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DailyNews News 1219090000 n4zl

DailyNews News 1219090000 n4zl

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Published by Jamie Lane

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Published by: Jamie Lane on Apr 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Many swear the missing chemical additives in organic spirits make mornings a breeze. "You can drink easier knowing that organic spirits come from ingredients raised without pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizers, whichcan end up in your glass," saysHeather Stephenson, co-founder of Idealbite.com, a fun Web site offering bite-size email ideas for light-green living.Hence the experiment: imbibe organic drinks, then try their non-organic alternatives, to see which results in alesser hangover the following morning. As many variables as possible were controlled: diet, alcohol amounts, proof of the booze, even the same behavior following my inebriation.To sate the organic alcohol requirement, a visit to an all-organic restaurant and bar called Counter, on First Ave.,was in order.Frank Cisneros, the manager, was delighted to have the hangover theory finally tested."It does make sense, given that you're drinking pure products," he offered. "But no one’s ever done anything likeyou're about to," he laughed.Eleven drinks disappeared into my system over the course of three hours: a scotch, a rum and coke, a tequilashot, a gin and tonic, a merlot, an açaí berry liqueur called VeeV, a vodka cranberry, another scotch, a beer andtwo glasses of champagne — all of which are 100% organic, even down to the mixers and fruit garnishes.Immediately, the difference in taste is both noticeable and appreciated. Organic booze is so mild, my drinkingpartner Ben Kammerleasked, "Are we sure this is really alcohol?" after a round of impossibly smooth tequila shots.
Organic booze could be your new hangover helper 
BY SEAN EVANSUpdated Friday, August 15th 2008, 8:17 AM
At 11:50 p.m. on a recent Thursday night, I found myself completely drunk at a bar on the lower East Side. But for once, I had a decent reason to brutally abuse my liver: testing out the theory that organic spirits produce less of ahangover than regular booze.

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