out deals with TV companies for prime time commercialspots. Because they are often negotiating on behalf of many clients atonce, buying huge blocks of advertising space, they are powerfulenough to get good deals.
Further Reading
Profile of the Advertising Industry- from Internet CareerConnection
How Ad Slogans work- a comprehensive guide fromHowStuffWorks.com
YOU (in groups of 5/6) are going to devise a campaign for a newhealth drink aimed at teens. It is a fruit and herb based drink, very lowin sugar and high in nutrients and minerals required by adolescents.Its makers hope to tap into health conscious teens sick of sugarycarbonated drinks that are bad for teeth and body, and yet still want akick out of their liquid refreshment.You will reveal your initial ideas for the campaign (one print ad, onesynopsis for a TVC, one slogan that goes with both) in the form of apowerpoint presented in class. Your presentation will be judged on thefollowing criteria:
 Quality of researchDo they provide a range of dataabout the target market?Creativity & OriginalityWill these ads stand out in themarketplace?Proof of links totarget audienceWill these ads appeal to a targetaudience?
 CopyIs it well written and persuasive?ImagesIs it eyecatching and meaningful?Copy testingHave the ads been tested? Arealternatives presented? Is thereany indication that these will workin a 'real world' situation?Teamwork EfficiencyHow effective is the presentation?Would you trust this team withyour valuable advertising budget?You don't have much time to do this (one and a bit lessons) and willneed to divide the following roles among your group. You will have todouble up on some tasks.
Account Manager - responsible for overseeing everything andlending a hand where needed. they will deal directly with theclient
Strategic Planner - needs to collect data and carry out research.They will do this before the lesson, and, once they havecommunicated their research findings to the rest of the group,can take the opportunity to spend some time on theircoursework, if wished.
Creatives - One will focus on the TVC, one on the print ad,creating sketches that can be inserted into the powerpointpresentation.

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