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Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit

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Published by beckyhall
uplifting facts, stories and pictures
uplifting facts, stories and pictures

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Published by: beckyhall on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Did You Know…?
Animals that live in groups will often slow down and waitfor injured or older members within the group.
Parrots will risk their life for their partner.
There have been many reported incidents of other birds joining a bird that has been stunned by flying into a win-dow and waiting by the bird until he has revivedhimself.
Fish play and can produce endorphins (feel good hor-mones) and cortisone (chemicals produced by stress)?
Chickens can learn to operate switches and levers tochange surrounding temperatures or open doors to feed-ing areas.He kept a watchful eye over Bella, grooming her and evenallowing her to cuddle up beside him in his bed. "You cancome on my bed and I'm going to clean your ears!" Aftanassaid of Hogan's affection for the fawn. He looked after Bellacleaning her and helping out until she was well enough to gofor recovery"
Today, Bella is thriving and has been moved to a recoverylocation on North Vancouver Island where her progress willcontinue to be monitored until she is old enough to set out onher own. Though she does not know who the boys are thatdiscovered the fawn, Jennifer was touched by their concernfor the orphaned animal. And while Bella's story has a happyending, she stressed that under usual circumstances, hu-mans should never interfere with wildlife.The story and pictures has brought us in touch with peoplefrom all over the world. From Hogan's homeland of Australiato Sweden and Memphis, Tennessee. We welcome anyonewho would like to share their animal rescue story with us or those that just want to chat about their love of ridge-backs....or fawns!

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