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Vmware Server

Vmware Server



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Published by Scuba Diver

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Published by: Scuba Diver on May 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Is VMware Server?
VMware® Server is a ree virtualization product or Windows andLinux servers with enterprise-class support. It enables companiesto partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines andto start experiencing the benets o virtualization. VMware Serveris a robust yet easy to use product or users new to server virtual-ization technology and is based on VMware’s proven technology,which has been used by thousands o customer or more thansix years.
What Is a Virtual Machine?
A virtual machine is like a server, but instead o electronics, it issotware. A virtual machine runs operating systems and applica-tions just like a physical server. However, virtual machines oerusers many advantages over physical servers. Virtual machines:Are hardware independent and run on any x86 physical server.Can access all physical host hardware resources such as CPU,memory, disk, networking and peripherals.Are saved as les and can be provisioned and moved quickly.Are completely isolated and secure.Can run simultaneously and saely on the same physical server.Are portable, so ull systems including virtual hardware, oper-ating systems and ully congured applications can be easilymoved rom one physical server to another, even whilein operation.Can be built and distributed as plug-and-play virtual appliancesthat contain the entire stack o virtual hardware, operatingsystem and ully congured sotware applications.
How Does VMware Server Work?
VMware server installs and runs as an application on top o a hostWindows or Linux operating system. A thin virtualization layerpartitions the physical server so that multiple virtual machinescan be run simultaneously on a single server.Computing resources o the physical server are treated asa uniorm pool o resources that can be allocated to virtualmachines in a controlled manner.VMware Server isolates each virtual machine rom its host andother virtual machines, leaving it unaected i another virtualmachine crashes. Data does not leak across virtual machines andapplications can only communicate over congured network connec-tions. VMware Server encapsulates a virtual machine environment as aset o les, which are easy to back-up, move and copy.
What Are the Benefits of VMware Server?
By creating and running virtual machines with VMware Server,users can:Provision additional servers in minutes without investing in newhardware.Run Windows, Linux, Solaris and Netware operating systems and ap-plications on the same physical server.Increase the CPU utilization o a physical server.Move virtual machines rom one physical server to another withoutre-conguration.Capture the entire state o a virtual machine and roll back to thatconguration with the click o a buttonGain centralized management to eciently provision, monitor andmanage IT inrastructure when combined with VMware VirtualCenterChoose to access enterprise-class product supportEasily migrate virtual machines to VMware Inrastructure
VMware Server
Free Virtualization for Windows and Linux Servers
VMware Server partitions a physical server into multiple virtual machines.
“Oering VMware Server or ree will bring VMware’s proven virtualizationtechnology to a wider audience, allowing companies to achieve the benetso virtualization, such as cost reductions and fexible server provisioning.” 
Craig LiessServer Administrator, Central Transport
HardwareWindows or Linux Operating SystemVMware Server
ApplicationVirtual MachineWindowsApplicationVirtual MachineLinuxApplicationVirtual MachineWindowsApplicationVirtual MachineLinux

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