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Judgement Day

Judgement Day



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Published by Xplained
Written for a friend of mine, she asked me to portray her dreams as i could do it more powerful... Much love, Girl! :)
Written for a friend of mine, she asked me to portray her dreams as i could do it more powerful... Much love, Girl! :)

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Published by: Xplained on Apr 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Judgement day«
At first I wondered: ³Where could I possibly be?´ The more I searched, the less I could see«This massive, school-hall like building, scared, confusedMy heart fluttered, emotions wild, mind so bruised ±What could all of this possibly be about?As we all sit down, so many people (unnoticed at first). What are we doing?There are boards on the stage, what could those be for?Blah, blah ± the man carries on, then, just walks to the door«We should now plot our lives, each on a board, just gluing ±Just posting: the good, the bad, the ugly yet to come!Top versus bottom, Good versus bad« Where do you start?As I am placing my cards, writing: memories just passing by.The more I paste, the more difficult it gets to see where there¶s a partGood versus bad ± one moment so proud, then I feel intensely shy«As we are chased to our seats, pondering: ³What is this? Why?´ Once again,
, to be seated on these awful, white, plastic chairs(Why are we here again? Is there anyone that even cares?)The door opens: Three people, emerging, coming inside ± ³How can they?´ As they reveal all that we held so deep within!One after the other, cloaks are removed, boards for all to see«
This woman on stage ± where ever does she fit? 
 And these two men? 
I wanted to bury my head in a pit!As they start
:´You have lied! Why is this left out?´ My board is truthful ± my all ± I have no, whatsoever, doubt!Then
reveals: ³You, there, left out the most embarrassing bit!´ 
ow dare you? Just throw my washing, openly, into the street? 
My body stiffens, blood runs cold, my heart skips a beat«It¶s all out now! Why do they judge my every move?Why annoy me? To make me mad? What are they trying to prove?Heartache and sorrow filling the room« ³Outside you go!´ 

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